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[New] Bouncer

Post by ♀KinGpIn♀ » Sun Dec 13, 2015 6:44 pm

Username(s): KinGpIn, Bouncer (Ik that my forums name is KinGpIn but fuck it I look like a fucking E-banger with that name plus my main username in all communities I played at is Bouncer).
Location: DK, Egypt.
Age: 8-6-2001, 14 years.
Position: A member.
Member of LS-RP since: Beginnings of 2015 (Didn't play frequently like nowadays actually).
Played SA-MP since: 2013.
Interests: Football, gaming
Additional Information: Hello, my name is Mohamed, I am just a 14 years old, Egyptian boy, I started to play SAMP from 2013, and actually, the funny thing that I knew SAMP by chance, I was like 11 years old back there, didn't have knowledge about any fucking thing in RP nor even SAMP as general, started with a low RP server, and that was my fault, because it led me to really really slow progressing, through the English and its grammar or the RP knowledge itself, kept learning, and moving up in the servers and RP levels, knowledge as well, I kept trying actually to join LSRP in the late months of 2014, kept getting denied, because of the character story most of times, since I hadn't know shit about character development as well, I moved to a RP server, I guess I can say its name because it is locked and shutted now, it is PRRP, in 16th of Feb to be exact, I got accepted, by the luck hit, because the examination was about RP basics and I was good at it somehow, anyway, I was noob and unknown there, until I actually, I joined an Italian Mafia faction there, its leader was a Jewish guy called Harry (That is another evidence that the Muslims aren't aggressive), I learnt from him nearly everything about RP and English basics, and he helped me to improve my grammar, in the middle of June, to be exact, on 8th of June, my BD :D, I joined the FMT of PRRP, the head of faction there, put my application as reserved and he chose my birthday date as the time to be added to the FMT, as a gift, so yea, I did a good job there, then I applied for the helper position there (AKA Tester here), in the end of June, they put my application on hold for around 2 months, even the head of helpers (After I got accepted and saw my application) at that time was about to deny me, but he actually resigned before he does, and a German friend of mine, he was a senior administrator there, he because the head of helpers, and actually it was 2x luck hit because he chose actually a Swedish friend of mine to be his assistant (He was actually a player here, we opened a faction for a small time called Co Boyz X3), they were a close friends of mine and they taught me a lot about Hispanic RP and Biker RP, they put me in reserved and accepted me and I became a helper, well, I didn't actually spend long time, since I got accepted in September, and the server shutted down in October, then I started to move from each server to another, during that, my Swedish friend hit me up on skype saying that he tries to gather the good RP'ers in PRRP and his friends in one faction in LSRP, then I moved here, tried to maintain my activity, but I wasn't used to the system unlike them, then I left the faction and started to go from servers to another, and then moved for MTA for a while, I wouldn't lie, it was a good experience, then a friend of mine suggest a faction here for me, named Temple X3 Pachuco, I joined it, and I made a lot of friends there, and I am currently Rping with them, and that is my story :D
My community Page | Sureno Temple X3 Pachuco | My [New] Thread

Spoiler: show
The biggest West Side varrio
Everyone watch it coz I'm coming at you
My cuete is hot it never gets rest
Puro big varrio Temple Street gang fuck the rest
Love for my hood is the only thing worth dying for
Everyday I do bitches and fuck them even more

Simón ese mi varrio numero uno
This is my life and it's the only way it should go
Running from Temple Street coz I got the gun
Everyone who got shit step up your life's done
Enough is enough it's time to go out and gangbang
TEMPLE is the biggest... Temple St. gang

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Re: [New] Bouncer

Post by Zupps » Fri Jan 01, 2016 7:41 am


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Re: [New] Bouncer

Post by Violet » Sat Jan 02, 2016 1:55 am

Welcome, have fun :D

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Re: [New] Bouncer

Post by Erty » Sat Jan 02, 2016 3:19 am

Have fun, nice meeting ya.

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Re: [New] Bouncer

Post by squatz1 » Sat Jan 02, 2016 6:07 am

Welcome to LS-RP, pleasure to have you.
LSPD Detective Ron
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