Death/Vehicle Loss - Item Lists

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Death/Vehicle Loss - Item Lists

Post by Shin Dandy » Sun Jul 29, 2018 12:02 am

I've seen a lot of people complain about this: When you die in scenarios that would usually lead to a Refund Request, you often don't have the time or precense to get the screenshot evidence of what was on you, as is necessary for Refund Requests. This has lead to a lot of anger, rage quiting, and eventually toxic reactions due to sometimes a few hundred grand of something lost. Sometimes you get your vehicle taken in a Non-RP way and it blows up or gets knocked into the water, and even with an Admin present and punishing the offender you didn't get a chance to check your trunk and take pictures of the items you were about to lose.

My proposition is this: When you die, or your vehicle blows up, along with the usual notification that a cruel fate befell you, a list of items lost in the process. Done so by Sorting Weapons first, then drugs. Weapons being displayed seperately, with the ammo lost in brackets. (In the case of vehicles, the weapons will be listed individually still for multiple weapons, based on the ammunition per weapon.) Drugs will be split up depending on the type of drug, and how many you have. Note: Assumptions being made on how the drug listing would work, as I am far from educated on the current drug system and how the list of drugs have changed.


Player_Name has died to random Idlewood T-posing DM
The Following Items were lost: Bat [1], Camera [400], Deagle [24], Shotgun [4]; Cocain [32], Marijuanas 5]

Your Overpriced Car You Chose To Dye Pink has been destroyed
The Following Items were lost: AK-47 [35], AK-47 [90], Deagle [1]. Deagle [72], Deagle [69], Dildo [1]

Of course, it will still be up to players to either have an admin witness the actions that would lead to a refund, or get evidence that they had something ill happen to them or their property, but this will help a lot of people who may not be quick on the draw of getting /stats pulled up from entirely suffering, and will help a lot of people who have entirely out of hand stuff blow up their cars which I doubt many get a chance to screenshot in time.

Edit: Quick note: I know many may assume this will lead to a lot of text spam on the screen based on how much is lost, but consider it will be much less text spam than the average /stats entry. Assuming drugs can still be stacked in a sensible way of course, as I did state I don't fully grasp the new drug stacking system to gauge how many drugs of various names one can carry on their person.

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Re: Death/Vehicle Loss - Item Lists

Post by Zonda » Sun Jul 29, 2018 12:15 pm

Actually It's very good in my opinion. Sometimes we stash some guns or drugs in our cars but it gets NJ'ed or stolen and it gets destroyed. We need to have a text showing what items we lost "If there were any".

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Re: Death/Vehicle Loss - Item Lists

Post by Dropper » Sun Jul 29, 2018 12:20 pm


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