Paramedic Job

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Paramedic Job

Post by Damian » Thu Jun 21, 2012 7:30 pm

Technical overview
Script name: Paramedic
Script author(s): DamianC
Authors comment: I'm sure every now and then someone at one point here or there either wanted to help out or even join the Fire Department on the server. It's guaranteed roleplay and it's a unique aspect of LS-RP that's rarely seen from the healer's side. Luckily with the acceptance and assistance from the current FD head a doorway has been opened for everyone to participate in medical roleplay.
Script description
  • You sign up for the job @ Job Application section. (More information soon.)
  • $35 dollars every minute you're on FD duty. +$25 for every minute you're inside an ambulance or inside a hospital.
  • Will have access FD vehicles- ambulances and such.
  • Will have access to FD 911 calls.
  • Can buy their own ambulances.
  • Main & Sidejob compatible.
General information
  • /enter and /exit
      You will have access to these in order to reach the garage of the FD HQ and outside. The /duty and /offduty commands are inside.
  • /duty & /offduty
      If you have the paramedic job these commands will be used go on and off duty. You need to be on duty to perform the commands below; you will get a pink name when you are on duty, and a message will be sent out to every FD/Paramedic online when you go on and off. When you go off duty you will go back to your regular color and the commands below won't be available. You will lose access to the Ambulances and FD cars as well while off.

      You will receive a random medic skin when you go on duty.
  • /putinambu
      If a person is brutally wounded and you are a paramedic, on duty, and inside of a FD vehicle you can use this command to place the patient inside with you.
  • /heal
      If you are a paramedic, on duty, and inside an ambulance or situated inside of a hospital you will have access to this command. While in an ambulance you can only heal up to 100, inside of a hospital it will be up to 120.
  • /mrs
      When on FD duty, basically lets you say they're responding to a call if needed.
  • /operation
      If you are a paramedic, on duty, and inside of a hospital you will have access to this command. You can use this to revive someone from a brutally wounded state.
      [captainobvious]Roleplay is required[/captainobvious]
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Re: Paramedic Job

Post by Lockhart » Thu Jun 21, 2012 10:28 pm

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