COMMUNITY RELEASE #JPR-02 - Special Services Director...

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COMMUNITY RELEASE #JPR-02 - Special Services Director...

Post by Jahern » Fri Mar 10, 2017 10:59 pm



Release Date: 10/MAR/2017
Written by Juliette Naviaux
Community Affairs Release #JPR-02

The Department of Justice is saddened to announce the unforeseen death of Deputy Director of the Department of Sepcial Services, Daniel Spencer.

At 2:15, 16th of February, Daniel Spencer, while assigned to a detail for Senator Frank Underhill and under all circumstantial safety measures having been attended to, he was meet with an unexpected turn of events when all of a sudden a teenager appeared and attempted to assassinate Senator Underhill with a screwdriver. This attack was fended off and Senator Underhill was left unharmed.

The reasons being that the distinguished Spencer put his tactical training to effect and subdued the attack, ultimately saving Senator Underhill's life and forsaking his own for service to his department. Undoubtedly through his actions, Daniel Spencer is marked as a hero. The Department of Justice lauds Daniel Spencer's heroism.

The unidentified teenager who attempted to assassinate Senator Underhill was soon after taken down swiftly by the Los Santos Police Department's trained officers minutes after the attack. Sadly, Daniel Spencer was pronounced deceased at the hospital at 02:25. With sorrow, the Department of Justice laments his passing.

Approved for release on this 10th day of MARCH, 2017, by
Deputy Attorney General Sophie Thyne
Office of the Attorney General
San Andreas Department of Justice
The following publication has been released and approved by the Community Affairs Division. The information contained within this news release was accurate at the time of publication. Any concerns, questions or complaints in regards to said publication should be forwarded to Deputy Attorney General Sophie Thyne.

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