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Server guide

Post by Paul_Chancki » Thu Jul 12, 2007 6:30 pm

- Warning: This thread might be outdated, as it isn't an official guide. The rules have been updated by the administrator team, however, they might not be up to date at all times in this thread.
- Link to the official server rules : viewtopic.php?f=5&t=25082

Aight, firstly let me tell you that I’m not a veteran. I might have made mistakes in this guide. If you find any, post them and I’ll edit the post adding you to the credits if your help was noticeable. The guide is in no way finished, and I will keep updating it when I find the time.

1.0 - Server Rules
2.0 - OOC/IC
...2.1 - Powergaming
...2.2 - Metagaming
3.0 - Getting started
...3.1 - Registration and login
...3.2 - The game
...3.3 - Drivers license
...3.4 - The Payday!
...3.5 - Respect points
...3.6 - Buying levels
...3.7 - Commands and animations
...3.8 - The Law
4.0 - Cars
5.0 - Organizations
6.0 - Jobs
...6.1 - Car jacker
...6.2 - Arms dealer
...6.3 - Pizza Boy

1.0 Los Santos Roleplay - Rules
(Blue text means that the rule has been changed or newly added. The colours will get removed soon.)

» Server Rules:
These are our server-rules, every attempt to violate one or more of these will result in admin actions against you.
1. Do not meta- and/or powergame.
2. Role-play at all times unless you're in admin-jail (see 3., "Server Rules"). Only administrators are allowed to declare a situation to be OOC and/or interrupt an RP event.
3. Do not role-play while in admin-jail, the place is OOC.
4. Do not use any third party cheats, hacks or modifications (such as CLEO), which will give you an unfair advantage over other players.
5. Do not deathmatch (DM); killing another player is alright, as long as you've got a proper role-play reason.
6. No revenge-killing. If you are brutally wounded and no medic saves you (you respawn), your memory will be cleared and you'll forget about the killer In Character. Attempting to kill the killer after you've been killed, is revenge-killing.
7. Do not heal during fights.
8. Do not bunnyhop. Jumping to get somewhere faster is not realistic.
9. Do not jack cars with a driver inside without any role-play. By that it's meant, that you shouldn't just go up to a car that has stopped for whatever reason, press "f", pull the driver out and drive off.
10. Stealing goverment vehicles (PD vehicles, ambulances, SAN vans, taxis etcetera) isn't allowed unless you've got a proper role-play reason. It's suggested to ask an administrator on duty if your reasons are valid before you steal one of these.
11. Do not use acronyms or abbreviations such as OMG, LOL, u, ur, w8, lmao and/or smilies In-Character.
12. This is an English speaking server - other languages are only allowed in OOC chats, such as /b, /pm and /f.
13. No abusive language towards other players in any OOC-chat.
14. Do not spam chats (IC & OOC) and/or commands (including commands like /fish).
15. No fully capitalized sentences in OOC-chats (/b, /pm, /o).
16. You're allowed to ignore OOC-chats during role-play situations unless it's an administrator talking to yuu.
17. Driveby as driver is not allowed, with exception of cops and passengers.
18. Do not pick up and/or use dual weapons. Picking them up in an interior will get you admin-jailed/kicked, using them will get you banned. If you've accidently picked up a dual weapon, use /weapons & /dropgun <ID> to remove it.
19. Do not AFK/idle/alt-tab for longer than a few minutes. If you've got to be AFK for 5-10 minutes or longer, inform the administrators in-game about it.
20. Do not PM admins In-Game with suggestions etcetera, use the forum.
21. Do not PM admins In-Game with unban-requests, again use the forum.
22. Do not abuse or spam the /report and /re functions.
23. Sexual harassment (rape, forcing a player to prostitute him/herself, etcetera) towards another player is not allowed, do this without an OOC agreement between both sides, and you're banned.
24. Do not violate rules because someone else did it against you. For example, don't quit to avoid death costs because (in your opinion) you've been death-matched.
25. Quitting to avoid death bills allows admins to SCRATCH your properties on your account to re-pay it, quitting to avoid being arrested will get you admin-jailed for the time you'd have had to sit in IC-jail + an OOC punishment time for trying to avoid an arrest.
26. No OOC-scamming/robbing. IC-scamming/robbing is allowed, but not more than $5,000 in a robbery, and not more than $50,000 in a scam.
27. Robbing/scamming of level 1-2 players is not allowed, they need to learn.
28. Civilians are not allowed to take contracts, only members of contract factions are.
29. No vehicles inside the mall, only bikes (motor-bikes, BMX's) are allowed to be driven into and out of the mall from the western and/or eastern entrance.
30. Provoking cops to a chase without a proper IC reason is not allowed (non-RP).
31. Company advertisements (/cad) are not supposed to be used for private reasons. Do not use /cad just because you want to hide your name and/or number.
32. You do not need to role-play pulling out smaller weapons such as pistols and knives, however, you do need to RP taking out bigger weapons such as shotguns, M4's & baseball bats.
33. Nazism is not allowed at all, both IC & OOC. Racism is allowed in limited forms IC, but a ban-able offence OOC.
34. You've got to write a /me (for example "<player> swings his/her bat in <player2>'s head's direction") before using the /knockout command.
35. When flying, use a radio slot to use channel 20 at most times.

» Forum Rules:
Breaking forum-rules will end in a temporary or permanent ban. If very bad, a server ban as well.
1. No flaming and/or insulting others.
2. No hijacking threads - posting off-topic.
3. If you have a question, search first before posting, it may be answered already.
4. No blatant advertising.
5. No spamming.
6. English posts only - for foreign languages, use the appropriate forum.
7. Keep the size of signatures respectable. No huge images, six lines of text maximum.
8. Read the specific forum rules before posting. (Located at the top of the forum, in red.)
9. Do NOT post in the "Wrongly Banned" section unless you have vital information to say, or posting an unban appeal.
10. No posting to warez, wether that be through a search engine or not
11. Posting of grotesque videos (scat-porn, murders, etc) on the forums leads to a permanent ban on both forum and server.
12. Pornography will lead to a temporary ban (permanent if repeated)
13. Flaming about an LS-RP feature or member / admin will result in a lengthy ban, discuss them privately.

» UCP Rules:
1. When registering a character, answer all the questions asked yourself; do not copy+past anything.
2. Do not ask LS-RP testers/administrators to review your application.
3. No spamming of other's public profile's guest books.

» Other Rules:
1. You're allowed to have two or more characters registered on LS-RP, but only one of them is allowed to be in an official faction, unless you've been permitted to be in two factions at the same time ("Double Factions")
2. You're not allowed to transfer money from one of your characters to another character of you, as they don't have anything to do with each other.
3. If one of your characters has been banned, you're not allowed to create a new one and/or use an alternative character (ban-evading). Doing so will only lower the chances of the original ban being lifted and will obviously lead to your new/alternative account to be banned as well.
4. The official gang-rules can be found here: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=26746
5. Admin instructions are final, regardless if they're stated in these rules or not.

A current list of server admins can be found here:

2.0 - OOC/IC

Ok, whilst in game you will see the two words OOC and IC being used quiet often, this is designed to help you understand how to use both.

IC - In Character
This is a role-play server, normally you are not just a person sitting at your computer playing a game to see how many kills you can get. You play a character and try and emulate life (loosely of course, we don't all have guns in real life). If you want to speak IC, there are a few different ways to do it.
• To speak to other characters nearby, you just type normally without any command, or by using "/l <Message>"(when on a phone, for example)
• To advertise by using "/ad <Message>" (This will result in a green line going to all players as an advert for you to sell things, arrange parties etcetera)
• To whisper to other characters nearby so only that person hears you can be done via "/w <Message>".
• To shout use "/s <Message>". This extends the range of which you can normally be heard (don't use /s all the time though).
There are other methods of speaking In Character, but you will find these out in game.

Whilst speaking in any of these forms, do not use acronyms or smilies like lol, wtf, omg, etc or :O :S :p - doing so will result in one or all of the following: Admin jail, kick(s) and/or eventually ban(s) from the server.

OOC - Out Of Character
OOC is used when you are not role-playing, when you, as a person sitting at home/work want to talk to others and NOT your character. Again, there are a few ways to do this.
• Private Message to someone on the server. All you do is find their ID (by entering "/ID <part of name>") and typing "/pm <ID> <Message>"
• Local OOC is done by typing "/b <Message>", this will send a message to players around you, but will include brackets ( ((<Message>)) ) around what you said, to indicate it's not to be used for role-play purposes.
• Global OOC (server wide OOC) is done by simply doing "/o <Message>". The colour of the text for any type of OOC is a different colour, and includes the double brackets to identify it as OOC. However, by default, the global OOC-chat is disabled.

The basic rule is, if it's your character saying something use an IC method, if it's you as a person, use an OOC method. Can be tricky to get used to, but it helps the RP along.

NOTE - Do not use OOC information for IC purposes. (Rule 1., "Server Rules")

2.1 - Powergamer-

A powergamer is a player who tries to force others to participate in role-playing they don't want to engage in. For instance, a player who unilaterally describes his character as doing something with (or to) another character that would usually require the other to play along — such as having a fight or a sexual encounter — is considered to be powergaming

Example: Paul_Chancki hits XXX_YYY in the face making him faint.
To avoid powergaming, this should be said like this: Paul_Chancki throws a punch at XXX_YYY’s face.

As you can see the second example gives the “victim” a chance to react like this: XXX_YYY dodges the blow

2.2 - Metagaming-

In role-playing games, metagaming is the use of out-of-character knowledge in an in-character situation. A character played by a metagamer does not act in a way that reflects the character's in-game experiences and back-story. An exmple of this might be using someone’s name without asking them for it first.

3.0 - Getting started:

3.1 - Registration and login
Input your name in the name field in SAMP (Remember! Your name must be RP! No XmassKIngzor or 1337buttplug. Use Firstname_Lastname with the proper capitalization!!) and join LSRP. You can add LSRP to your favorites using the IP When you connect you will see the welcome message, and after a brief period of time a clown will appear. Select your skin using the left/right arrow keys. When you find a suitable skin DON’T PRESS ENTER! Register using /regnick <password> and then login using /login <password>.

!!! I’m a clown!!!

Don’t panic. You start off with the clown skin if you did not select a skin upon registration. To change it press F4 and then kill yourself jumping off a building or whatever. Then choose your skin. It will now be saved in your profile so from now on when you join the server you just /login and the skin will be auto set to the one you chose.

3.2 - The game:

Ok, so you just flew in and you don’t know what to do? A good start is reading the newspaper. Just stand by the floating “I” and write “/newspaper” without the quotes. You’ll get a list of jobs, after which you can pick one and get a checkpoint on the map.
Here’s a map with the job locations:


When you get to a job marker you’ll see what command you have to type in to get the job (ie. /carjob for carjacker or /gunjob for gun dealer). To see your job’s commands use /jobhelp. To quit your job use /leavejob. Keep in mind that after taking a job you have a “contract” which lasts for 4 paydays(read below).

3.3 - Drivers license:
It’s not fun to run around the place aye? And driving without a license is possible, but be ready for a hefty fine if you get caught by the police. So, let’s get you a license shall we? Get a taxi driver or someone with a kind heart to give you a lift to the bank. Stand on the $ sign and do /enter. You’re in the bank now. We’ll get you a loan. Do /loan 15000 after that /exit the bank. Check the map above for the Driving License place and get there. Stand at the entrance and do /enter. Now, find a fast car. You’ll see a waypoint pop up on the minimap. After you go through it you’ll see another one. You have to get from one waypoint to the other in a small amount of time. Don’t worry if you don’t make it, you keep your money until you pass the test. After you pass you get your license and can legally drive cars.

3.4 - The Payday!
There is a payday one minute after each full hour (15.01, 1.01 and so on). Each payday gets you some money (the higher your level the higher the payday) and a respect point (more on this later). Remember you have to be in game at the given time to get a payday! Also don’t be a smart ass and don’t try to login 2 minutes earlier. You have to be online at least 20 minutes in the given hour to get your payday.

3.5 - Respect points:
You start out in game with a lvl 1. Check your info using /stats. In all the text that comes up you will see your level, faction (more on this later) and so on. You can also find out that to get up to level 2 you’ll need 8/8 respect points and $50 000. You get one respect point each payday. Try to buy a level as soon as you reach 8/8, because respect points don’t go through on the next level. So if you buy a level when you’re 9/8 you waste one respect point.

3.6 - Buying levels:
Ok, so you’ve raised 50k and 8/8 respect and want to get a level? Nothing easier. Make sure you’ve got the money in your pocket and do /buylevel. After that you can do “/upgrade health” to up the HP points you spawn with.

3.7 - Commands and animations:
To see a list of commands available in game use /help.
To see a list of animations do /anim. To stop an animation use /stopanim.

3.8 - The Law:
A list of laws and punishments for breaking them can be found here:

4.0 - Cars:
Some of the cars may have owners. In that case when you enter a car you will see the name of the owner. It would be at least appropriate not to steal such a car no?

If you want to buy a car the first thing you need is money. And lots of it. Cars cost anything from $35 000 to $600 000. If you already have the money you have to find a car that you could buy, no? Buyable cars are scattered all over the city. When you enter one a small menu will popup. All selections in the menu are done using the SPRINT key!!
Buy car => I’m not gonna insult your intelligence here…
Leave car => You get out and mind your own business.
Information => you see the car’s price.

If you accidentally press enter and get stuck in the car use /exitcar to get out.

Ok, so you bought your car? Firstly, congratulations :) Now, enter your new beauty and do /mycar. You’ll see a new menu (all selections are made using the sprint key) :
Lock\unlock car => If you bought a lock you can lock/unlock the car.
Park here => select this option and after the next server restart your car will spawn where it is currently standing. Don't park cars in stupid places. The punishment for a non-RP parked cars is selling them (and not getting your money back)
Car colour => Go to the mod shop and change the car spawn color. A list of colors can be found here:
Buy lock => Buy a lock to use the locking function
Buy alarm => Buy anything ranging from a *beep beep* type of alarm to a GPS tracker for the police.
Sell car => You can sell your car back to the “dealer” (you will not get as much as you paid for it) or sell it to another player. When selling to a player the alarms and locks are saved.
Information => Just that.
Close menu => Yeah…

5.0 - Organizations:
Police: These are the guys who will bust you if you’re naughty. They drive police cruisers and as long as you abide the law you don’t have to worry about them.

Italian, Russian, Colombian mafias, Sun Yee On Triads: These are the people with the money and the power. You don’t want to cross them. They have colored names, but running up and asking if you can join is stupid because:
a) It’s a classical example of metagaming
b) It can earn you a bullet to the head.
If you want to get accepted you post an application on the forums and RP with them. That’s the best way in.

Grove street: These guys are similar to the above organizations. The difference is that they’re a street gang. As above, you don’t want to cross them, unless you like sleeping. With the fishes.

6.0 - Jobs

6.1 - Car jacker
When you get the job use /delivercar to get a car marked on your map. Find the car, steal it. When you’re inside use /delivercar again to get one of the three drop off zones highlighted on the map. Get the car to the marker to recive your money.

Tip: If the marked car happens to be driven by someone remember no to ninja jack it (don’t run in and smack him in the face without a word, you might get reported). RP it all out.

6.2 - Arms dealer
When you get the job you have to go to the materials factory in the docks. /enter the factor and you will recive materials. These aren’t gun materials yet, so you have to get them to the 24/7 in Vinewood (check the map). When you’re behind the store stand on the market and do /devmats. You will get 500 gun materials. Now you can use /sellgun [id] [gunname] to give someone a toy.

The materials cost and ammo are as follows:

Gun – Ammo – Materials
Pistols and melee
sdpistol -50 – 100
deagle - 50 – 200
knife – 1 – 800
Heavy guns (Black Market only!)
shotgun – 75 – 250
mp5 – 200 – 300
rifle – 20 – 500
m4 – 300 – 500
ak47 – 300 - 500
granade – 1 – 1000
molotov – 1 – 1000
rocket - 2 – 4000
sniper – 10 - 4000

So for example selling a deagle would substract 200 from your materials and give the person a Desert Eagle with 50 bullets in it. You can always check how many materials you’ve got in /stats.
The heavier guns can be sold only at the Black Market (behind Unity Station)

Tip: Selling pistols at the black market takes up less materials
Tip: Don’t go around shouting „need gunz?!”, don’t try to sell at the newbie spawn and don’t put up stupid ads about guns. Always try to RP a trade, crack the boxes open with a crowbar, tell the origin of the gun and so on. If the customer makes a bigger purchase you might want to throw in a gift just to make him remember your name.

6.3 - Pizza Boy:
This is a part time job you get by hoping onto the pizza scooter by the fast food near Grove Street. Type /getpizza for a marker to appear in fron of the restaurant, get in the marker and do /getpizza again to load up with 5 pizzas. Then follow your minimap and deliver them. When you run out get back and repeat the /getpizza part then go out again. If you manage to deliver 15 pizzas under 16 minutes you will get an extra 2k. If at any time you decide you don't want to deliver pizzas do /stoppizza.

Tip: The pizza job is part time, which means you can take it on even if you’re a carjacker/armsdealer/whatever.
Tip: This job is very popular so don’t be suprised if the scooter isn’t there. Also, whatch out for people trying to jack you just to get the job.

That's all for now, hope I helped you at least a little bit :) Come back in some time and you'll see some new/updated content!!

Thanks to:
Fed, krisk, Monty_Carlo, Hreno, Salvatore Ricci for providing materials I could use to stack up this guide.
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Post by Paul_Chancki » Thu Jul 12, 2007 11:47 pm

- Added jobs: Carjacker, Pizza boy, Arms dealer.
- Added Indexation.
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Would be smart to lock topic aswell as if not it's gonna be SpamATopic. :shock: :D
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Nicely done, stickied and /locked.
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