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Community Map:

Post by LS-RP » Wed Jul 01, 2015 8:51 pm

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Over the time period I have taken over staff and even before this time, I realized we have nothing set in stone to actually let everyone know who does what and where around the server. We have so many staff members who are responsible for areas, sections, even just small little parts that go unnoticed and most of the community will not even realise that role is even in place. I've worked with the In-Game Lead team to be able to establish the Community Map for the ease of communication and so everyone knows who to go for in relation to that set issue they're having. Please use this map going forward to divert any issues you have within that set area to the leader and also to just know what goes on where behind the scene.

The map is set out in a clickable version, so you will see the role, who currently leads that role and then if you click on that it'll take you down to a description about the role in which you want to find out. Hope this helps for future reference around the community! Reports on any set section or anyone within that section belong to the leader of it, for example - Admin reports belong to the Head of Staff/Admins, Tester reports belong to the Head of Testers via Private Message (click the name). We do not have a set format to follow, be sure to just include as much information as possible along with any evidence gathered.
Managers - [Mmartin & Surreal]

Head of Staff - Head of Development - Head of Community Support
Head of Testers - Head of Property - Head of Factions

HEAD OF STAFF - [Surreal]





TBA = To Be Announced. In the absence of a leader for an area, please refer to the main head of a category, either one being Head of Staff, Head of Development, Head of Community Support, Head of Property or Head of Factions. Should a main head of category be vacant, please refer the report to a management member.

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Los Santos Roleplay
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Re: Community Map:

Post by LS-RP » Wed Jul 01, 2015 10:05 pm

Head of Staff

The Head of Staff is responsible for the entire staff team. They primarily monitor the Head of Admins and the Head of Testers to ensure that they are actively fulfilling their responsibilities and managing their appropriate staff members correctly. The HoA and HoT are very important roles that are crucial to the server, so they must be actively supervised. The Head of Staff ensures that reports on staff members are seen through to resolution and handled properly. The Head of Staff is usually also the Head of Admins due to being Lead.

  • Manage the Head of Admins and Head of Staff and ensure they fulfil their responsibilities.
  • Ensure any complaints/reports are properly handled, particularily those of high-ranking staff.
  • Handle the day-to-day issues and running of the staff teams on the server.
  • Authorise removals, demotions, promotions and additions to staff teams.
  • Handle any suggestions or changes that relate to any of the staff teams.

Head of Admins

The Head of Admins manages the server Administration Team. They are responsible for constantly checking admin activity in areas such as: Report Players, Refund Requests, IG activity, Ticket Assistance, etc. They work with the other Head Of's to manage statistics and work on activity checks for the whole administration team. In doing this, they are responsible for promotions, demotions and removals in the admin team and announcing them as appropriate. They also work with the HoT and the Tester-Admin scheme to recruit new admins. They ensure that reports on admins are handled by the IG Lead team and the right verdict is passed onto the related parties.

  • Manage the Admin Team and ensure they fulfill their responsibilities.
  • Ensure conclusion of Admin complaints and that they are worked through to completion.
  • Maintain a high standard of quality/professionalism in the Admin Team.
  • Work with the Head of Testers to recruit new administrators when ready.

Head of Testers

The Head of Testers manages the server's Tester Team. They are responsible for checking the activity of the Testers and ensuring that they are all contributing to the workload of their duties. They handle the recruitment drives for Testers in the community and ensure quality players are selected during the process. They are naturally responsible for the progression and removals of Testers and handle any complaints sent through about a Tester's conduct on the server. They must work with the Head of Staff to keep them updated about their team and work with the Head of Admins when their Testers are ready to progress through the Tester-Admin scheme.

  • Manage the Tester Team and ensure they fulfill their responsibilities.
  • Conclude any Tester complaints and ensure they are worked through to completion.
  • Work with other "Head Of's" to gather statistics and check Tester contributions.
  • Post an activity check on the testers every 3 months with an update.
  • Maintain a high standard of quality/professionalism in the Tester Team.
  • Work with the Head of Admins to supply good candidates for the Admin Team.
  • Liaise with the Head of Staff for suggestions/discussions/changes.

Head of Forum Moderators

The Head of Forum Moderators is in charge of supervising the Forum Moderator's in the staff team. They are responsible for ensuring that forum moderators are properly fulfilling their tasks and responsibilities around the forums. This includes checking the activity and contribution of forum moderators whilst being in liaison with the Head of Testers. The Head of Forum Moderators will ensure that reports (on players via the mod system) on the forums are being concluded, that new moderators are added, old moderators are removed and fairness is enforced across all issued warnings.

  • Manage the forum moderator team.
  • Ensure that the forum moderators fulfill their responsibilities.
  • Working with Head of Testers to monitor moderator activity.
  • Ensuring forum moderators meet the required activity levels.
  • Ensure fairness across moderator warnings that are issued to players.

Head Of Development

Oversees server development as a whole, decides and rules on important changes in the system infrastructure and handles promotions in the development team.

  • Watches over the whole development progress
  • Manages the development team
  • Rules on large and important script changes

Head of Mapping

The primary role of the Head of Mapping is to take responsibility for any server mapping that is added or removed from the script. They need to test and confirm that any mapping is appropriate for the server before it is released to the public. They maintain quality standards amongst their mappers and ensure that they meet a certain level of activity and contribution.

  • Authorise and check the addition or removal of mapping from the script with developers.
  • Test and confirm that mapping meets quality standards and is acceptable for use.
  • Ensure that all mappers meet activity and contribution requirements.

Head Of Game Development

Developer in charge of updates done to the game and technologies used for the game-server, oversees work done by the rest of game development team.

  • Approves in-game updates
  • Rules on server-related changes
  • Assigns work to other game developers
  • Leads and recruits the Game Development team

Head Of Web Development

Developer in charge of the LS-RP websites, handles maintenance and updates on the UCP and forums. Also oversees and recruits the web development team.

  • Implements updates on the websites
  • Handles maintenance on the web servers
  • Assigns work to other web developers
  • Leads and recruits the Web Development

Head of Community Support

The Head of Community Support manages all areas that involve providing support, knowledge, services and assistance to all players in the community. They are responsible for allocating and supervising staff members to fill "Head of" positions that are primarily relevant to the forums, Teamspeak, IRC and other support systems/services. It is his/her job to ensure that all the rules and guidelines for every forum section are managed and enforced, and that the community receives the help they need in a time-efficient and professional manner. They also work with the Head of Events and liaise with other groups to schedule and organise any server events that tie in with the community. Generally any areas that are not directly related to staff, development, properties, or factions fall under the HoCS.

  • Ensure that any and all "Head Of" positions that fall under HoCS (see list) are allocated to appropriate staff members and handled properly.
  • Ensure that integrity is maintained with support-related sections/services (e.g. Report Players/Appeals/Refunds and Tickets/Teamspeak) and that they are efficiently ran and provide consistent, professional help to the player base.
  • Work with other groups including the Events Team/Head of Events to schedule community events and ensure that they are released suitably.
  • Be available to receive suggestions, complaints and praise from the player base that relate to the server and the community and act accordingly on them.
  • Handle day-to-day server support issues and be available for contact.

Head of Ticket Support

The Head of Ticket Support is responsible for ensuring that the FoCo Support System - our most prominent community support tool - is well-managed and actively handled by all staff members in Ticket Assistance. This means moderating the system so tickets are handled in a timely, professional fashion and that the workload is distributed evenly through the helpers. Monthly updates to provide the Ticket Assistance team with new information or concerns is mandatory from the Head of Ticket Support. Duties such as monitoring, adding/removing/updating the rosters and staff members on the system are all constant tasks.

  • Ensure tickets are consistently and professional handled by staff members.
  • Post a monthly update for Ticket Assistance with news/information, etc.
  • Run monthly checks on the Ticket Assistance members to check contributions.
  • Add/remove staff members when they apply to join or leave the team.
  • Update staff members access levels depending on promotions/demotions, and ensure that they have the appropriate access levels via forum groups, IRC permissions, etc.
  • Archiving any tickets where the poster has not replied for more than 72 hours so they are removed from the system without skewing Ticket Assistance contribution numbers.

Head of Other Games

The Head of Other Games is in charge of the "Other Games" section and moderators. Their role is to make sure that we have a good amount of moderators in the section that are able to contribute towards the forums, and that moderation is done correctly. They will be in charge of recruiting new moderators, along with any changes/suggestions for that forum. They will be working with Head of Community Support to implement or discuss any suggestions regarding the "Other Games" section.

  • Recruit new "Other Games" moderators.
  • Ensure that the moderators are active.
  • Work on suggestions/changes for Other Games.
  • General supervision of the section.

Head of GTA Moderators

The Head of GTA Moderators is in charge of all the moderation done in the GTA Modding forums. Their job is to make sure that everything is going smoothly in the GTA Modding section and they are in charge of the moderators of that section. They make sure that the moderators are doing their job with keeping the section clean of mods that aren't allowed, links that aren't allowed, etc. They ensure that the community and moderators in that section are obeying and following the rules that apply to GTA Modding.

  • Recruit new "GTA Modding" moderators.
  • Ensure that the moderators are active.
  • Ensure that "GTA Modding" specific rules are followed.
  • General supervision of the section.
  • Work on suggestions/changes for GTA Modding.

Head of Foreign Management

The Head of Foreign Management is responsible for foreign moderators the forums from a Non-English perspective. They ensure that staff/community members who have fluency in languages besides English are tasked to monitor any requests/posts/forums that are Non-English and ensure that those community members are adhering to our server/forum rules.

  • Supervise and monitor any foreign moderators that moderate our boards.
  • Recruit (or remove, if necessary) Non-English moderators to manage the sections.
  • Handle any reports or reported posts with foreign moderators.
  • Participate and handle any Non-English discussions/requests/etc.

Head of Side Job Mods

The Head of Side Job Moderators is in charge of everything done in the job application section on the forums. They will also be in charge of making sure that the moderators are doing job applications efficiently and in a timely manner. They will be recruiting staff members to the group, along with making sure that the people do not namechange, or abuse the jobs they applied for.

  • Recruit new section moderators.
  • Ensure side-job applications are handled.
  • Ensure that the moderators are active.
  • Moderate the players with side-jobs.

Head of News and Media

The Head of News and Media is a position that is very interactive with the community. They will be in charge of all the news and media that is released into the LS:RP community. They will ensure that all news and media is up to par and will approve/deny anything that is posted on the website. They are responsible for recruiting creative people and ensuring that they're doing what it takes to keep LS:RP's news and media up to date and that the content meets a high quality standard. This role requires a high level of English.

  • Recruit creative people for creating News/Media.
  • Approve news submissions for release.
  • Proof-read all text before releasing anything.
  • Work on suggestions/changes for News and Media.
  • Work with HoD/Development Team for news releases.

Head Of Events

The main objective for the Head of Events is to oversee everything that involves LS:RP's official events. This means working with the server community and the Development team to create events that the staff team brings into the server. The Head of Events will be the main person who creates, organizes, and supervises every aspect of a planned server event. They have to be involved with the community and see what they want from events and plan in advance to make sure events are planned for the future and for traditional server dates (Summer, Christmas, LS:RP Anniversary, etc) so the server has an active and engaging event base.

  • Work with the Head of Development/Development Team/Lead Administration Team to create and schedule server/community events.
  • Ensure event team members meet required activity levels.
  • Recruit event team members so people are available.
  • Plan and organize events for the community and server.
  • Supervise events so they are executed professionally.

Head of Property

The Head of Property monitors all properties for the server. They conduct house and business activity checks to ensure any unused/inactive properties are sold on to new players. They work with the Head of Leases to ensure the Lease system is operating efficiently. They handle any complaints or issues regarding property, and ensure that any requests are addressed quickly by their relevant teams. They are responsible for implementing any suggestions or changes relating to property. When any relevant houses or any businesses are sold due to inactivity, they ensure that auctions are posted in batches so the server can bid and attain new properties to keep the inactive property market flowing. They are also responsible for any furniture abuse complaints and spot-checking any properties to ensure that the furniture system is not used inappropriately.

  • Monitor the Head of Leases and ensure they fulfil responsibilities.
  • Handle the day-to-day running of properties, any issues and any related tasks
  • Handle and resolve any complaints that are forwarded regarding properties.
  • Conduct house/business activity checks to ensure all houses/businesses are actively used.
  • Schedule new property auctions for any inactive houses and businesses that require sale.
  • Ensure that all house/business requests are handled correctly and time-efficiently.
  • Ensure that the furniture system for housing on the server is not abused.

Head of Leases

The Head of Leases is in charge of any leasing requests made on the forums. They ensure that their team correctly and time-efficiently handle and assign any leasing requests and that the whole process is done in a fair and equal manner to the community. They must frequently ensure that the activity of leased properties is upheld, or act accordingly on inactive lease holders. They ensure nobody abuses the leasing opportunities. They must work with the Head of Properties to keep them informed and updated about property leases.
  • Manage and recruit staff members for helping with the lease requests.
  • Ensure leases are handled correctly, fairly and in a time-efficient manner.
  • Conduct activity checks to confirm the leases are being actively used.
  • Work with the Head of Properties to keep them informed/updated about leases.

Head of Player Support

The Head of Player Support is responsible for the "Player Support" section of the forum and ensuring that the section is appropriately moderated so it provides quality help to the community in terms of "Official" LS-RP guides, player-created guides and general/technical support. They are responsible for recruiting and supervising section moderators and ensuring that they fulfil their responsibilities. This role primarily revolves around ensuring that the content in this section meets a certain quality and that it is efficiently maintained. When appropriate, the Head of Player Support can liaise with players, administrators and leads to create official guides on server content.

  • Moderate the "Player Support" section of the forums, and all included sub-sections.
  • Recruit and supervise "Player Support Mods" to specifically moderate the forum section.
  • When appropriate, work with other staff to create official LS-RP support guides.
  • Be available for general support queries in relation to their section content.

Head of Factions

The Head of Factions is responsible for all factions and faction-related processes on the server. They primarily supervise and monitor the Head of Legal Factions, Illegal Factions and Alternative Factions and ensure that all processes are followed and they are meeting their activity and responsibility requirements. The Head of Factions has final say over any faction-related matters and handle any faction complaints and day-to-day issues that cannot be handled by the "Head Of" staff members below them or if they are unavailable. They authorise the addition and removal of all factions to/from the server when it is required and appropriate.
  • Monitor the Head of Legal, Illegal and Alternative Faction's activity and work efforts.
  • Handle the day-to-day issues with factions that cannot be handled by the other Head Ofs.
  • Handle any major faction complaints and see them through to resolution.
  • Final say and authorisation for any faction-related matters.

Head of Legal Factions

The Head Of Legal Factions is responsible for the all of the legal factions on LS:RP. They primarily supervise the legal factions on the server OOCly. They handle and ensure any concerns that get raised regarding legal factions are resolved appropriately and in a timely manner. The Head of Legal Factions make sure that the legal factions are running smoothly, that their faction leadership is active and that the leadership treat the faction fairly. They are also the in-character Governor of San Andreas which means that the Head Of Legal Factions is also in charge of all of the legal factions in-game and from a role-play perspective. This increases their ability to interact with legal factions.

  • Supervise legal factions on the server both in-character and out-of-character.
  • Ensure complaints and issues gets handled properly with appropriates results.
  • Evaluate the activity of the legal factions and their leader's activity.
  • Responsible for fulfilling the Governor's duties on the server.

Head Of Illegal Factions

The Head of Illegal Factions is responsible for all illegal factions. They primarily supervise and monitor the illegal factions of the server. The Head of Illegal Factions ensures that any issues between illegal factions are resolved appropriately. They also post a conclusion of every faction report and ensure factions that are not following rules and regulations receive warnings and assistance on how they can improve. The Head Of Illegal Factions evaluates illegal faction candidates and also suggests illegal factions for official status once the requirements have been fulfilled. They also receive applications to become an official faction. Once a faction becomes official, all of the applications about gun and drug stores get handled and reviewed by the Head Of Illegal Factions - this also includes when factions apply for apartment complexes. The Head Of Illegal Factions also handles turf requests between illegal factions and ensures they get added on the official LS:RP turf map. They also ensure the turf map stays up to date, which involves addressing and removing inactive faction's turf. The Head Of Illegal Factions occasionally re-sizes turfs on the turf map if a faction, for example hold a big turf but can not keep up with it activity wise.

  • Supervises illegal factions.
  • Handles and posts conclusions of faction reports.
  • Ensures factions who break rules receive warnings and assistance on how they can improve.
  • Evaluates and suggests illegal faction candidates for official status.
  • Receives and reviews applications to become an official faction together with the Faction Management.
  • Takes care of the turf map requests and ensures they get added on the official turf map. Ensures the turf map stays up to date.

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Re: Community Map:

Post by Surreal » Thu Feb 08, 2018 1:27 am

This is out-dated, but will be left available on the boards. Do not take all information as matter-of-fact.

Check here for an updated "points of contact" master list:


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