Faction Management Update - 21 March 2016

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Faction Management Update - 21 March 2016

Post by Surreal » Mon Mar 21, 2016 3:25 am



It's my intention to keep everyone in the loop with announcements even if the information is more pertinent to some rather than others. Any changes that are made affect everyone in the community and there should be transparency. Some updates may be larger than others, but this one is relatively short and is about Faction Management.

Faction Management is an area that I want to place some focus on as Management and is an area that I want to extend my support to where I can. In the past, there may have been roadblocks and complications with previous systems and Management: I intend to help alleviate this pain and help out wherever possible. Roleplay is the backbone of this server, and a lot of that revolves around players establishing and maintaining factions - both unofficial and official. Everyone should be given opportunities that they earn and everyone should feel that the playing field is even. Factions need a consistent and fair level of support to thrive on the server and that support should always be available.

Pitchounette recently returned to the Staff Team as a Level 4 Administrator - she has been a Lead Administrator in the past and is one of the previous Head of Factions for the server. She holds a wealth of knowledge and experience, and we feel that she would be the person to lead Faction Management in the right direction. She is a seasoned roleplayer and has been in all types of factions, legal and illegal, and should bring fresh perspective to the table.

Please feel free to direct any queries and concerns to Pitchounette in regards to Faction Management.

The new Faction Management leadership roster is as follows:
Head of Factions: Pitchounette
Assistant Head of Factions: Unoriginal Gangster
  • Head of Legal Factions: Nathan
    Head of Illegal Factions: Ethanol
Ensure that you follow the Chain of Command for factions and contact the right person about your issues first. If applicable, Pitchounette and Unoriginal are available too as Faction Management leaders.

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