Roleplaying Injuries / Brutally Wounded:

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Roleplaying Injuries / Brutally Wounded:

Post by Surreal » Sat Jan 14, 2017 2:25 pm


Hello all,
The way in which injuries should be role-played when in and out of the brutally wounded mode is another area of the rules that has been a bit of a grey zone. It is a very broad subject and there are a lot of variables that need to be taken into account, but to minimise the confusion - the admin team have put together a set of general guidelines that should be followed when you have been injured by players in any form of armed conflict:
  • Any injuries sustained that do not force you into the brutally wounded mode must be role-played according to location:
    • If you are shot in the kevlar and lose kevlar - you should role-play the kevlar hit.
    • If you are shot and lose health - you should role-play the injury as per /damages.
    • If you are shot in the head but are not brutally wounded - it's not a fatal injury.
  • Any injuries sustained that do force you into the brutally wounded mode must be role-played according to their location and common sense should be exercised to establish how those injuries should impact your character:
    • Although you are free to /acceptdeath if you are brutally wounded, doing so without any role-play at all is heavily frowned upon and is not the best role-playing experience players can offer.
    • You are encouraged to role-play your injuries as per /damages to some capacity.
    • If you are shot in the head and are brutally wounded - it is a fatal injury.
    • Accepting death means that you are PK'd from the scene regardless of the events that lead to it.
  • As a general rule of thumb, you should not role-play dying unless you are in the brutally wounded mode. Exceptions to this rule can, however, be made at an administrator's discretion.
Any questions, feel free to shoot me a forum private message.



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