PSA: Combining Character Levels & More

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PSA: Combining Character Levels & More

Post by otter » Thu Jan 26, 2017 10:07 pm



In the most recent change-log, we announced the introduction of several new features pertinent to premium memberships. There has been some immediate confusion in regards to the intricacies of these new implementations and what they'll mean for you so I'm going to try and sum everything up in simple terms.

If you possess a SILVER or GOLD membership, you will now be able to:
  • Use /toglevel to combine the playing hours of all character's currently imported to your UCP account and use the global level it produces for the character on which your donation is currently active.
    • NOTE: Only those with EXISTING / FUTURE memberships will be able to make use of this feature.
If you possess a GOLD membership, you will now be able to:
  • Recalculate your character's level (applies only to the account on which your membership package is active). Any hours you missed from not doing /levelup in time (read: any case in which you rack up excess experience points) will be accounted for and any inaccuracies that came as a result of previous systems will be corrected.
    • NOTE: If you had your character prior to 2009, this may not apply to you. Systems that were in place at the time were significantly more inaccurate when it came to logging in-game hours.
In some cases, several hundred hours of playing time may be regained. If you have any further queries or concerns related to this revision — feel free to send a PM to Mmartin or otter. If you'd like to find out more about what our premium memberships can offer you, visit our premium page on the user control panel.

— LS:RP Development Team


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