Faction Management Update:

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Faction Management Update:

Post by Surreal » Sun Oct 15, 2017 4:29 am

Hey everyone,

I'll be using this thread to provide any updates as I make an assessment of what needs to change with Faction Management. With recent events, reading through forum posts and after a large discussion I held with ~26 community members (current and past illegal faction leaders, experienced individuals) — it is obvious that some changes need to be made with a complete reform of Faction Management.

I'll touch base on a few points flagged by the discussion that was held, and where focus will be placed as time progresses:

1. Faction Management leadership. The leadership of Faction Management will be re-assessed, and the current Head of Illegal Factions will no longer be involved in Faction Management. The current idea is to establish a small team or "council" of leaders over Faction Management and then have a Faction Management team consisting of both staff members and illegal faction leaders and any other key community members. There's a wealth of experience amongst the players, and perhaps it's time that these individuals are formally involved in actual Faction Management. Illegal faction leaders, especially, should be involved in more formal decisions and discussions given their role on the server with factions. It should no longer only be members of the staff team that have a voice when it comes to faction management's decision-making processes.

2. Official Faction Status. The formal process for achieving official status, who is involved in the decision-making process (see above) for official status and what the general requirements from factions are will be totally re-assessed. With the feedback received, it seems to be over-complicated and factions feel underappreciated or overlooked during selection processes. This'll be completely reformed to be a more simple and rewarding experience with a keen focus on serving to support factions that are contributing well to the server. Factions and their role-play and contributions should be able to speak for themselves, and the whole process needs to be scrapped and made anew.

3. Support to factions. This is a major concern after hearing back from a number of people who have been on the receiving end of faction management processes. Faction management, for the most part, should be here to simply offer support to factions, to help them with issues and to provide them the tools they need to let their role-play flourish. Handling their concerns and what they need help with should be punctual and wholesome for all parties involved, and factions should feel like they have the support of the server at all times. This can include prompt mapping updates (for turf areas, or for role-play purposes) and any implementations that are quick and serve as a benefit. Any micro-management of official factions and an unnecessary focus on statistics and menial numbers will be completely thrown out, too.

4. Communication issues. Transparency and general communication between faction management and the factions (both official and unofficial) they manage will be completely re-assessed. Some factions feel overlooked, some feel spoken down to, some don't feel they're getting the support they need. There's a plethora of issues in this regard, especially in regards to transparency in discussions and decisions. Communication in general and how (and when) faction management talk to factions and their leaders will be taken back to the drawing board.

5. Drug and weapon supply. This was another key issue brought up in discussions, along with other perks afforded to factions. Drugs are inconsistent and poorly distributed, and there needs to be a drug manufacturing process with the new drug script for factions to use independently. The current process is to be handed a bunch of drugs by faction management, because that's the only process we have at the moment. That's something that will be communicated through the development team as a pressing need for the drug scene to flourish. As for weapons, that and other perks will be assessed for factions — when and how they should receive these benefits and have access to them.

6. The processing of reports. Faction report handling, breaking rules of engagement and other concerns have been flagged, too. These processes will be looked at with more lasting disciplinary actions against the factions that disrupt the scene for everybody else or set bad examples.

7. Speed. The speed in which these changes are worked on. It can't be a long-term plan, it needs to happen in the short-term.

The discussions I'm having are still on-going, but they are productive and I thank those involved. In my recent staff update I said we were about to announce new official factions — that will be taken into consideration and we don't intend there to be any delays with that. We will still be looking at bringing new official factions into the server soon, but will be working on this reform as well.

If you're interested in this faction management reform, I will be updating this thread with any pertinent information as time goes on. I'll be making this my main focus on the server until we're back on track and the issues and concerns have been looked at.

Many thanks.

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Re: Faction Management Update:

Post by Surreal » Sun Oct 15, 2017 4:27 pm

We are presently working on faction management leadership, which will consist of three appointed staff members as opposed to one. This should remedy some of the problems we have faced in the past, and I will stay involved as needed to ensure things start smoothly.

We are also working on establishing new members for the Faction Management team. The current idea being discussed is including official and prominent unofficial faction leaders in the Faction Management team. This may very well be extended to a small group of community members that are chosen purely for their experience and contributions. They will be able to see and contribute to discussions that relate to a plethora of topics relating to factions, including the decisions surrounding new official factions, changes to factions, and so on. This will be a new platform for selected community members and staff members to have discussions with their combined wealth of experience on the server. Both staff and non-staff members can open discussions about what they believe needs to be addressed at any time and take action as necessary.

We are also looking at reforming the Public sector of Faction Management. As you may know, that's a much larger group of experienced community members where large-scale discussions or ideas are posted for feedback before anything is forwarded back to the FM team. This needs to be reformed and filled with new people who haven't had the opportunity before, as well as the people already involved.

If you're interested in the last paragraph, please refer to this thread: viewtopic.php?f=17&t=644888.

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Re: Faction Management Update:

Post by Surreal » Tue Oct 17, 2017 12:32 pm


The following staff members will be considered the new three-man leadership of Faction Management (illegal): The following community members will be invited to become a part of our server's Faction Management team:
  • Aces|
    E. Barrera
    King Ghali
    Scary Eire
    Shaun Gotti
    Street Boss
This is part of the new initiative (as listed above) to make our Faction Management team consist of both staff and non-staff members. This means that experienced community members will also be a part of our Faction Management team, and be able to participate in decision-making processes and Faction Management discussions. This is primarily aimed at prominent illegal faction leaders, but it also open to experienced community members. This list is not final — more people will be added to the team as time goes on and there will be more opportunities, but this is a foundation for us to begin our work on reforming Faction Management and taking it in a new direction. Congratulations to the above.

As already stated, more discussions will be generated at a Faction Management Public level, too. We have received a lot of interest (see here: https://forum.ls-rp.com/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=644888) about joining FM Public, and a list of new members will be announced soon.

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Re: Faction Management Update: (New Post 17/OCT)

Post by International » Sat Oct 21, 2017 10:45 am

Congratulations to the first batch of FM Public members:

timothy smalls

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Re: Faction Management Update: (New Post 21/OCT)

Post by Surreal » Sat Oct 21, 2017 6:19 pm

"Faction Management" has traditionally focused on illegal factions and everything about them. I'm going to be looking at re-establishing the "Government Management" team, which is essentially Faction Management for non-LEO legal factions. I feel that legal factions can go through the same review and evaluation processes as above and there's quite a few areas that could use some attention and updates.

If you're a member of the community with a wealth of experience in our server's legal factions (PD/SD/FD/DOC/DOJ/GOV/etc), or have good knowledge and experience in areas including (but not limited to) state constitutions, the penal code, justice systems and so on, feel free to PM me with an expression of interest. I'll be establishing a group of players to discuss some pertinent topics as we move forward.

These topics may include, but are not limited to:
  • — The plan for the State Government and its operations
    — The purpose and role of the Department of Justice
    — The state of, and processes involved with the San Andreas Courts
    — The state of, and processes involved with the State Bar Association
    — San Andreas Penal Code revisions for the year(s) of 2017/18
    — The appointment of vacant faction leadership roles, i.e. Chief Justice
    — Any revisions to the constitution and other fundamental legal documents
    — Any other pertinent discussion topics that are identified

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Re: Faction Management Update: (New Posts 21/OCT x2)

Post by International » Mon Oct 23, 2017 12:05 am

I've been receiving a few messages regarding the two recent choices for official factions. You are free to state your opinion about these choices and the choices made by Faction Management at any time — feedback is always great. A new batch of officials for October has always been the plan (see previous announcements) and we are looking at making a further ~3 official factions by the end of the year. These official candidates will be discussed with our new team of Faction Management (both staff/non-staff) which is a new process.

Just know we can't make everyone happy when it comes to new official factions, nor please every single member of this community. People will both disgaree and agree with choices like these, because they can often be controversial and factions can be a competetive environment. Some people may react by closing their faction and that's something we can't control. I don't wish for that to happen, nor does Faction Management but people may choose what to do with their own faction.

Don't let this demotivate you nor your faction members, even if you don't receive official by the end of the year. Keep going because it's fun, not because you want official. I've heard faction leaders saying they think their faction is better than the ones we chose, again, that's your opinion and you're free to feel that way. There's still a chance for your faction to possibly get official by the end of the year if you're prominent and active.

Stay tuned for more updates regarding Faction Management, many more changes to come. Congratulations to El Corona 13 and The Neighborhood Network: two dedicated factions.

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Re: Faction Management Update: (New Posts 21/OCT x2)

Post by Surreal » Mon Oct 23, 2017 5:26 pm

Thank you for the interest expressed in Government Management, the following people have been selected to start with:
  • Adio

And work is being started on improvements (and seeking replacements for vacancies) in respect to the State Government, the State Senate, the Courts of San Andreas, the Department of Justice and other areas as we move forward. It's worth noting that I have halted business registration and licensing for the time being (until the system is re-established) so businesses may open without fear of punishment, as long as it's done sensibly. Once State Government's licensing is back up and running, though, you will need to sort that out if you own a business. It will not be a tedious and overwhelming process, and lenience will be given so people have the time to organise their business licensing as applicable.

The 2017 revision of the Penal Code and other legal documents will take place once the above has been covered, towards the end of the year.

If you're still interested in participating in Government Management then still send me through a letter of interest. Not everybody will be selected, but I appreciate you lodging your interest and we will keep it in mind as we opt to expand on the Government Management team.

Many thanks.

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Re: Faction Management Update: (New Post: 23 OCT)

Post by Airwalk » Mon Oct 23, 2017 9:53 pm

The Strawmen Scheme is now open for applications: https://forum.ls-rp.com/viewtopic.php?f=658&t=589284

Read this before applying: https://forum.ls-rp.com/viewtopic.php?f=658&t=593428

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Re: Faction Management Update: (New Post: 24 OCT)

Post by Shack » Tue Oct 24, 2017 2:43 am

With the big Faction Management update settling in and new faces being added to Faction Management and Faction Management Public, we've decided to have a look at the official process and what can be done to satisfy both the community and the Faction Management itself. We agreed on downgrading the time limit the whole process is. Previously it was one year, it was then reduced to six months, and now it's going to be decreased to four months. We feel like that's a reasonable time limit for factions to settle in and develop. Keep in mind, this is just a time limit to be considered for official, it's not like if your faction is up for four months, you automatically get official. This is just the time limit to be considered for the official status.

The official system was a slow and steady process. Some can argue that it was too long, some can argue that it was too short. What we look for in regards to official factions and official candidates is simply making sure your faction is ready and capable to withhold the official status. More information on obtaining official and going for official can be found here: viewtopic.php?f=658&t=489170&p=6221995#p6221995. I'm going to be frequently updating this thread with new additions, changes, and removals so stay tuned for that as well.

Another discussion sparked open in relation to the whole Screenshots & Video board. Previously no type of shooting was allowed on the board. The new update is the video of the shooting must show signs of roleplay. Videos that just show shootings with no roleplay in it, will be taken down and a forum warning will be issued. If your faction has a video of a shooting with clear signs of roleplay, then that's acceptable and can be posted. The board itself is a board to showcase roleplay. Any type of death-matching or trolling won't be tolerated. Once again, more information on the new addition to the board can be found here: viewtopic.php?f=16&t=541197.

If you didn't notice already the Strawmen Scheme is now re-opened and will be monitored by Raketa himself and ran by Airwalk. The system was a decent addition when Pitchounette brought it to light, we decided to re-do it and change it around a bit. The system is a helping hand with gun-flow and offers a different type of roleplay. If you're interested in applying for that, then I encourage you to apply and give it a try.


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