Government Management:

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Government Management:

Post by Surreal » Mon Oct 23, 2017 10:58 pm


I'll be using this thread to point out any pertinent updates stemming from Government Management.

State Government:
Many of the State Government's operations came to a stand-still when the previous administration resigned from their roles, i.e. otter, the previous Governor of San Andreas. The State Government is going to be wound back to its fundamental processes and built up from there, because the current structure consists of many roles that most would consider redundant. Rare will be stepping into the role of Lieutenant Governor and will be spearheading these changes from within the State Government. He brings with him a wealth of experience on the legal side of the server, especially in relation to politics, the Senate, etc. He has expressed a keen interest in improving the faction's operations and shown enthusiasm for getting everything up to speed, including the Senate. I will be the acting Governor to ensure there is oversight for the new State Government members and that they have the support they need until a suitable replacement is sought in the future.

There will be an immediate focus placed on revamping the business registration and licensing systems so they are exceptionally simple and painless, which has been a common complaint with Government for a long time. Keep an eye out for that, especially if that effects you as a new or existing business owner on the server. Whilst the business licensing system is worked on, you may freely open your legal business (sensibly) without being concerned about action being taken against you by licensing officials or law enforcement to avoid any inconvenience.

The State Senate:
The processes and activity of the Senate will be worked on in the very near future — this ties in with the new appointments in the State Government. There will be a focus on getting the Senate back up and running properly: creating, refining and voting on new legislation, etcetera. The foundation has been laid with the latest wave of new Senate members, and more opportunities will be available in the future too.

Courts of San Andreas:
The Courts have been without a Chief Justice, and have held a murky place on the server for a while. MoralesLSRP will be stepping up from Justice to Chief Justice and will be overseeing the Courts of San Andreas. The court system is a fundamental part of the legal side of the server, and Morales will be given the freedom to work on improving the court system and ensuring that there is an active panel of Judges.

Department of Justice:
Government Management are actively discussing the role of the Department of Justice, and the services that it will offer. Imperium will be stepping up to the role of Attorney General in the near future to accommodate these changes. Watch this space.

State Bar Association:
This will be reviewed and worked on in the near future. Watch this space.

Constitution and Penal Code:
The server is due a 2017 revision of the San Andreas Penal Code and an update to the constitution to suit the server as it stands today. This will be discussed and implemented ideally before the end of the year after several other areas (as above) have been stabilised.

Government Management:
Having re-created Government Management and adding new members (see other announcement), I will still be looking at adding to the group as time goes on. Please PM me with an expression of interest, alongside your relevant legal experience if interested in joining the team.

More updates to come.

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Re: Government Management:

Post by Surreal » Wed Nov 01, 2017 4:14 am

Another update for anybody who's interested in following legal affairs or Government Management:

The current membership base of Government Management is as follows:
  • Adio
    Chef Lemon
Again, I'd like to expand on this team, so if you're somebody with a lot of legal factions or law experience on the server then reach out to me by private message and explain your experience. I'd like to add a couple more heads to the Government Management team.

The Department of Justice:

We're looking at perfecting the basic functionalities of the Department of Justice, and then building upon it once that is achieved. The two main areas will be the District Attorney's Office and Public Defender's Office. Ways in which we can tie the District Attorney into prosecution and Law Enforcement affairs are going to be explored, and the Public Defender's Office is obviously a way that players can find lawyers provided by the state. Both of these areas tie into the Courts, and ensuring a productive balance of both fun and complexity with how Courts are involved.

We are also going to be exploring moving the Firearm Licensing system over to the Department of Justice, and potentially letting them expand into firearms enforcement. That is, looking into misuse of legally purchased weapons (or misuse of legal weapon licenses), looking into gun runners and other illegal firearm activity that's based off of supply and distribution, etc etc. This could be another area of expansion.

As previously mentioned, Imperium (Sophie Thyne) will be stepping into the role of Attorney General to oversee these reforms.

The Courts of San Andreas:

As previously mentioned, MoralesLSRP (Alice Evans) will be stepping into the role of Chief Justice, overseeing the court system.

In order to establish a more defined role for the courts, they have been split from the Department of Justice/Government and into a faction of their own for both organisation purposes and to ensure that they have the right set of abilities as the Courts. At the moment, we're setting up the faction, their properties and everything else to ensure the Courts of San Andreas are self-sufficient and ready to move forward.

From there, we're going to look at bringing more activity to the courts. The pool of Justices/Judges is being reviewed, with new blood being brought into the team to resolve any issues with inactivity or Justices not being available to contribute. In-game opportunities for the courts and for players are going to be investigated. It's a niche area of roleplay that not all may enjoy, but it would be nice to find a healthy balance that's both fun and productive, and give the opportunity for more courtroom-based roleplay on the server when it's appropriate.

Other areas, such as more actively involving the Judges in the approval of arrest/search warrants and so on are going to be looked at when it comes to Law Enforcement factions, since the current constitution basically means high ranks in those factions control those areas.

The State Government:

With new leadership reform and a new Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State and so on, improvements are being actively sought. It's going to be brought back to basics and then built upon once the fundamental operations are working properly. Minimal redundancy.

For example, business licensing is being actively worked on right now by Rare and Wang. This has always been a problematic area of the server that nobody enjoys participating in, and there's a dire need for simplicity when it comes to registering a business legally. We're looking at simplifying the system more than ever and moving the application for a general business license onto these forums for ease of access. The process itself is also going to take a minimal amount of time (e.g. a matter of hours) and not be as inconvenient to players as it once has.

Role-play opportunities within the State Government for players who are interested in that type of legal path will be available soon. We're trying to roll this out with minimal redundancy, focusing on creating roles for defined purposes and then hiring for those roles as appropriate.

The State Senate:

Rare, as Lieutenant Governor of San Andreas and President of the Senate, is going to be actively working on getting the Senate up to snuff and actively functioning. We want them creating pieces of legislature without all the red tape and complications as soon as possible, since it's a great outlet for players and senators to interact with the legal structure on the server and what's in place in terms of laws and acts.

State Constitution & Penal Code Updates:

These areas come hand-in-hand with the other changes, and will be updated when the time is right. The server is due another revision to the Penal Code as I've said before, with additions/removals/adjustments to existing entries. Will happen before the end of the year.

Other Legal Factions:

Concerns with any existing legal factions and discussing general improvements to those will also be included. Government Management is now a pool of individuals with a lot of experience with legal affairs on the server, and a good opportunity to discuss how certain factions can move forward or expand on their enterprise, for example: the Los Santos Fire Department, Department of Corrections, and so on.

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Re: Government Management:

Post by Surreal » Tue Dec 19, 2017 1:17 pm

I will be adding a few more people to Government Management for current and future discussions.

I already have a few names down that have expressed interest, and they'll be brought up for discussion. If you're somebody that is interested then feel free to flick me a message explaining your experience and why you think you'd be good for the role. If you've already sent one, feel free to send it again. Please title your private message "Government Management" so I don't lose them in my inbox amidst the other messages.


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Re: Government Management:

Post by Surreal » Sun Dec 24, 2017 7:40 am

Thank you for the expressions of interest.

The following community members will be introduced as new members of Government Management to assist the team:

  • Cantbehudson

To those who expressed interest but did not get selected: we will keep your names down for future consideration.

We will look at introducing more new members Q1/Q2 2018.

Many thanks.


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