New Official Factions & FM Updates:

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New Official Factions & FM Updates:

Post by Shack » Mon Nov 06, 2017 5:55 am

Hey everyone,

I’d first like to start off by thanking everyone for being so patient with the whole Faction Management update, and the drastic changes factions have been going through in general. We promised changes in Faction Management and that’s exactly what we’ve been focusing on and pushing out. We made a thread here which follows Faction Management’s journey throughout the past couple of weeks, so if you haven’t checked that out, I highly suggest you give it a quick read.

We're still looking for active and capable individuals for Faction Management and Faction Management Public, so if you're interested in joining the team then don't hesitate private messaging me about it. Faction Management Public's a great way to express your ideas, concerns, and questions. More discussions will be held at an FM Public level. It's also a great platform for people that're interested in joining Faction Management.

Getting the introduction out of the way, we’ve been focusing on appointing new official factions with our staff and non-staff Faction Management team. We held discussions about each and every official faction that we had in mind. Without further ado, I’d like to congratulate the following factions on obtaining official status — The Malangone Crime Family, Tres Puntos, White Knights Motorcycle Club, and Egorovskaya OPG! Each and every faction announced has definitely worked very hard to make their way way up to official, once again congratulations to all four factions!

A little bit more about each of these new official factions:

The Malangone Crime Family, a La Cosa Nostra based organization. That means that they consider themselves a part of a larger brand under which all Italian American organized crime factions go. Due to that status, their hierarchy doesn't differ much from the other LCN organizations, since they all have the same ranks. Their activities include gambling, drug dealing, and weapon dealing, although they're used as secondary options so their players don't have to rely on that, money laundering, car garages where they strip stolen cars and other white collar crimes.

Tres Puntos, is a prison-based Hispanic gang also known as the Mexican Mafia. They collect tax from the Sureno factions in the server and in return their members are protected under the Mexican Mafia's wing while in prison. Surenos use the number 13 and the color blue to show allegiance to the Mexican Mafia.

The White Knights Motorcycle Club, portrays a realistic old school motorcycle club that's aimed to be 100% fictional. The faction itself has a lot of history and has been made official before in the past. That's probably why their name rings a bell. Everything's been done through in-depth in-character development and they've been nothing but a great role model to other Motorcycle Clubs and have plenty history here.

Egorovskaya OPG, a modern-day Eastern European (Russian) ran criminal organization. This is also another project that LS-RP hasn't seen in a while. The past was Pancevka Grupa (Serbian). The last Russian faction that was official, was Volgogradskaya OPG. Their portrayal of the modern day Russian mob was great. Egorovskaya OPG and it's members have worked hard on keeping their faction to it's true background. The leaders stayed dedicated, motivated and have kept their standards high.

Congratulations, and I hope all four of you settle in smoothly!

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Re: New Official Factions & FM Updates:

Post by International » Mon Nov 06, 2017 6:06 am

While the drug facilities is currently being worked on developers, faction management is issuing drugs via the Drug Distribution Scheme. This schems is open to both official and unofficial factions. We havegot a format that you have to fill out and send to me, after that you wait for a reply. When choosing the type of drugs for you and your faction, please make sure it's realistic. It has to fit your faction's background, as well as your character, all the way to the neighborhood your faction is based off of. To be considered eligible, the faction must have been up for 3 weeks.

Official gangs will receive a much larger supply than unofficial gangs, as far as quantity goes. It's a perk that official gangs used to have, and still do even if it's through FM. Unofficial factions are allowed to increase their quantity as time goes on, depending on the activity and member base.

Format for interested unofficial factions or new official factions (send applications to me):

Spoiler: show
Faction Name / In-game name:
How do you plan on distributing the drugs:
How do you plan on roleplaying receiving the drugs:

We've noticed a handful of interested players who asked how can their character get drugs without being in a faction. As of now, players are now allowed to apply for the drug distribution scheme for just their character. It'll be similar to the strawmen scheme we have going for weapons. You'll be asked what type of drugs you want to receive and it has to fit your character background. Your character has to be at least level 10 to apply, and you must show screenshots in respect to how you are involved in drug roleplay. Also, in order to be eligible, your character has to be at least 3 weeks old. 100 screenshot are not required, just include some highly detailed ones.

Format for interested characters (send applications to me):

Spoiler: show
UCP Name / In-game name:
How do you plan on distributing the drugs:
How do you plan on roleplaying receiving the drugs:
Screens showing past experience involving drugs:

Both factions and characters that're chosen get a weekly re-up. For official gangs: it'll be different as they receive a much larger quantity. You have to be active as a player or as a faction if you're accepted. Those who go inactive or close their faction will no longer be supplied.

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Re: New Official Factions & FM Updates:

Post by International » Mon Nov 06, 2017 6:14 am

Gun & Drug Price Agreement:
This will mainly be aimed at official factions with access to a weapon warehouse. Unofficial factions will have leniency when it comes to the gun price agreement because they may be receiving their guns through a middle man, or a middle man's friend. The same applies to drugs. The list will be posted in FM Public, Faction Management, and will be sent to all prominent faction leaders and official faction leaders. Following the agreement is simple, you just need to sell weapons in the agreed-upon price range.

If you are found going against the list (official factions mainly), heavy punishments for the faction and players involved will be issued. We also have the drug price agreement that's been active since mid 2017. If you or your faction don't have access to the list, PM me and I'll forward it to you. Both the gun and drug price agreements need to be posted where your factions members can see them, or you can link them.

We're going do our best so things don't get out of hand, as far as prices. I would rather not see a Desert Eagle being sold for 30-40K. Or an AK47 being sold for 100-200K. That's why we've come up with the two price agreement lists for weapons and drugs. It's reasonable for players from both sides, ones selling with direct access to drugs or gun, or the ones buying from those people with direct access.

Here's the gun price agreement for your own information (remember, this applies to factions selling from warehouses):

Spoiler: show
  • Deagle:
    • $12,000 — $15,500
    Colt 45:
    • $8,700 — $11,000
    SD pistol (silencer):
    • $10,000 — $14,000
    • $14,000 — $20,000
    • $16,000 — $20,000
    Tec 9:
    • $16,000 — $20,000
    • $20,000 — $25,000
    • $28,000 — $34,000
    • $24,000 — $30,000
    Country Rifle:
    • $16,000 — $25,000
    Sniper Rifle:
    • $60,000 — $90,000
    • $4,000 — $6,000
    • $500 — $3,000
    • $800 — $5,000
    • $11,000 — $20,000
    • $20,000 — $30,000

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Re: New Official Factions & FM Updates:

Post by Amity » Sat Nov 11, 2017 8:49 pm

Hey guys,

Due to discussion within Faction Management and the general discussion section we have decided to implement the melee weapon scheme, similar to the strawmen and drug distribution scheme it will operate in practically the same exact way just with melee weapons. We'll be doing it on a trial period and our aim is to start distributing melee weapons to the server and community which have been absent for quite some time now. We'll be mainly looking at implementing knives, nightsticks, katanas and brass knuckles as we feel these four fit what we're aiming for and feel that these will benefit the community the most. I and Jopp will be heading the scheme and if you have any questions you can direct them to us. We'll be updating people soon on the application process. We hope you guys like this small update and hope to see everyone getting access soon.

I personally want to thank Faction Management and Faction Management Public for their input and discussing with us on the process to make the scheme possible.

Regards, Amity.
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