Transferring Name & Number Changes:

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Transferring Name & Number Changes:

Post by Surreal » Thu Feb 08, 2018 12:15 am



Due to the issues we're facing with DaoPay, and part of our community therefore being unable to purchase name or number changes when they need them, we'll be allowing players to transfer name-changes and number-changes from their own accounts to their friends' accounts. To keep things simple and to avoid abuse of this, any player may purchase a name-change (as of today, 08/FEB/2018) and open a support ticket at to request that it be moved to a friend's account. We will not be allowing existing name-changes on accounts to be transferred between players due to the risk of abuse. After receiving plenty of private messages about this: this allowance/service is primarily aimed at those who normally use DaoPay and cannot set up their own PayPal account because of where they live, or because of other limitations.

If you purchase a name-change for a friend, open a fresh support ticket (using gmail is preferred) at with the following:

Ticket Name: [Name/Number Transfer] Your UCP Name

Code: Select all

Your UCP name:
Your character name:

Friend's character name:

Proof of donation:
Proof of donation must be an unedited screenshot of your PayPal transaction, and of your UCP donation history.

I will personally frequent the ticket site to handle these tickets quickly as possible.



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