LS-RP Awards 2018 (Winners)

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LS-RP Awards 2018 (Winners)

Post by Marauder » Tue Feb 05, 2019 4:45 pm


We are pleased to announce the results of the LSRP "best of" awards 2018. These awards were started as a result of a desire from the community. We received a good surge of votes in, so a big congratulations to the winners. Thank you to all that sent in nominations and votes, and to those that worked hard to be seen by the community.

Most Developed Character of 2018
1st — Jep Appelo
2nd — Lucas Gaudin
3rd — Martin Peralta

Most Influential Character of 2018
1st — Anthony Navarra
2nd — Jep Appelo
3rd — Aziz Nazari

Favorite PD Member of 2018
1st — Bob Boulevard
2nd — Lucas Ozaki
3rd — TIE — Joseph Ortega AND Joshua Carvajal

Favorite LSSD Member of 2018
1st — Ezio Poldilotta
2nd — Gary Sines
3rd — Jesse Arsenault

Favorite LSFD Member of 2018
1st — Nick Apps
2nd — Amy Codsworth
3rd — Tim Wright

Favorite GOV Member of 2018
1st — Jep Appelo
2nd — Peter Daniels
3rd — Frank Underhill

Favorite SADCR Member of 2018
1st — Aubrey Taylor
2nd — Roy Orr
3rd — Paul Hess

Most Unique Concept of 2018
1st — Lucas Gaudin - Serial Killer
2nd — TIE — Oligarchy AND Vagos MC
3rd — AmeriCare

Best Illegal Official Faction of 2018
1st — Los Santos Crime Family
2nd — Los Reyes
3rd — Vagos MC

Best Illegal Unofficial Faction of 2018
1st — Asao Kouda Kyōkai
2nd — Valenti Crime Family
3rd — S/C Ganton Boulevard Families, 516

Best Mapper of 2018
1st — .Baker.
2nd — Keanu_Petrosyan
3rd — Budala.

Best Modder of 2018
1st — Bamz
2nd — pistolevich
3rd — Apathy

Best Interior Design of 2018
1st — Vagos Clubhouse by Faledak
2nd — ASGH by Cloudy!
3rd — Church by Keanu_Petrosyan

Best Screenshots Thread of 2018
1st — creepshots and cremations
2nd — Gangs and Narcotics Division
3rd — Operation Safe Streets Bureau

Kindest Member of 2018
1st — Ashley
2nd — TIE — Benavides and Danielswe
3rd — Bennemus

Most Changed Person (for the better) of 2018
1st — Hood President
2nd — Iudex.
3rd — Marauder


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