[LOCAL] Jefferson Gang Injunction: What you need to know.

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[LOCAL] Jefferson Gang Injunction: What you need to know.

Post by Clem-Clem » Fri Aug 11, 2017 12:05 am


By Bethany Oe | August 10th, 2017
Jefferson, Crenshaw, Exton, Washington, and Glen Park are all affected by this injunction // (Superior Court of San Andreas)

On the eighth of August 2017 at roughly 5:00 AM, the Superior Court of San Andreas issued out a "gang injunction" on two notorious gangs in the neighborhood's of Jefferson, Glen Park and Crenshaw. As of over 48 hours from the injunction, with the combined effort of the Los Santos Police Department's (LSPD) 54th street's Gang Impact Team and other law enforcement agencies, over fifty arrests have been made on known gang members and affiliates of the "Crenshaw Hustler Crips" and "Playboys 13".

A "Gang Injunction" is a form of restraining order issued out by the Supreme Court on one or multiple gangs/groups. The court order declares the gang's behavior a public nuisance and restricts the activities that said gangs are allowed to do. The actions that are restricted are listed within the court order and, if they are breached, the offenders will be charged with "Contempt of Court." The goal of a Gang Injunction is to severely limit the hold a Gang has on an area and to ensure that people feel safe within their own neighborhoods.

The neighborhoods of Crenshaw (left) and Glen Park (right), the primary target of the injunctions. // (Bethany Oe & Billy Manson, Los Santos Times)

The restricted activities are as follows:
  • Being in public with a known member of either Crenshaw Hustler Crips or Playboy 13
    • Exceptions are applied in these locations: (not including the trip)
      • At school while in class
      • On school business
      • Church.
  • Carrying a gun or an illegal weapon. (Knives, automatic rifles, etc.)
  • Intimidation
    • Assault and Battery, Harassing, threatening, annoying, provoking and any action similar to disrupting another person's well being.
  • Carrying graffiti or graffiti tools.
    • May include but not limited to:
      • Spray paint or paint of any kind.
      • Permanent markers
      • Engraving tools
  • Association with drugs with intent.
    • Exceptions can be made with drugs that are prescribed.
  • Drug Sale activities.
    • May include, but not limited to:
      • Acting as a lookout,
      • Transporting,
      • Concealing any object that could be involved with drug-related activity,
      • Using signs to indicate selling drugs,
      • Tries to talk with or tries to stop passers by, both in vehicle and on foot,
      • Exchange of small objects/money with passers by, both in vehicle and on foot,
  • Trespassing.
  • Loitering
  • Obstructing Traffic
  • Recruiting children
    • A "child" being anyone under the age of 18.
  • Obstructing or resisting the orders of any peace officer,
  • Disobeying the laws.
Breaching any of these activities while being affiliated or associated with either the Crenshaw Hustler Crips or Playboys 13 in the designated area above will result in being tried with Contempt of Court and will be restrained from engaging in or performing any of the restricted activities above.

Credit to www.lscourt.org/publications/ganginjunction10

LSPD's Gang Impact Team making an arrest at Glen Park. // (Bethany Oe, Los Santos Times)

The citizens of Los Santos living under the injunction has been worried about how the Gang Injunction on Crenshaw Hustler Crips and Playboy 13 will impact their day to day life. Fortunately, a team of detectives and officers from the 54th Street Gang Impact Team, all of whom wished to remain anonymous, were happy to answer mine and Billy Manson's, a resident of the Crenshaw area and the Head of San Andreas Network's Broadcasting, questions about the injunction and what citizens of the area expects.

For the purpose of anonymity, the detectives and officers in the interview will be referred to as "Officer in Charge", "Detective" and "Police Officer"
Q: (Bethany Oe): How will a regular law abiding citizen's day-to-day life be affected by the gang injunction?

A: (Officer in charge): This gang injunction will have some effect on Mister Manson's day-to-day in his neighborhood. The Crenshaw-Jefferson area has been plagued with a rampant gang problem for years. Since my recent induction, I've seen it first hand. Community members being extorted, robbed, assaulted, you name it. As of recent though, things have escalated in the area. It became too much to contain. Which is why my team filed for the gang injunction. Mister Manson, I assure you, [and other residents of the Jefferson-Crenshaw-Glen Park area], that you will see results in your neighborhood.

Q: (Billy Manson): Would a normal citizen like me be subject to any searches if I was walking down the neighborhood?

A: (Officer in charge): No, sir. Not under any circumstances. My division has set-up a criteria that identifies and validates gang members. A gang member must fit three out of ten of our criteria. However, the court order says that my team, the 54th Street Gang Impact Team, has full discretion on how to apply Penal Code (4). 03. (Contempt of Court)
One of the criteria that the Gang Impact Team uses to identify gang members is "wearing gang-type clothing" which we decided to press further to see what constitutes as "gang-type clothing."
Q: (Billy Manson): By gang-type clothing, you mean the typical red and blue colors out there [that is common among Blood and Crip gangs]?

A: (Officer in charge): We spend a lot of time gathering intelligence on gangs. Gangs and gang members have been stepping up their game as of recent. They're catching on to how we operate. Which means they've been leaving that culture behind, trying to be more... Incognito with how they show their affiliations.

A: (Detective): Clothing can count as baseball caps from certain teams, the color of your shoes or your shirt. People have been shot by simply wearing a red shirt in the wrong neighborhood.

A: (Officer in charge): Sometimes it might not be so black and white, but yes. If a gang identifies themselves with the color red, for example... Then that could be used to identify them, so long as they meet at least two other criteria.
Q: (Bethany Oe): What would you consider being the ideal outcome out of this injunction?

A: (Officer in charge): Our goal is to disrupt gang activity in the area. By the end of the injunction we hope that gang members realize that the gang impact team isn't playing around anymore. We're not going tolerate violent crime or narcotics sales any longer. And we will personally use every tool we can to disrupt their operations. Let me be clear, it's not illegal to be a gang member.

Q: (Billy Manson): Just to go a little deeper into the operations. How do you conduct these? Do you roll around in some sort of convoy or?

A: (Billy Manson): Depends on the situation, Mister Manson. We're counting on the full cooperation of all law enforcement agencies in the state to assist us. Which means, if we need to bring a bus, a water tank, a SWAT team or two... In order to perform our duties, then yes, Mister Manson, we will convoy.
We decided to conclude the interview with them giving a message to our readers.
Q: (Bethany Oe): Do you have any words for any reader that may be affiliated with a gang or lives in a gang infested area? Not necessarily Crenshaw's.

A: (Police Officer): I'd just like to say that the ultimate goal of the Gang Impact Team is to make sure that the citizens of Los Santos can walk to and from their job, school or place of education without fear. Parents can rest safe that we are working as hard as possible on making sure that this goal is met and that the streets will be made safe to walk once more.

A: (Officer in charge): As for gang members. They need to understand that we're not going anywhere anytime soon. So they either start to cooperate and play ball on our field, or they'll be met with injunctions. We're not here to mess around, we're here to get results and make these high-crime neighborhoods a decent place to live.

Cooperate or we're coming for you.


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Re: [LOCAL] Jefferson Gang Injunction: What you need to know.

Post by .Buckshot » Fri Aug 11, 2017 12:11 am

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Comment: The last line was the funniest shit I ever read this entire month.

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Re: [LOCAL] Jefferson Gang Injunction: What you need to know.

Post by TeodoraMk » Fri Aug 11, 2017 2:58 pm

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Comment: "Cooperate or we're coming for you." HAHAHAAHAH these cops dont know what they talking about

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Re: [LOCAL] Jefferson Gang Injunction: What you need to know.

Post by Mood » Sat Aug 12, 2017 2:27 am

COMMENT by Thin Blue Line
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Comment: Those guys have been murdering and assaulting police officers and deputy sheriffs for months. Finally some action is being taken. Blessed are the peacemakers.

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Re: [LOCAL] Jefferson Gang Injunction: What you need to know.

Post by Kee-Slim » Sat Aug 12, 2017 5:39 pm

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Comment: The bad thing is I'm out in that area all the time and the gang injunction is not working. Maybe have more than just 54th St office working on it. Because they're always out in large groups. Just my opinion.

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Re: [LOCAL] Jefferson Gang Injunction: What you need to know.

Post by xFrenchy » Mon Aug 14, 2017 7:45 pm

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Comment: Hahahahaahahahaahhah.

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