[POLITICS] Granville Offers "Monetary Compensation" for Favorable Press

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[POLITICS] Granville Offers "Monetary Compensation" for Favorable Press

Post by Elvira » Wed Mar 14, 2018 1:24 am


Granville Offers "Monetary Compensation" for Favorable Press
By Isabella Schiavone | March 14, 2018

• Money offered to "catch up" with "vigorous" Chamberlain by Granville.
• Felony voter pandering?


In a recently uncovered email exchange between San Andreas Network Political Correspondent Thomas Carey, and Senate nominee Megan Granville, it was uncovered that Granville attempted to pander voters by offering money to the network in exchange for favorable press. The emails were made public just as Granville was facing controversy after an editorial article published by SAN challenged her education, and credentials. Granville was reserved when disclosing her credentials to Carey, stating that that was, "all the information I intend to give for the time being."

"My proposal is this; if we manage to arrange an interview, I promise to work with SAN and with you during my tenure as a senator and, in addition, if necessary, give the required monetary compensation for said interview. I'm sure every news agency would love an insider when it comes to politics."
- Granville

Carey informed Granville that this gesture was in fact illegal voter pandering. Granville became hostile, stating, "I find it outrageous that you took my proposal that way and I would certainly not wish to work with you anymore anyway at this point." The way in which the proposal was meant to be taken is unclear at this time. The unedited emails sent by Granville will be posted below for readers to judge for themselves.
The emails sent by Senate candidate Megan Granville: show

SAN's Chief Executive Officer, Billy Manson, provided comment on behalf of the network regarding the situation. He stated in an exclusive statement, "“The San Andreas Network maintains their upmost values and goals by not accepting any form of bribe or payment from government officials nor those who are running for a government position.”

Production Director Cheri Jones also stated to staff members in a notice regarding bias that, "During these elections, remember: The San Andreas Network serves the governed, not the governors. Always remain impartial."


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Re: [POLITICS] Granville Offers "Monetary Compensation" for Favorable Press

Post by Dane_Moore » Wed Mar 14, 2018 4:52 am

COMMENT by The Jew.
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Comment: When the "Senators" of United States run for the "insider" position... Good job always remain impartial.
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Re: [POLITICS] Granville Offers "Monetary Compensation" for Favorable Press

Post by Sidar » Wed Mar 14, 2018 6:44 am

COMMENT by Megan Granville Official
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Comment: Jesus Christ... I will issue a full response tonight as I have more important matters to tend to right now. All I can say right now is that SAN has been manipulating my words to make them seem as crooked as possible.
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