[CRIME] Licensed to Break Laws: Officer "cannot" be arrested after assaulting a defenseless man

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[CRIME] Licensed to Break Laws: Officer "cannot" be arrested after assaulting a defenseless man

Post by J_Fairfield » Sat May 11, 2019 5:04 pm


Licensed to Break Laws: Officer "cannot" be arrested after assaulting a defenseless man
By Jack Fairfield | May 11th, 2019.


The law is an important part of society. It serves as a baseline for rules and norms for individuals to follow, ensuring safety and justice among human beings. Without the law, there would be anarchy and it would be easy for citizens to do what they wish without the fear of consequences.

Who has to follow the law?

The simple answer is the law is for everyone to adhere to, regardless of background. It is what allows us to live within a peaceful society, and is necessary for acceptance into the society the laws are bound to. However, it is not that simple within the case of Los Santos.

Not too long ago, there was an accident involving a woman who is many months into her pregnancy. A car swerved around the corner, and hit into her while she was crossing the road. Police and paramedics arrived, with a passenger of the vehicle cuffed- suspected of being intoxicated in public after brandishing an open container of whiskey.

Luckily, the woman and her unborn child are deemed to be safe.

A man is cuffed over the front of a cruiser, moments before being assaulted

The passenger (not the driver) of the vehicle was forced over the hood of the police cruiser as he was being searched, when a vehicle arrived- the sister of the victim who at the time was serving as a correction officer at the State of San Andreas Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. The female stormed out of the vehicle, and without valid reasoning, viciously attacking the defenseless male who was cuffed and unable to protect himself. In reaction, one officer pulled out a baton, and raised it to the female in an attempt to deter her hostility.
“Hey! She’s a cop! Don’t hit her!”
“Are you going to arrest a cop? You really gonna put one of ours in cuffs?”
Quotes which are burned into memory, as the woman who assaulted the male was not cuffed, nor detained- and was simply allowed to leave the scene after obviously showing no concern for the law that she is responsible to uphold. Upon being pressed, the police officers claimed that policy forbids them from arresting those from another department without permission- and that it is the citizen’s job to press the claim through internal affairs- despite the law being broken right in the middle of multiple police officers.
San Andreas State Constitution Article 1 section I.3)
“No State Agency and its members may arrest, issue orders, interfere with, object or deny the actions or activities of another State Agency and its on duty members unless ordered to do so by injunction from the San Andreas Superior Court or ordered to do so by a member of a State Agency's high command or leadership in an emergency situation.”
As it currently stands, members of law enforcement within San Andreas cannot be arrested by members of another state agency, and are to be handled by the offending party's own state agency. This could lead to a situational bias with state agencies being given the opportunity to sweep cases such as these under the rug. It is for this reason that often when law exists- there may be an external body entrusted with the role of investigating complaints upon a state agency in order to give a fair and rational response to these complaints.

This particular event was reflected later on the same evening, in which a large group of individuals were involved in an argument at Avidity Lounge, causing members of the Sheriff's Department to appear on scene. One of the females became aggressive, throwing the heel of a broken shoe towards another female who was involved. Deputies swarmed her, forcing her into cuffs as she was taken into the passenger seat of a police rancher.

A suspect in handcuffs after throwing a shoe heel at another person.

“If this lady had a badge and worked in law enforcement, would you still be arresting her?”
In which the deputy responded:
“Uh… Suppose so. Can’t be breaking the law, you know?”
The female who threw the shoe heel was later released after the victim did not press charges. However, this raises questions about the nature of how the law operate within the city, particularly in cases involving other members of law enforcement. These are two very similar situations with contrasting levels of aggression, and very opposite outcomes.

Within the United States, equality is held as a core value among many of the population- but is equality being shown within the law of San Andreas? The female originally involved in assaulting the defenseless man was terminated by the State of San Andreas Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, however was not charged despite attempts to press- a situation which would undoubtedly cause many ordinary citizens to serve time behind bars.

Should law enforcement be protected by laws such as these? Or should they be treated just as equally as any other citizen of Los Santos? Please leave a comment with your thoughts!


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Re: [CRIME] Licensed to Break Laws: Officer "cannot" be arrested after assaulting a defenseless man

Post by samman187 » Sat May 11, 2019 5:10 pm

COMMENT by Notre Levant.
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Re: [CRIME] Licensed to Break Laws: Officer "cannot" be arrested after assaulting a defenseless man

Post by Vect » Sat May 11, 2019 5:32 pm

COMMENT by Forlenza.
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Re: [CRIME] Licensed to Break Laws: Officer "cannot" be arrested after assaulting a defenseless man

Post by knppel » Sat May 11, 2019 11:28 pm

COMMENT by TheRealCarrySaunders
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Comment: I've warned our senators and people back then in charge of public service agencies that this regulation would cause the accusation of bias and was set up rather poorly and, circumstancially, actually promoting bias- no matter how high the standards, I too will look at peers of mine with different views than when investigating people I have no personal nor professional relation to.
As background to this regulation, it was made up somewhere in late 2016 or early 2017, following the drama with back then Chief of Police Michael Houston allegedly forcing his way into prison to deter a correctional officer he apparently had some sort of personal dispute to settle with on legal level as talks failed (This correctional officer was former senator Peter Daniels, if you require more information on these events).

Speaking of which, the senate cannot be directly blamed for that either- not only because it's currently defunct, but because the refered-to regulation was established mostly from side of the acting agencies first, for the never openly debated but rather simple and upright cause to prevent in the future situations like the one refered to by me above, where the head of one agency aggressively interfers in what another agency sees as their internal affaire, causing a lot of drama (culminating with a police break-in into prison, an arrested mayor and the loss of the Chief of Police, within a few weeks timespan. Not all only because of this initial fued and event regarding Daniels, but all connected to each other).

While the basic intention was clear and simple- prevent infighting between government agencies, restrict powers of command staff to prevent them from pulling off stunts like the one mentioned above-, several parties in the senate already back then criticized the order as soon as it was made.
Needless to throw in: A neutral government supervision unit, as was suggested back in 2016 besides others by both Senators Appelo and Daniels as well as Mayor Underhill independently from each other, would have been a much better option, both in terms of the image of the government agencies to the public, as well as to actually secure unbiased investigations of internal affaires.

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