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Report an Employee

Post by Shruth » Thu May 19, 2016 9:30 am


The San Andreas Network and our subsidiaries, the Los Santos Times and KTSA, employ a code of ethics and various rule sets and policies for our employees to strictly adhere to. While we maintain that our employees follow them at all times, misconduct can happen. If misconduct from an identified SAN employee is documented then please do not hesitate to contact SAN's Human Resources Department with the following information and evidence:

Your name:
Department (if applicable):
Department rank (if applicable):
Contact information:

Employee's name:
Employee's rank (if known):

Narrative of the incident:
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[b]Your name:[/b]
[b]Department (if applicable):[/b]
[b]Department rank (if applicable):[/b]
[b]Contact information:[/b]

[b]Employee's name:[/b]
[b]Employee's rank (if known):[/b]

[b]Narrative of the incident:[/b]
Please send all employee reports here.


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