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Future of SAN Network

Post by Apophis » Mon Aug 27, 2018 2:01 am


After deliberating with management, we've decided upon an entire and overall faction restructure of the long-since relevant model that has existed for so long. Moving in the future, the faction will be participating almost exclusively in an in-character forum role, leaving the in-game aspect of the faction reserved for extreme circumstances that would reasonably justify the presence of the San Andreas Network out of character.

How Will The Faction Operate?
Moving forward, the faction will be under the jurisdiction of the server's Media Team, a change to both remodel the faction and the aforementioned team as well. The faction will function as a publisher for any content that the server at large brings to the table. Anybody who wishes may follow a simplistic format to push information to the Network to be edited and published as an IC article for anybody to see. This can include any topics relevant to the IC world which can justifiably be backed by evidence - as a simple reminder, all rules apply in these publications, and you will be asked to submit reasonable evidence of an IC happening if you wish for an article to be published. Examples of this may include character kills (which may be modelled as shooting / body found, etc), business grand openings, the establishment of a company, the result of events, or anything else that one would wish to have published.

How Do I Get Involved?
Recruitment will be done through the media team. Specific roles for San Andreas Network writer may be applied for. While under this role, you will be assigned articles at random, and will be asked to flesh them out and to format them into a presentable piece.

What Does This Mean For The Current San Andreas Network?
The current form of SAN has been deemed non self sustainable. The in-game role and rankings of the faction will be abolished, as well as the assets removed from the faction. Anybody who is currently associated with the faction may contact Apophis about directly being routed into the Media Team.

What Will Submitting Information Look Like?
By filling out an application form, one is agreeing to:
- Their character speaking to the media regarding an incident / contacting the San Andreas Network.
- Sharing all information presented in the form with the San Andreas Network.
- That all information has been collected ICly.
- That the OOC evidence formidably proves the claims being made.
- The responsibility of the article written falls upon them, under the circumstances of a report.

Under the circumstances that something is being NPCed (i.e. CSI investigation for a homicide wherein one wishes to detail the death of their character), all parties involved must agree to the actions occurring. This is written rule under Powergaming. An example of information that would be presented in a shooting homicide post would be the type of firearm used - in real life, this can be derived from simple deductive investigation, however due to script limitations, this would need to be agreed by all parties involved.
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