[Opinion] Palermo Escapes Fight for his Political life Against Carry Saunders

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[Opinion] Palermo Escapes Fight for his Political life Against Carry Saunders

Post by Ballas 4 Lyfe » Wed Nov 21, 2018 4:13 pm


By Anthony Fontana | NOVEMBER 20TH, 2018

Francis Palermo pictured above, Palermo addressing the CRASH act of 2018
Today should be a joyous day if you are a supporter of the progressive movement in San Andreas. Local Celebrity Carry Saunders who was challenging far-left Democrat Francis Palermo in the upcoming elections was not allowed to continue her campaign due to a previous felony. Saunders had already started her campaign and had been filling up local television with her campaign advertising.

Senator Palermo should call himself lucky, Saunders has massive influence over the 7th district due to her celebrity status along with her history covering politics for many years and deep pockets. Saunders was arguing for a total reform of the licensing system, when we spoke with her she wanted to see it completely changed. It would be easy to compare her to the current President, not in their policies but in their status. Saunders who is inarguably one of the biggest local celebrities was running a campaign that too many was deemed a breath of fresh air compared to previous career politicians. Others were unable to get past the numerous scandals and controversy surrounding her name, however. Despite that, it is hard to argue she wouldn't of given Palermo the fight of his life though.

Palermo is a freshman politician running in his first campaign, a lifelong activist Palermo had just won his seat in the Senate a month ago after the special elections. Many speculated that the serious candidates were waiting for the real election however and that Palermo's chances would entirely be based around what he could do in an extremely short time span. You could say that it must be possible to teach an old dog new tricks though, as Palermo 63, entered the Senate as a nobody in the political world. Since then he has been the biggest rising star in recent history being awarded the Treasurer spot in the Democratic party along with being credited for much of the resurgence of the party to its former glory.

Palermo does have weak spots though, speculation would lead to believe Palermo is currently the most unpopular senator with Law Enforcement after Palermo fought hard against the CRASH act of 2018. Saunders a strong conservative would have carried much of the police backing and NRA backing along with the support of her hardcore fanbase. This could have led to an easy loss for the Democratic Senator who was running on a campaign "for the people." Palermo had no high profile endorsements outside of his own party and various Liberal figures. When asked if she would have won Saunders replied "I'd rate my chances with around 26 percent. That's what I gave President Trump in 2016 too" following those comments with a large wink. When asked about the 7th district election she didn't show any support for Senator Palermo saying "No recommendation on who to vote for from me."


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Re: [Opinion] Palermo Escapes Fight for his Political life Against Carry Saunders

Post by William_Sou » Thu Nov 22, 2018 7:35 pm

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Comment: sux saunders couldnt run we could of had the first senator with down syndrome in san andreas
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Opinion Palermo Escapes Fight for his Political life Against Carry Saunders

Post by Kellylix » Fri Dec 07, 2018 12:46 am

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