[POLITICS] Sen. Palermo Makes Controversial Joke About Italians

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[POLITICS] Sen. Palermo Makes Controversial Joke About Italians

Post by FazerX » Thu Dec 20, 2018 9:22 pm


Sen. Palermo Makes Controversial Joke About Italians
By James Washington | DECEMBER 20TH, 2018

Sen. Francis Palermo (D).

Sen. Francis Palermo caused shock amongst viewers this evening after making a joke, which could be an offensive comment towards the Italian community of San Andreas.

"I know I'm Italian but I'm not gonna whack her for voting a different direction." - A joke made regarding Senator Jones when asked about the vote on the Speaker election.

Sen. Cheri Jones (D), former SAN Reporter, voted for Underhill in the Speaker election.

SAN Political Anchor, James Washington questioned Sen. Palermo on his comments, asking if they were "appropriate" however, Palermo denied causing any offense, stating; "As an Italian-American myself with a great sense of humour, I've worked with Italian-American rights groups my entire life. Now I may have a little fun here and there, but why would I go after my own people?"

Later on during another interview, Sen. Francis Underhill called the comments "smug and cynical" and that they "aren't welcome" amongst the community. He also recommended that Palermo apologized to the Italian community as soon as possible. During the interview when it was revealed that Sen. Charly Morisson voted for Sen. Palermo on the Speaker election, Sen. Underhill also accused Morisson of offering his vote to him if Underhill promised to appoint him to a preferred Committee.

Sen. Morisson has denied the accusations, instead labelling them as "lies" and he said Underhill was "living in fear because he will lose the Speaker elections."

Do you think Sen. Palermo's comments were inappropriate and offensive? If you are of Italian descent or simply have a comment then leave it below!

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Re: [POLITICS] Sen. Palermo Makes Controversial Joke About Italians

Post by Justitiae » Thu Dec 20, 2018 9:33 pm

COMMENT by Monteverdi
Email: monteverdi@outlook.com
Comment: I am absolutely shocked with the attitude shown by Senator Palermo and the scandalous remark he made about the Italian community. I, myself, of Italian descent find this remark entirely nefarious and I am sure the rest of the Italian community in this State find it the same - an apology is requested and it is to be made public. I'm absolutely disgusted that this had to come from a Democratic Senator, and more so from the Democratic Party, which I find myself to be aligned with. If this is the attitude the Chair and the Party endorses then I think we need to consider who we support and who's hands the city and state is safe in. What's even more disturbing is that my family and I were watching live when this remark was made!
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Re: [POLITICS] Sen. Palermo Makes Controversial Joke About Italians

Post by CudLife » Thu Dec 20, 2018 9:36 pm

COMMENT by GoFlex1994
Email: winkywanka@gmail.com
Comment: Palermo has nothing to be ashamed about, these fucking sjws don't realize he is Italian. I'm Italian, I love Palermo!
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Re: [POLITICS] Sen. Palermo Makes Controversial Joke About Italians

Post by Sureno Fatty » Thu Dec 20, 2018 9:38 pm

Email: hispanicflav@hotmail.com
Comment: We love Palermo, stop trying to shut him down

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Re: [POLITICS] Sen. Palermo Makes Controversial Joke About Italians

Post by Dumble » Thu Dec 20, 2018 10:50 pm

COMMENT by the boss
Email: imboss@gmail.com
Comment: Palermo is right!!

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Re: [POLITICS] Sen. Palermo Makes Controversial Joke About Italians

Post by Miharu » Fri Dec 21, 2018 2:05 pm

COMMENT by Douglas Chamberlain
Comment: The DA's office covered up fraud in the Department of Licensing. Then they covered up for the Sheriff's Department. Then the Senate cast me out of my elected seat in breach of the Constitution, and you're bothered about a throw-away pop culture comment? Get your priorities right. Cheap shot, and within party lines?! Depressing.

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