[POLITICS] Senator Jones Says Palermo Should Apologize "If he's a true Senator, he will."

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[POLITICS] Senator Jones Says Palermo Should Apologize "If he's a true Senator, he will."

Post by FazerX » Fri Dec 21, 2018 2:45 am


Sen. Jones Says Palermo Should Apologize - "If he's a true Senator, he will."
By James Washington | DECEMBER 21ST, 2018

Sen. Cheri Jones (D) says "it's clearly unacceptable to make comments like that."

Sen. Cheri Jones has spoken to SAN News, revealing her condemnation on the comments made yesterday by Sen. Francis Palermo, regarding Italians. She is the first Democratic Senator to speak up against the comments since they were first made, next to Sen. Francis Underhill who labelled them "smug and cynical."

In a telephone call, Sen. Cheri Jones said the reason she did not vote for her Chairman is because she did not "trust him" and said she had not seen anything that suggested she "should trust him with such an important position." Furthermore, Sen. Jones explained she would not be voting within party lines but what is in the best interests of the people and that she served her constituents and not her Chairman. This is clearly a daring move for a first time serving State Senator who did not hold a high rank in the party and if the Democratic Party wishes, they could potentially cut her from the party. However, in doing so this would leave a majority to the Republicans and that would be a back track from the progress they have made from the elections.

Sen. Jones told SAN News that the Chairman should apologize for his comments in a statement made; "It's clearly unacceptable to make statements like that - a true Speaker would know that. He should issue an apology. If he's a true Senator, he will. It's offensive."

Whether Sen. Francis Palermo will apologize now or issue a party disciplinary to Jones remains to be seen however, we expect that a statement will be released by his office in the coming days. Today the vote on Speaker will be concluded and we will see whether or not Sen. Alexis Franklin will cast her support for her colleague. In order to succeed in being elected Speaker, Sen. Kenneth Garner would also have to support Palermo which will be unlikely if he aligns with his colleagues.

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Re: [POLITICS] Senator Jones Says Palermo Should Apologize "If he's a true Senator, he will."

Post by Miharu » Fri Dec 21, 2018 2:05 pm

COMMENT by Douglas Chamberlain
Comment: Take your "true" claptrap elsewhere. This is politics, not high school. There are much bigger issues than a throw-away pop culture comment. Move along, nothing to see here. #FakeNews

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