[POLITICS] Underhill Wins Speaker, Palermo Apologizes & Democrats Unite

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[POLITICS] Underhill Wins Speaker, Palermo Apologizes & Democrats Unite

Post by FazerX » Sat Dec 22, 2018 2:24 am


Underhill Wins Speaker, Palermo Apologizes & Democrats Unite
By James Washington | DECEMBER 22ND, 2018

From left to right, Charly Morisson, Francis Palermo and Alexis Franklin, at the press conference.

Sen. Frank Underhill has won the election for Speaker following three intense days in the Senate Chambers. It is said by an inside source that legislatures were going back and forth with internal discussions and disagreements over who they should cast their vote for. The position was secured by support from the entire Republican Party and two members of the Democratic Party.

It will be the third term that Sen. Underhill takes Office of the Speaker and he will begin his duties immediately, likely focusing on the appointments in Committees. An inside source also claims that there will be a discussion on amending the State Senate Standing Rules, which if true will probably be a priority in this legislative term.

On the other hand, Sen. Francis Palermo called a party press conference outside the Capitol Building and gave his congratulations to Underhill on his success. He also issued an apology to the Italian-American community on his recent remarks during a SAN interview; "I want to apologize for anyone offended by my comments. I love my Italian heritage and my fellow Italian-Americans living in this State. If anyone was offended I am deeply sorry."

During the press conference, Sen. Alexis Franklin was probed on her reasons for voting against Palermo and her response was vaguely unclear; "The Democratic Party of San Andreas stands for the unity of communities around San Andreas for the benefit of all. The choice of myself - as well as numerous other party members - reflects the desire to ensure that unity in Senate. A State Senate focused upon ensuring the benefit of all citizens across the State, regardless of gender, age or ethnicity. Whilst this vote - in this instance - will have gone against Francis, the Party backs him moving forward. The Democratic Party of San Andreas has, and always will, remain a beacon of hope for all communities."

However, Sen. Franklin was questioned further on her explanation and was asked if she did not think her party leader had demonstrated equality, to which she replied; "The Senate requires bipartisanship moving forward. A combined effort from both parties to ensure fluidity in session to the benefit of all citizens. The extension of an olive branch, in ensuring the continuation of the existing system, will be of benefit to this. Whilst Francis is more than qualified, a unified front from parties on both sides of the Senate? That is a step in the right direction that benefits all citizens of San Andreas and echoes the mantra of the Democrats."

Sen. Franklin did not comment directly when asked about Palermo's recent comments however, it appeared the party was showing a unified front and Franklin rubbed off the questions with an idea of maintaining a status quo, keeping Underhill in his role.

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Re: [POLITICS] Underhill Wins Speaker, Palermo Apologizes & Democrats Unite

Post by Elvira » Sat Dec 22, 2018 9:18 am

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COMMENT by Okay Sis Email: sissythatwalk@gmail.com Comment: Or Franklin could have been honest and just said Palemero wasn't as good a candidate rather than guising her decision as trying to PROTECT BIPARTISANSHIP. What a shitty bullshitter
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