[POLITICS] Sen. Charly Morisson Refuses To Answer Questions Over Underhill Remarks

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[POLITICS] Sen. Charly Morisson Refuses To Answer Questions Over Underhill Remarks

Post by FazerX » Mon Dec 24, 2018 4:58 am


Sen. Charly Morisson Refuses To Answer Questions Over Underhill Remarks
By Thomas Carey | DECEMBER 24TH, 2018

Sen. Charly Morisson, D-9, on Late Night Politics.

Sen. Charly Morisson, the Democratic Senator for the 9th District refused to answer a direct question yesterday evening, during an interview on Late Night Politics. The Senator was asked to go on air to set the record straight regarding the accusations made by Sen. Frank Underhill, Republican Vice Chairman and Speaker, who claimed during a LIVE interview that Sen. Morisson asked for the Chairman position on specific Committees, in exchange for his vote for Speaker.

At the time of the accusation, Sen. Morisson told SAN that Underhill was a "liar" and "living in fear because he will lose the Speaker elections."

However, after the clear victory on the Speaker elections, Sen. Morisson tweeted: "I want to congratulate Senator Frank Underhill on becoming Speaker of the House. Also, I want to apologize to Senator Underhill for calling him a 'liar'. That word was not appropriate and does not describe him. He is a good person who wants to improve our state!" - a clearly different message of feelings in comparison to his previous outrage towards the Speaker, for apparently making up false accusations.

Since the tweet was made, Sen. Underhill has not released any information that suggests he apologizes for making the accusations or that they were false. So James Washington, Late Night Politics host and SAN Anchor, asked Morisson to clarify the situation by revealing if he did ask for a Committee Chair position or if Underhill was lying. Sen. Morisson was reluctant to reveal the information but stated he discussed the previous inactivity of the Committee for Commerce & Science as well as projects that will be "revealed". He explained that the use of the word "liar" was inappropriate and that is why he apologized for it. He was asked several times to confirm if Sen. Underhill lied but brushed the question off by saying he had already answered the question.

Sen. Morisson apologized for calling Sen. Underhill a "liar".

He refused to directly label Underhill as a liar and denied that he asked for a Chair position. Eventually, James Washington ended the interview, saying "we're not getting anywhere here" and cut the broadcast. The interview has since outraged Las Colinas residents, many of whom sent texts to the show saying that Morisson did not represent their area. It is clear that there are some untruths which are not being revealed to voters.

If you are a resident of Las Colinas then we would love to hear from you regarding your thoughts!

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Re: [POLITICS] Sen. Charly Morisson Refuses To Answer Questions Over Underhill Remarks

Post by Clem-Clem » Mon Dec 24, 2018 5:18 am

COMMENT by Zoe Estevez Guerra
Email: zestevezguerra142@aol.com
Comment: I am the owner of El Lugar de la Abuela, a popular bar within Las Colinas, and tend the bar myself alone most nights. I have been a resident of Las Colinas for twenty-three years and have helped push our community to new heights, helping businesses thrive and helping the youths stay out of trouble. We built this district back from the mess it was in from the ground up and is now something I can be proud to call home. Charly Morrison has not done anything for our community nor has done anything to help rejuvenate Las Colinas. All he's done is be a nuisance during campaigning through his obnoxious posters, none of which he got permission to put up, and made everyone here look like liars and cheats through his actions over the past couple of days. He's a representative but does not represent the proud people of Las Colinas. He can't spell the name of our district right, he's made little to no physical presence within the district nor will reach out to any of the businesses here. Not only myself, but our bodega, our pawn shop, our grocery stores, nothing. No shop owner around Las Colinas has met Charly Morisson or anyone who represents him. If he can't show his face to the residents nor the businesses of Las Colinas; if he can't come out and experience life in Las Colinas outside of whatever cushy downtown office he sits in; if a single person from Las Colinas can't even testify to meeting this guy in public then how can he represent our district? He doesn't know the poverty that those live in in Swan Lake, he doesn't know the struggles of a young minority trying to get a legal job within Los Santos, he hasn't be turned away day after day by real employers while struggling to pay rent and support their families.

I've been a democrat all my life, however this is the only election cycle where I could not bring myself to do so and honestly, I'm happy for it. The party is in shambles. Their candidate, Palmero, I like. However, all of the party, besides Morisson, voted for Underhill, the republican speaker. Morisson would have as well for the chairman position. It's corrupt and flawed, no longer something I want to support

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Re: [POLITICS] Sen. Charly Morisson Refuses To Answer Questions Over Underhill Remarks

Post by Alexis Mayrax » Mon Dec 24, 2018 8:29 am

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COMMENT by Las Colinas Young Community Email: lascollinasYcommunity@gmail.com Comment: I watched this interview on Last Night Politics and I think that Morisson showed his diplomatic skills and I am sure more than even before that he would represent our district in the most appropriate way. Finally, we have someone who is enough educated and responsible to represent 9th District in the State Senate. We met Morisson during a campaign and we have immediately realized that he is right person for this honorable position. Washington was so confused during the interview, he asked Morisson the same question for several times regardless Morisson had already answered on that question.

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Re: [POLITICS] Sen. Charly Morisson Refuses To Answer Questions Over Underhill Remarks

Post by Alejandro. » Mon Dec 24, 2018 5:05 pm

COMMENT by OchoaUno
Email: alejandroochoa@outlook.es
Comment: Fuck this man, he better don't show his ass around Swan Lake we don't need a rich fag to represent us, we need an HISPANIC person up there for us! Fuck Morisson!
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