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Advertisement & Sponsorship

Post by FazerX » Thu Apr 04, 2019 12:26 pm


Advertising & Sponsorship

SAN is the number one news source in the State of San Andreas and offers a range of competitive packages for small businesses and large companies, to advertise their services and further expand their reach to audiences.

If you wish to sponsor or advertise with one of our outlets, please contact

(( To help support small or start up companies, SAN will offer free advertising for a limited amount of time. This is for businesses that would mostly find it difficult to generate profit or are on a low budget.

To be considered for the scheme, use the IC contact information in this post and highlight it in OOC brackets that you would like to use this scheme. Each request will be used on a case by case basis however the following criteria is desired to be entitled:

Criteria: show
  • Business/company is not a typical business which would receive income regularly and is not generally supported by server scripts.
  • Business/company owner has less than $2m on their account.
  • Business/company is roleplaying regularly and has been consistent.
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