[ENTERTAINMENT] Primedia Entertainment: The Current State

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[ENTERTAINMENT] Primedia Entertainment: The Current State

Post by Dijkstra » Sun Jul 22, 2018 11:43 am


Primedia Entertainment: The Current State
By Johan Dijkstra | July 22, 2018

This week, SAN had the opportunity to meet with Jaquan Breaux, also known as DJ Sizzurp, to discuss Primedia Entertainment, the life of a DJ, how his personal life is, and his future plans. SAN has the exclusive interview:

Quoted from the website of Primedia Entertainment:
Primedia Entertainment operates a music label providing a platform for upcoming DJ's, artists, graphic designers, et cetera. The original idea to start up Primedia Entertainment came up whilst Jaquan Breaux was employed at the San Andreas Network.
Due to Breaux resigning he ended up not being able to pursue the already planned music label under the San Andreas Network its wing, thus he ended up making it an independent music label.
With the company being affiliated with Integrity Holding Incorporated, a trend that seems to continue, we will continue on to the interview taken.

With Jaquan having done much DJing in several high-end nightclubs, Primedia has expanded aggressively according to Breaux. He chalks this up to an article made by the late reporter Billy Manson. He's since moved into a bigger headquarters in Downtown Los Santos.

"We used to work out of a single apartment down East Los Santos. The area was pretty rowdy but other than that it was decent enough to start from."

He continued to talk about his duties inside Primedia, which include acting as an executive officer of the company, managing human resources, and acting as his own executive board. Jaquan then proceeded to talk about his personal life, describing himself as simply put: "Normal." When SAN asked him how it is to DJ in a club, he responded with a very extensive answer.

"The majority of people think it's just playing few songs in a nightclub, talk some smack down a microphone and that's it. In reality, we work out entire playlists before openings, toy around with the audience at the start to see what genre they prefer, Alhambra usually being hip-hop for some reason. Then there's the personality behind the panels doing it. The amount of love we're getting is unthinkable. For instance, whenever I'm at Tableau where the stage is rather close to the dancefloor, I get a lot of compliments."

Primedia continues to surprise Los Santos, and we are interested in how Primedia Entertainment will proceed and expand in the future.


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