UPDATE - Why is this locked?

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UPDATE - Why is this locked?

Post by Dec » Wed Nov 27, 2013 9:48 pm

This forum is currently locked to avoid the massive traffic which will pass through here. As you may be aware, the server is currently having it's new vehicle script revision added so we will need some time to iron out the bugs which have arisen. Also, as Damian has mentioned in this thread HERE we have also been attacked a few times which, along with the new update, has been causing server/lag issues.

Most of the items lost in the vehicles can be salvaged by Damian and returned back to you via /refundme. This command is not in just yet. So most of the threads in here will be solved eventually automatically.

My suggestion would be to play on a character which you do not mind losing items if you really want to try out the new script. Whilst we will try everything in our power to keep disruptions and losses to a minimum, you'll need to understand the process something such as this takes and things can go wrong in the process. It would help us greatly if you continued to identify bugs and post them in the Bug Report forums, and to not complain or rage over /re ingame when your items have been lost.

If you are really against losing anything in the server and cannot accept any losses to your character, then my advice would be to simply not log in for the next couple of days.

For those of you who have non-vehicle script related refunds (such as bank money being lost, account details reset etc) then please do hold on to your screenshots until this forum re-opens, which will hopefully be soon. Your threads will still be looked into.
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