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Re: General Changelog:

Posted: Tue Dec 18, 2018 11:10 am
by Davis

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[+] Added the first version of the Company System
[+] Added the Street Sign System [Kane]
[+] /v opendoor as an alternative to /opendoor
[+] /v location to print the spawn location of your vehicles prior to you spawning them
[+] Items that you have on you when you die will be available, with time of death, in /lostitems [Kane]
[+] Misc animations & furniture items
[+] Drug storage options can now be customised in game dynamically by lead admins [Kane]
[+] /ts(hout) to circumvent the phone and other use cases where /t is used for regular text chat.
[+] The ability to seamlessly lean in/out during a drive by (press H to lean in/out) [Kane]
[+] Skins:
[+] 8x LSPD Swat Skins [Mario]
[+] 5x Srpska Mreza Skins
[+] 1x Black Male Civilian Skin [Badman Mike]
[+] 1x Black Male Civilian Skin [bamz]
[+] 1x Hispanic Male Civilian Skin [Naitor]
[+] 1x White Male Civilian Skin [bamz]
[+] ]1x White Male Beach Skin [Badman Mike]

[+] Mapping Additions:
[+] Santa Clara Valley Sheriff's Station
[+] La Piscis Grande Interior
[+] Bozo's Interior
[+] Pawn Store Interior
[+] El Lugar de La Abuela Interior
[+] Fort Carson Complex Interior
[+] eXXXotica Interior[/list][/list]

[~] Fixed an issue where rentals would remain broken down despite being respawned.
[~] Stopped Bikes (BMX) being affected by the engine broken down script.
[~] Changes to the day and night cycle to make it get darker/lighter at a more realistic time.
[~] /cellphonehelp renamed to /phonehelp and updated to fit the current phone system.
[~] Updated /househelp to include some commands that have been added since /househelp was updated.
[~] Increased the duration of /createscene from 30 minutes to 2 hours.
[~] Drug storage options are now customizable and can be added/edited/removed by Lead Admins in-game. [Kane]

[/] Fixed bug with /transferdrug returning the incorrect amount. [Kane]
[/] Fixed newly added drugs not returning on server restarts. [Kane]
[/] Fixed several issues with the LSSD ELS station.
[/] Fixed an issue where lead admins were unable to customise the trucking script due to a broken dialog.

[-] The ability to use /r in admin jail.
[-] Comic Sans from the Graffiti System
[-] Batons from the LSPD on spawn
[Version 10.9.0]

Re: General Changelog:

Posted: Tue Dec 18, 2018 7:14 pm
by Davis

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[+] Issue with /createscene access for administrators that weren't in a company/faction.
[+] SADCR now able to use /operate.
[+] Issue with setting owners in the company system.
[+] Updated LSSD SCV map to be the latest version [Eric's map]

[+] 54th Replacement Map (Gas Station & Crack House)

[+] LSPD 54th Police Station
[Version 10.9.1]

Re: General Changelog:

Posted: Sat Dec 29, 2018 1:02 pm
by Davis

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[+] Fixed issue with /carsign access for companies
[+] "You are banned from this server." and total respect/opcodes bug fixed
[+] Fixed issue where 0.1g of drugs would be lost from /transferdrug

[+] /park for company cars for those with permission
[Version 10.9.2]