Hitmen System

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Hitmen System

Post by Damian » Thu Jul 19, 2012 6:54 am

Technical overview
Script name: Hitman.
Script author(s): DamianC.
Authors comment: Recently there were some major changes done to the hitman system. With the up-roaring of the community(recently before these edits) it became obvious that some sort of revamp was needed for the system. With the effort of the hitmen administration we have not only conjured up a new team but a script to replace the current Dieco script with.

One of the main ideas behind revamping this system was involving the community more so. It's what the community asked for, it's what the staff team wants, and it's something the hitmen administration will be working on. All I can say is I hope it fits a majority of everyone needs and wants when it comes to the hitmen agency on this server. But before we get to all that I have to explain the new setup for you all so no one will be left behind in understanding.
Script description:
  • You approach a payphone and /call 000
  • You're prompted with text from a NPC.
  • You place a contract through these IC methods.
  • The maximum amount of the contracting can be $200,000 - Minimum is $20,000.
  • You can not place a contract on someone level 3 and below.
  • Can not contract under level three.
  • Contracts do not stack.

General information
The main point for having a hitman contract-like system is to give players, legal or not, an alternative route when it comes to wanting someone dead and extending the punishment further with banning the player they're requesting killed. The new Hitman Administration came to the most realistic terms possible with the staff team and made the system as user-friendly as possible, giving you, the average player; a chance to role-play with a Hitman which is something it's really lacked in the pass, more community involvement. So make sure you try out the new feature on someone you "unfortunately" don't like in game and you can now rest assured there's a team of people working hard for your money!
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