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Advertisement System

Post by BrandonB » Wed May 14, 2014 8:21 am

Script name: Advertisement System
Script author: BrandonB

This is just a new update to the Advertisement system.

The ad system is a good system. We believed it isn't really a broken system it just needs some updates. That's why we just added a little bit more functionality to it.

How it works:
It's pretty much like the old system except now every time you post an ad you get a point placed against you. When you get to a certain amount of points you will have to pay more money to advertise. After every 3 minutes a point will be taken away.

The cost are defined as follows:
0-2 points cost is $1000
3-4 points $1500
5-6 points $2000
7 points $2500
When you get 8 points you will not only have to pay $2500 for an ad but you also have to pay $250 per person trying to place an ad. Pretty much RPly you are giving the advertisement company a reason to keep advertising with you and no one else.
The same thing as above goes when you get 10+ points BUT you have to pay $5000 per ad plus $500 per person trying to place an ad.

**Donators still get the special benefit of having to wait 30seconds to place an ad instead of the full sixty seconds.

Other minor updates:
-The actual time given until another ad can be placed.
- Names are now taken out of the /ad only phone numbers are left.
- /lastad (see below)

/ad - places a regular advertisement out
/cad - Company ads are to place ads for your companies.
/lastad - Displays the last 3 ads that were placed in a menu
/adcost - will give you your current points, how much an ad will cost if you place it, and approximately how many more minutes until you'll lose a point.

I have included some pictures of the system at work.

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