[READ] Keeping your thread active!

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[READ] Keeping your thread active!

Post by Pacooo » Tue May 31, 2011 7:33 am

Hey everybody,

If you post a question; the limit at which the thread will stay in this section will be at most an entire week. After it has gone over the time, it will be archived. In order to ensure your thread stays active, when you post a question make sure it is clear and concise, and that people can understand and attempt to help with the issue. If there are responses, and they ask for more information, do your best to supply them with it so they can diagnose your issue more. In turn for the helpers, be sure to respond once the users do give you more information, so the thread doesn't die out and become archived without any help.

If you have no responses, then you either need to request the thread lock and try again later, or post another explination of the issue under the main post. Only one, not twenty. If there is still no response, then you can go on IRC and try to get assistance there. This forum isn't a last resort, IRC is always there.

When your question has been answered, and the issue is solved, add [RL&A] to your title so it can be archived and locked.

Thank you.


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