Drowning, Explosion and splat putting into BW

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Re: Drowning, Explosion and splat putting into BW

Post by Sn1per » Wed Feb 15, 2017 4:07 pm

R0yal wrote:drowning should be the only one that does damage.

I don't want to lose my clothing items, guns etc and waste 20+ mins if I accidentally jump out of a helicopter or fall when I log in or /enter, /re and wait 20 minutes, maybe not even getting a response.

Explosions, no thanks as if a gang is at Idlegas and it's blown up then there goes guns / clothing etc.
Then you can log off if you fall when /enter and it's just you being retarded if you accidentally jump out of a helicopter. They don't refund self-caused incidents.

As simple as that.


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