/Ad's and /Cad's obstructing RP

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/Ad's and /Cad's obstructing RP

Post by Carlson_Clech » Tue Feb 14, 2017 11:43 pm

As we all know...players pay with their character to broadcast a message to which we ALL (mostly every thirty GOD DAMN SECONDS) *and breathe* are getting spammed.

It's a known reason that people pay to have their items shifted and broadcast a message that EVERYONE can see to make it more important and stand out (even though it's in thay eye shattering like green) . It is however, for roleplayers who are in factions/faction related/RP deeply and gather a mass ammount of screenshots, very annoying. I find that I wan't to not edit screenshots and leave the ads in the SS's just to probe a point on how rediculous it is that we get spammed.

There are ways around this: photoshop and LSRP+
That's a great way, yes if only I was editing five screens and not a good fourty or more.

To elaborate further and actually put across my idea. I think we should be getting ads through our smartphone devices as part of having a 'news feed' app or some RP related answer that would explain these ads. In real life I don't get ads when my phone is off and I most certainly don't think i'll get them in prison. (Getting them in prison seems like some large MG too)
If my phone is off or I toggle put on an 'adblock' (for those that use phone calls during RP) where the adblock only works for 10mins and gets toggled off or something. The adblock beingg turnt on/off would be a great way to introduce RP that the smartphone plays a part in advertisement here.

Here we see an app that:
- only allows players during that 10 min interval of ad free roleplay without having to edit a hunk of SS's do their thing, which make our lives easier.
- in that ten mins view the ads from only the app which would bring up log file on screen of missed ads.

People would only miss out on deals that they would have gotten if they was looking to buy in the first place. If I want a car, the first thing I do is look at my ads. (This could benifit players looking for ads as they would show either all the missed ads or all the add.
I wouldn't buy a car if I wasn't looking for one. And if I am i'll look on the forums too. It's a win win.
If i want to go to a club i'll look at my ads and see if one is open, i don't choose during the middle of an RP scene to go to a club because it shows up in my ads, i'll only go because i'm bored, in that case i'd check my ads anyways to find out if a club is open.

(Sorry for any typo's I did this on my phone)
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