School / Activities for Children of ages -16

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School / Activities for Children of ages -16

Post by TeoTheGod » Mon Feb 20, 2017 10:22 pm

Now. I have been seeing quite a few people roleplay teenagers, and everyone always complains on how bored they are, and that they ain't got shit to do if they RP one, this is true if you RP -16, and cannot even drive.
Due to Children not having anything to do IG, they tend to resort to criminal RP which then pisses off PD / SD because they gotta be arresting kids becaude the kids got involved in a robbery, or shot someone, or simply because they commited a crime, and this causes kids to go to SACF which then pisses off DoC that wonder why the heck there's kids in prison.
I have been one of the people that have always RP'ed a child, and I truly in fact enjoy it, but it can get tedious sometimes, and my character development always goes to shit because the only thing you can do as a child is either be part of a gang, or join CPS, and what do you do at CPS? Absolutely nothing. CPS has nothing you can RP, you can either do Passive RP at CPS or simply not roleplay at all, this causes most children to go out at night even though it's probably like 2 A.M IG.

My suggestion is that LS-RP, or the factions of LS-RP start implementing stuff to provide people who RP Children with roleplay. One of it would be A SCHOOL. Now, I see why they wanted to do a University, yes it's fun, but nothing will change for the people that wnat to RP -18, they are stuck with having to tell everyone that asks them if they go to school, that they do not go to school which I found highly unrealistic aswell.
I'd like for a Elementary or Middle School to be implemented, with applications where you'd have to fill them in (( If you have parents ICly, your parents would fill it for you, but if not, you'd just NPC your NPC parents fill it, and if you live with CPS, CPS would fill the application in.
Another thing that can be done to provide RP for children would be Sports, fun fairs, Go Karting, and just other places, and such that children would usually go to, instead of going to stacks, and selling drugs or mallrat all day.
I also find it unrealistic how cops arrest children even if all they did was punch another child, or something petty, they should treat children like they are children, and not adults. I've seen alot of cops with the attitude that they '' Don't care '' about the youth, including cops that are testers which makes me think to myself sometimes what LS-RP has turned into. Without further a do, yes this is a Suggestion / Rant. Also SACF should have a seperate building where they'd place children, and of course the children would receive classes within the building. The building would have several youth workers, and prison workers that would be enforced to teach the children, and make sure they behave while encarcerated. Everything I mentioned above would MAKE LSRP better, and you'd definately would see more kids around in Los Santos instead of only like 5 which of those 5, 4 are gang members.

Making it easier to read, this is what I suggest.

1- Elementary / Middle school (( Won't say High school because people will flame me, and I see it unnecessary aswell since most children RP 8 - 14 ))
2- Activities for children since as a Youth Group, or Basketball lessons, karate lessons, and what not.
3- A facility within SACF where they'd have seperate workers that would take care of children, and ensure good behaviour upon them, also a few teachers.
4- CPS workers to be more active, and to actually take the kids to do something instead of just saying '' Right, here's the CPS house, you sleep here, and blah blah blah, Imma drive off now, goodbye '' And they just drive off with minimal care for you, leaving you by yourself at the CPS house with nothing to do (( Won't mention names ))
5- Police factions to treat Children like KIDS, and not ADULTS, and to stop giving the whole '' I don't give a fuck '' attitude, and tazing, and beanbagging kids. (( ALl you gotta do is run after the child, and /me grabs onto X person, no need to taze the kid ))
6- CPS to actually be more involved in trying to take kids out of the gang life, because let's be honest, if CPS saw a kid on a corner slanging dope, I'm sure they wouldn't just drive off like it's normal, they'd try to do something about it because afterall they are Child Protective Services.
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