[Revamp] /blindfold

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[Revamp] /blindfold

Post by tjofi » Tue Feb 28, 2017 11:29 pm

For those who didn't know, you're able to /blindfold a previously tied player.
Everything except HUD and nametags turns black on victim's screen.

This feature is currently as purposeless as fake licenses feature that I suggested to be revamped as well.

Current situation:
You can /blindfold a tied person even if you're not near them, and you can also use /blindfold on yourself even though your hands are tied.
This means everyone who happens to be a victim of this feature can easily remove its effect simply by using the command.
There is also no object attached to player's head while they're blindfolded.

Change the radius around victim within which the command would work.
Set it so nobody can use the command on themselves (neither add or remove as both require being tied).
Add a simple object around blindfolded player's eyes or even whole head so it's visible to third parties.


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