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Re: Multiplayer

Post by Jimmy_Kane » Mon Jan 03, 2011 12:12 am

The magic of the PM. But if someone asks, you don't know me, and you didn't see anything.
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Re: Multiplayer

Post by bahala. » Mon Jan 17, 2011 5:09 am

Sorry to go off-topic here but could I get a link of this game through PM's?
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Re: Multiplayer

Post by Dank » Wed Jan 11, 2012 11:04 pm

Anyone still playing?

Mr. Kro
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Re: Multiplayer

Post by Mr. Kro » Fri Jan 20, 2012 7:23 am

I've recently got Swat 4 still haven't gave it a try though.

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Re: Multiplayer

Post by Zake » Tue Apr 03, 2012 11:00 pm

It's good to train some tactics.


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