San Andreas Aviation act of 2011

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San Andreas Aviation act of 2011

Post by Vule » Thu Dec 30, 2010 7:55 pm

Los Santos Goverment.
Aviation act of Los Santos.

Dear citizens of Los Santos.
I am, Director of Aviation, writing you this, with fully acceptance by the goverment. As you might know, the goverment staff has been changed, new mayor, new directors, ministers, and new system. With that, few more rules and laws. Im here to talk about the new rules and Laws, regarding the aviation situation in Los Santos. As you might know, Los Santos Airport, is a place to park you air-planes, land, takeoff and such. so, lets get started.

Aircraft Registration:
As a pilot(s), you must register your aircraft(s). Why's that for? In case you've done an accident, the insurance company will must know who own it, and be sure, they must know, otherwise, you can forget from the paychecks. For example, someone brought a new maverick, and parked it in your parking place. you want them to remove it, right? so, we will have to trace the pilot(s) of the maverick, to remove it, and you will be able to park your aircraft back again. A registered aircraft would have the following registration: N43859 (Simple example).
Flying license:
As a pilot, you'll have to hold a fully legal, up to date license. The license will be given after a long proccess of studying, 20 lessons, and 40 hours flying on the air, with instructor, that we picked by the goverment. After you've passed all of the tests, you will get your pilot's licencse.
With this license you can buy/rent air-planes, fly them, and get permission to enter the pilot's gate in the closest airport. If you've passed one of the rules, and ATC/Police ordered you to land, you might get a ticket with a warning/your license might be revoked. Plus, your airplane might be taken away. few rules for a pilot:

- Always listen to the ATC's orders. Do not ignore them, and respect them.
- Never fly high/low than you've been told. Dont fly as you want, you have rules to follow.
- Keep the communication with the tower everytime. Discommunication is wrong.
- Do not ignore the rules. Keep following them every moment, on the air.
- Landing/Departure without permission, will get your license revoked, and jail.

How to register my aircraft?
In case you're intrested to register a new airplane, you will must to follow the next steps:

-Visit the reception at the airport.
-Fill all of the format.
-Send it to the right address (ask the reception employee).
-You will geet a letter back, in few days, with the answers.

After you've sent it all, and got the answers, you can park your airplane in the right place, and listen to this, you must park it in the same place all the time, you're paying to park it, so you will park it at your parking area, and not other's parking area. If you will be found parking your aircraft at someone's else parking area, you'll get a ticket for it.
How to contact ATC?
ATC-Air Traffic Control.
As you might know, pilots are using ATC, not all of them, which is very bad. In order to avoid accidents and missunderstanding between the pilots, they must declare almost everything.

-Take Off.
-Taxi(driving from or to the runway).
-Altittude(going higher or lower).
-Approaching to runway.
-Changing course.
-Leaving/entering Los Santos Airspace.

We're going to remake the Air Traffic Control, and every pilot will be updated. All aircraft MUST use the ATC Channel, which is found under frequency 20 ((/setchannel 1 20)).
How much it cost to buy a parking area for my aircraft?
In case you want to buy a parking area for your aircraft, you'll have to fill the right format before, you can get the contract at the reception desk, inside the airport. The parking place will be chosen by the airport staff, depands on the weight and the size of the aircraft. each parking have a different price. Depands on the weight and size of the aircraft, once again. It can cost you about 60$-300$ for a week. In case you want to park it at another place, legal, your own place, you have to get a special permission by the goverment. and its for Helicopters only.

Air laws:
As a pilot(s), you will have to know, and follow the right rules. During the licenses tests, the instructor will tell you the right rules, like speed limit, Flight level (height) and such.
The rules inside Los Santos:

Over the airport:
Flight Level is 030ft (3,000 feet).

Over East, South, North and West Los Santos:
Flight Level is 110ft (11,000ft).
depands on the aircraft, more heavy, goes higher.

Outside Los Santos
Flight Level is 160ft (16,000ft).
Incase you're close to the high mountains, you will fly on Flight Level 260ft (26,000ft).

Note: Only the Law Enforcement can go lower/higher than above. Their pilots are fully trained, and trusted.

Some dcuments you'll have to fill and send to the City Hall(incase you want to do it by yourself and not visit the airport):

((PM it to me))

Aircaft's registration

Code: Select all

    Your name:
    Your company (if applicable):
    Model of aircraft:
    Callsign/code of aircraft:
    Do you have a flying license:
    Where do you park your aircraft:

Buying a parking area for your aircraft:

Code: Select all

    Your name:
    Your company (if applicable):
    Model of aircraft:
    Callsign/code of aircraft:
    Date of getting the pilot's license:
    Picture of the parking area:

The following rules and Laws are something, that every pilot will have to read, and confirm. Incase you've noticed someone breaking the rules, you have the rights to report him, fill up a warrant, and send it to us.

OOC rules:

1) Lets say you're about to fly. You won't just enter the aircrat, and fly after 5 seconds. You'll have to wait 30-50 seconds, like IRL. Extra information- IRL sometimes it takes 50 minutes even for small aircraft, getting permission and such.

2)Do not fly low, i mean TOO low with your aircraft, like almost touching the ground. IRL it won't happend, same in LS-RP.

3)You MUST to fill out the forms, just like you/parents are paying taxes IRL.

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Re: San Andreas Aviation act of 2011

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