Johnathan Truelove [BANNED]

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Johnathan Truelove [BANNED]

Post by Seaton » Fri Apr 29, 2011 4:23 pm

Personal Details

1) Surname: Truelove
1.1) Forename: Johnathan
1.2) Gender (OOC): Male.
1.3) In-game level (OOC): Twenty.
1.4) Age (OOC): Seventeen.
1.4a) Age (IC): Twenty-five.
1.5) Phone Number (IC): six nine one nine.
1.6) Geographical location (OOC): Canada, Ontario. (EST)
1.7) Past Character Names + Levels (OOC): Baldovini Battosa (level 5) Enrique_Ramos (level 3)
1.7a) Are you in an official faction with another account? If so, post a link to your double factions approval (OOC): No, I am not apart of any fraction.
1.7b) Are you in an official faction with another account? If so, Put the faction name and your rank within the faction here.(OOC): No, I am not apart of any fraction.
1.8) Screenshot of the Admin Record (OOC):
Link here:
1.9) Did you pass Level 2 with any character on this server? (OOC): Yes, Sullivan Colton / Enrique_Ramos, Enrique_Ramos.
2) How long have you been a citizen of this server? (OOC): Around three years.

3) Are you currently in employment?: No, I do the odd work for friends and family.

3.1) If yes, what is your current occupation?: I don’t have a specific occupation.

4) Have you ever been convicted for a serious crime?: No, never.

5) Have you ever served time in prison?: No, I have never served any time in prison.

6) Can you communicate effectively in the English language? (OOC): Yes, it is my first language, and am currently marked at 93% in University level English.

7) Can you fully function in Ventrilo environment? (OOC): Yes, I was a POII in the PD, I had a lot of experience.

8) Do you hold a full Los Santos Driving License?: Yes, I do possess a drivers license.

9) Tell us about yourself (at least 1 paragraph) and why you want to be in the Police Force (at least 2 paragraphs): My name is Johnathan Truelove, my friends call me Truelove, I am twenty five years old, at the age of seventeen I joined in with the Marines, where I served for three years, before returning to New Jersey, my brother had left NJ, and made his way to Los Santos, I followed, hoping to find him. Only to see that he had been killed in the cross fire between two gangs, from that day on, I vowed that I’d stop innocent deaths like that from happening, that I’d risk my life to save others from having to deal with, what I had to deal with, the loss of someone so dear, so close.

From the week after my brother had died, I started to read and learn about the Law, I was even tutored by several officers, the few friendly ones there were. I learned much from them, and with that I studied with what knowledge I had learned. Not to mention, a great factor for me wanting to be apart of the police force is, the security for others around me, I’ve never really cared much about myself, but the ones dearest to me, I’d protect to the end, and I have many people dear to me. I believe that that’s something you need in order to do an effective job in the Police Force, to have emotional bonds, which can create something so powerful, that the lives can be saved, through sheer motivation and devotion to the people that are In need. My name is Johnathan Truelove, and I plan on being the next recruit to the Los Santos Police Department.

9.1) Tell us about yourself and why you want to be in the Police Force (OOC): Well, as it says in a paragraph below, my cousin Jeffery P. was training to be a police officer, he was done his first year of college. On his second, he was killed. The impact he made on my life was one of the largest I’d ever dealt with. Seven years ago and it’s still been with me. I knew from that day, that I would want to stop violence - and make sure no one has to suffer what I had to, my aunt, or anyone in my family had too. “OOCly” I currently am doing a co-op at my home towns police station, and have already been accepted into Law Enforcement college.

10) Do you posses any Law Enforcement knowledge? (OOC): Yes, I believe I possess a lot of that knowledge.

10.1) If yes, explain fully (OOC):
my family has always been involved in the enforcement of the laws, my uncle, father, mother, and more are and were involved with it. I learned the most about Law Enforcement from my father, who trained Police Officers for almost, 8 years I believe it was, and my mother who went through officer training to become a nuclear security guard. And my uncle, who when my parents divorced him and his wife, my aunt watched over me, I loved to listen to his stories about it, and it was one of the most intriguing things. When my cousin Jeffery died, while training to become a police officer, I think that’s what motivated me the most, to become one, or at least try for it. I have also read and watched many films about the laws, and how they operate, I find it a unique subject, and am always willing to learn more about it. (This was typed up a long time ago - let me extend on it) After that, I got the training I needed in my Police Co-op, Military Co-op and the studies I’ve already started to do on Law Knowledge. I am often seen online telling officers what they can, and cannot do. And sometimes being honest, I get angry when they can’t accept being wrong. What I’m saying is, It’s my actual profession, ran in my family. I know what’s realistic and what isn’t, and how to do it. )

11.) Do you know your way around Los Santos well? (OOC): Yes, I know basically everywhere. If you give me a single name of a street on the east/south side of Los Santos I’ll be able to pick it out. I know the “main” streets on the other sides of the city, but not aswell.



- Ross Walker.
- Miguel Espanizel.
- Andrew Bennett

Additional information / Questions / Concerns

- Formerly a POII.

- Seaton Robson.

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Re: Johnathan Truelove [PD Application]

Post by Seaton » Fri Apr 29, 2011 5:35 pm

It appears I was wrong-fully /wanted, the cops ignoring the evidence.. etc.. so, i'm going to have to name-change now. So, if this is approved, i'll name-change and post the new one.

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Re: Johnathan Truelove [PD Application]

Post by Makaveli » Fri Apr 29, 2011 5:40 pm


Ask your references to post here.
Carmine Cannone - Ex LSPD Sergeant
Ex-tester (2007-2008)

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Re: Johnathan Truelove [PENDING]

Post by CobraR » Fri Apr 29, 2011 8:26 pm

Deputy Cobra here from the Sheriff's Department.
Mr Truelove failed to comply to our orders and resisted arrest.
While he was detained and being led to out HQ in Dillmore, (( he /q'd to avoid arrest, after calling me and Nato in the OOC chat "fucking stupid noobs". He got ajailed after 5 minutes for /q to avoid arrest ))
I wish him best luck in his application, though.

Deputy Cobra, out.

(( Nato and Denton_Base can confirm that ))

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Re: Johnathan Truelove [PENDING]

Post by AAvivB » Fri Apr 29, 2011 8:59 pm


Dear Mister Truelove
You have been BANNED from re-applying to the LSPD. Reasons for this include:

- Criminal record.
Do NOT attempt to re-apply.

Notes: ((with this RP, I dont think you can RP a cop, you better get yourself in your hands before you apply again.))

Recruitment Officer, Alfredo White


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