The Aviation Act of 2011

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The Aviation Act of 2011

Post by Hoovie » Fri May 20, 2011 5:59 am

* The Aviation Act passed through the City Council with a vote of nine to zero.

Mayor Hoover, Councilman Verve, Councilman Fontana, Councilwoman Patrice, Councilman Tomson, Chief Sokolov, Sheriff Roberts, Commissioner Collins and Commissioner Abbruzi voted in favor.

Deputy Mayor Woods did not vote.



Pershing Square, Los Santos
From the Offices of Jack Verve
With the Assistance of Royce Goodman & Ziva Seraphim

C.C Resolution #05

To replace the Aviation Act of 2011 and place new regulations and laws on all aircraft's and pilot's for the safety and security of them and all people or peoples around them.

This Amendment may be cited as the "The Aviation Act."


  • Aircraft - a vehicle that is able to fly being supported by air or atmosphere means.
  • Altitude - a distance measurement in the vertical or "up" direction,
  • Congested area - an area that is with lots of people or peoples.
  • Government official - Any person that is paid by the state, federal, or city government.
  • Law enforcement official - Any person that is paid by the state, federal, or city government and serves within a law enforcement agency.


  • We, the City Council of Los Santos, hereby declare that all pilots must first acquire a flying license in-order to be able to use their aircraft legally. You are also required to register your aircraft(s). In the scenario that an accident occurs, your insurance company must know who is legally declared the owner otherwise you will not be able to collect compensation. All paper work regarding the aircraft registration with the licensed pilot must be submitted to the Government of Los Santos and State of San Andreas within a 7-day week period otherwise consequences will follow.

SEC. 4. UNICOMM (Universal Communications).

  • We, the City Council of Los Santos, hereby declare that all licensed pilots must use UNICOMM when flying, operating, or using their aircraft(s). This means that all licensed pilots must declare all take off, landings, taxi (driving from or to the runway), their altitude, approaching to the runway, changing course, and leaving or entering Los Santos Airspace. However, all Law Enforcement Agencies are not required to update their course during pursuits. They are however required to state when taking off, and landing. Medical Services are not required to update their status, but they must declare when taking off, and landing. Media Aircraft is required to declare where they are operating within Los Santos via UNICOMM when covering news and must follow all procedure. They are not exempt from any declaration. UNICOMM will be used through frequency 20 ((/setchannel 1 20)). Also, your aircraft name should be the name you registered with the Los Santos Government. In the scenario that you are asked by a Law Enforcement Official or Government Official to identify yourself over UNICOMM, you are required to do so.


  • We, the City Council of Los Santos, hereby declare that all licensed pilots when operating their aircraft must stay within certain altitudes when in the air. When over any government or neighborhood areas, you must remain above 3,000 feet at all times. This includes the airport. (( The line on the display bar should be up at least half-way on the bar )) During the time that you're flying within the city, you are required to be above 8,000 feet. (( The line on the display bar should be up near the top, but with a space, so 3/4th's of the way )) When outside Los Santos or over anything else than a congested area, you must be above at least 500 feet. (( Use your good judgment on this one, it should still be at least half-way on the bar, you don't want to go crashing into a mountain, hill, or a tree. )) Law Enforcement, Medical Services, and Government Officials are allowed to go lower or higher during any emergency or pursuit in progress. Media Aircraft will be allowed to go only down to 1,300 feet in any area to search or cover the news, events and other stories from the air. (( A little less than half-way on the display bar )) Private Detective Agencies (Not Law Enforcement) registered through the Government of Los Santos will be able to fly only as low as 1,500 feet when in an investigation. (( Half-way on the display bar )) (( OOC Notice: Keep in mind when you're flying over mountains or hills in the country, to use your good judgment on what would be realistic according to how high you should be. ))


  • We, the City Council of Los Santos, hereby declare that the Supreme Court of San Andreas will be allowed and permitted to deem in the scenario of a law suit or civil court case against any licensed, unlicensed, or suspended pilot or pilots whether or not they have violated this act. In the scenario that they did, the power of handing down any consequence that is deemed by the Supreme Court of San Andreas is delegated to the over-ruling judge that handles the court case.


  • In the scenario that someone is found guilty by the Supreme Court of San Andreas or a Peace Officer and has indeed broken the laws of the Aviation Act consequences will follow. Failure to have a flying license while being caught operating an aircraft(s) will result in your arrest and being charged with operating an aircraft without a license. In the scenario where you are found operating an unregistered aircraft, a first offense will be a fee of $25,000 and will continue to increase each time by $25,000 if offenses are repeated. Operating an aircraft(s) without using UNICOMM (Universal Communications) will result in a fee of $25,000 by each item you failed to declare. That means you can earn up to a $200,000 fee by failing to declare everything. By failing to identify yourself over UNICOMM to a Government Official or Law Enforcement Official, you will earn a license suspension followed by an arrest, and being charged with Failure to Comply to Aviation Laws. If you have followed all procedures by the Aviation Act and have caused any damage with your aircraft(s) you will not be required to pay so long you have insurance. In the scenario that you do not have insurance, or have not followed a part of this Aviation Act, you will be required to pay for the damages.
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