City Council Restructuring Act of 2012 [AN-001]

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City Council Restructuring Act of 2012 [AN-001]

Post by Allegra » Wed Jan 02, 2013 1:49 am

Los Santos City Council


City Council Resolution 001-AN

Seeking to streamline the process of passing legislation and increasing the effectiveness of the City Council. This resolution may be cited as the “City Council Restructuring Act of 2012”
Principle Author: Allegra Nixon


Whereas, communication between City Hall and the Council has been delayed,
Whereas, ideas communicated to the Council by City Hall have been misunderstood,
Whereas, the Civilian Councillor has been appointed by the Mayor with no real level of democracy,


SECTION 1 – Henceforth, the views of City Hall may be represented at a Council level by either the Mayor or Deputy Mayor depending on availability, with Deputy Mayor remaining as the official City Hall councillor. This does not affect the Mayor’s right to veto nor the number of votes that City Hall possesses on the Council.

SECTION 2 – Henceforth, a democratic vote will be held with the general public which will directly pronounce the choice of the Civilian Councillor. This does not affect each current Councillor’s right to decline an applicant if they feel that they are inappropriate for the post. The vote will be held in the following stages:

Stage 1 – Application process. Citizens seeking the Civilian Councillor position must submit an application (which will be available in the City Hall) in order to register interest. This application will then be reviewed by each Councillor, who then individually state whether they wish to accept or decline the application. Every single councillor must approve an applicant in order to progress to the next stage.
Stage 2 – Campaigning process. Accepted candidates will then have just one week to formulate a campaign for public votes. During this time they may wish to create a manifesto or Q+A session. This process will be closely monitored by the City Government, who reserve the right to expel candidates if their behaviour during the election period is questionable.
Stage 3 – Voting process. Once the week is up, a democratic vote will be held for the Civilian Councillor position. During this time, campaigning is no longer allowed. Continuing the campaign during this period will result in immediate expulsion.
Stage 4 – Inauguration. Once the results of the vote are published, the Mayor will immediate inaugurate the new Councillor and welcome them to the table.

Signed by:
Councillor Maurer
Councillor Houston
Councillor Petterson
Councillor Russ

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Re: City Council Restructuring Act of 2012 [AN-001]

Post by Hoovie » Fri Nov 01, 2013 4:30 pm

This law has been changed to reflect this vote.
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Re: City Council Restructuring Act of 2012 [AN-001]

Post by Conti » Sun Mar 29, 2015 1:00 am



On the day of the 28 of March, 2015, at the behest of the Mayor of Los Santos and its Unincorporated Counties, and after close analysis, the aforementioned act has been nullified by the Honorable Anthony Guidone. This act is no longer in effect due to the San Andreas State Constitution.

I hereby certify that the foregoing decision was lawfully made by the Executive Branch of the Government of the State of San Andreas, on this date of 28 day of March in the year of 2015

    Anthony Guidone
    State Attorney General

Approved on this 28 day of March in the year of 2015

    Rakesh Namir
    Mayor of Los Santos and its associated, unincorporated counties
Retired Game Administrator
Retired Head of Government Management
Matthew Goodman, Lieutenant Governor Emeritus
Hon. Anthony Guidone, Attorney General Emeritus
Lieutenant II Mark Conti, Los Santos Police Department (RET.)


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