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Post by Laos_Macen » Sat May 24, 2014 3:25 am

Warrant Sample:

Rank & Name: Lead Officer Laos Macen
Faction: LSPD

Name of Individual(s) and/or Organization(s): Austin Burton
Location(s): 124 Palomino Drive, Palomino Creek

Warrant Type: Search

Evidence and/or Reasoning:
Individual was seen around property on 05/20/2014 with James Layland, an individual later arrested with possession of illegal weapons. We have reason to believe this meeting of Layland and Burton has involved the transfer of illegal weapons into the San Andreas area


AUTHORIZED BY: Chief Justice Agosto Mercati
Notes: Single search granted, reply with findings once search is completed.

PD Request Sample:

Rank & Name: Chief Justice Agosto Mercati
Faction: DOJ

Task (Check all that Apply:)
[ ] Information Request
[ X ] MDC Printout
[ ] Record Addition
[ ] Record Expungement

Individual(s) & Organization(s) Austin Burton

Task Details: Please reply with MDC record of Austin Burton.


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