[Suggestions] 2016 Penal Code Update

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Re: [Suggestions] 2016 Penal Code Update

Post by Miraculous » Tue Mar 15, 2016 9:09 pm

[PC ADD] [(11) 04 - Illegal Parking]

What should be changed: An addition of that it is illegal to park at Mall Parking Lot on the sidewalk in front of the Parking Lot. Or on the Mall side on Market Street. The sidewalk from ASGH to Sticky Donuts should be a no park zone on the sidewalk, apart from the actual parking lot.

Why: A lot of people park on the sidewalk on that strip of road which affects the regular flow of traffic and can cause road accidents because of the vehicle blocking the lane and sidewalk off. Parking should only be legal on the actual parking lot, not on the grass next to it, the paths in front of the shops or the sidewalk.

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Re: [Suggestions] 2016 Penal Code Update

Post by idreadrasta » Tue Mar 22, 2016 11:58 am

[PC CHANGE] [(1)05. Aggravated Battery]

What should be changed: It's currently a misdemenour, should be a felony.

Why:Makes not sense that you go to prison for a misdemeanor, it should be changed to a felony.

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Re: [Suggestions] 2016 Penal Code Update

Post by Bospy » Wed Mar 23, 2016 8:46 pm


What should be changed: Add some sort of citation for having an illegal window tint ICly (aka tinted beyond the point by which a cop can see inside), as some people roleplay having an illegal window tint and at the moment there's nothing that can be done.

Why: Some people roleplay it, it'd be a cool addition for State Traffic.
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Re: [Suggestions] 2016 Penal Code Update

Post by Laos_Macen » Thu Mar 24, 2016 5:29 pm

Bospy wrote:

What should be changed: Add some sort of citation for having an illegal window tint ICly (aka tinted beyond the point by which a cop can see inside), as some people roleplay having an illegal window tint and at the moment there's nothing that can be done.

Why: Some people roleplay it, it'd be a cool addition for State Traffic.

tinted windows are banned OOCly last I checked with management. This might have changed but it's news to me.

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Re: [Suggestions] 2016 Penal Code Update

Post by Zuthrex » Sat Mar 26, 2016 8:17 am

[PC CHANGE] (6)11. Terrorism

What should be changed:
A person who commits any of the following shall be guilty of the crime of Terrorism:
    (a) An assassination, or attempt thereof, of a person who is a High Command staff member of a government agency.
    (b) Destruction of a public roadway, bridge, or other major form of infrastructure.
    (c) Utilizes intimidation or fear of significant attack or other imminent threat in order to generate panic on a mass scale.
    (d) Unlawfully detains a person with the intent to kill, injure, or continue to detain for the purpose of persuading a third party, including a government agency, to do some action.

This charge, with the exception of Part (d), may only be issued at the discretion of the Governor of San Andreas or by the Chief Justice. (( All parts require in-game lead permission to charge. ))

Will put an end to stupid malicious/persuasive hostage taking if the penalty is 900 minutes.
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Re: [Suggestions] 2016 Penal Code Update

Post by Superb » Sat Mar 26, 2016 3:10 pm

[PC CHANGE] [(11)08. Illegal Nitrous Oxide Possession]

What should be changed:-It should be legal to drive a vehicle that contains or possesses nitrous oxide. Illegal to use the nitrous oxide on a public street, road, or highway unless it's on an official speedway or race track.
-The charge can be named as Illegal Usage Of Nitrous Oxide.

Why:Nitrous is not illegal to have, it is illegal to use on the streets. You can have it in your car as long as the bottle is off and the line isn't connected.
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Re: [Suggestions] 2016 Penal Code Update

Post by iFlyKid » Wed Mar 30, 2016 7:56 am


What should be changed: N/A

Why: We have people who roleplay not having their seatbelt on. It'll be a nice PC addition so people are forced to roleplay having their seatbelt on at all times.

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Re: [Suggestions] 2016 Penal Code Update

Post by Paul0715 » Wed Apr 06, 2016 3:20 pm

[PC ADD] [Vehicular Endangerment/Evading]

What should be changed: Persons found guilty of these charges should have their drivers licenses suspended for the default time of 12 hours.

Why: Usually by the time someone has driven poorly enough to be charged with either of the two above mentioned charges, they have already committed enough traffic offenses to have their license suspended anyway through drivers warnings.
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Re: [Suggestions] 2016 Penal Code Update

Post by cataplasia » Tue Apr 12, 2016 8:07 pm

[PC ADD] Officer discretion for suspending a drivers license

What should be changed: I believe that officers should be given the discretion of suspending a drivers license as a separate option.

Why: I believe this will be beneficial to the system as the ability to suspend someone's license based on officer's discretion is something that I would think highly of. For example, if someone is driving recklessly, failing to yield at intersections, has outstanding fines and a history of driving so pathetically, then I should be given the option of suspending their license, whether or not they have two drivers warnings or not.

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Re: [Suggestions] 2016 Penal Code Update

Post by Airwalk » Tue Apr 12, 2016 8:18 pm

[PC CHANGE] [(3)05. Sexual Assault]

What should be changed: Bullet 1 should be changed to:
A person who commits REPEATED verbal abuse for the purpose of sexual arousal, gratification, or abuse.

Why: The charge is oftenly misused for minor insults and generally messes with the first amendment in my opinion. However, I do think that the charge should stand, just with the aforementioned change, so it will not be misused and abused anymore. Wasting 2-3 weeks with an IA report and possibly another month for a lawsuit over butthurt people arresting you for calling them a "cock sucker" as an example is just wrong.

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Re: [Suggestions] 2016 Penal Code Update

Post by Dustie » Tue Apr 12, 2016 10:23 pm

[CHANGE] Possession Of An Illegal Blade.
[RENAME] Possession Of An Offensive Weapon.

What should be changed:
  • A civilian who possesses a blade or improvised blade over three inches in length that can be used as a cutting, slashing or stabbing weapon, whether or not concealed.
  • A civillian who openly carries any kind of weapon that can cause serious bodily harm to another person e.g: Bats, Golf Clubs, Shovel, Nitestick, Pool Cue.
    • ((Any wieldable script-wise knife or katana in your inventory is considered long enough to kill someone and qualify as an illegal blade.))

Why:I think it's unrealistic that our current penal code allows civillians to walk around with bats or any other offensive weapon in public, that doesn't mean that the items can't be used for sports. But they shouldn't be openly carried in public.

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Re: [Suggestions] 2016 Penal Code Update

Post by Michael » Sat Apr 16, 2016 4:00 am

[PC ADD] [Committing a crime while wearing a bulletproof vest]

What should be changed: Using a bulletproof vest while committing a crime should be a crime as well.

Why: It's a crime in real life, bullet vests are being seen a little more than before now, I don't see why criminals should not get punished for using them.

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Re: [Suggestions] 2016 Penal Code Update

Post by Seech » Sun Apr 17, 2016 8:38 am

PC Change (4)12. Resisting a Peace Officer

What should be changed: Having it fall under Officer Discretion.

Why:Most LEO's use their discretion for this charge as it is. Might as well make it be classified as one.

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Re: [Suggestions] 2016 Penal Code Update

Post by JamesRucker » Sun Apr 17, 2016 10:28 pm

Title 2.Crimes Against Property and Criminal Profiteering
[PC CHANGE] Possession of Burglary Tools

What should be changed: A section allowing melee weapons used to break into vehicles, houses to be included as a burglary tool.

Why: Realistically speaking, no one uses screwdrivers or tension bars, either through RP or through the script to break into cars, it's way too complicated when all you need is a baseball bat and a good swing to get at what you want.

Title 3. Crimes Against Public Decency
[PC ADD] Loitering/Criminal Trespass

What should be changed: 1. A person who stands, sits or otherwise idles on public grounds meant for passage shall be charged with Loitering.
2. A person who has been banned from a private or public establishment for breach of rules or laws, and returns to said establishment without the ban being lifted shall be charged with Criminal Trespass.

Why: This is a response to two issues, vagrancy in which there's a huge issue with them standing around on street corners and in many instances stepping into the street to beg, or otherwise being a nuisance. As well as those who congregate at street corners in well known gang and drug areas to sell, purchase, or facilitate the use of narcotics.

Title 8. Vehicular Offences
[PC ADD] Refusal to Submit to a Sobriety Test

What should be changed:1. It is implied that anyone that applies for, or holds a San Andreas Driver’s License consents to a blood, breath, or urine test to determine their level of intoxication if suspected of driving under the influence (DUI/DWI). Therefore, it shall be unlawful for any person with such a Driver’s License to refuse to submit to any intoxication measuring test.
2. Should a person refuse, their license will automatically be revoked, and they may be charged this offense as a misdemeanor.

Why: Same as explained above, having a driver's license is a privilege, not a right, if you're suspected of driving under the influence, their should be a consequence for not complying with efforts to determine definitively your intoxication level.

Title 10. Enhancements
[PC ADD] Simple Assault/Battery

What should be changed: 1. A person who makes contact, or the threat of contact through bodily fluids toward an individual (spitting, peeing, etc.) shall be charged with Simple Assault if contact is not made, Simple Battery if contact is made.

Why: I've run into situations where people are on the borderline of Battery or Assault, adding a Simple enhancement allows for the issue to be dealt with so there is a consequence, while at the same time not going overboard and overpunishing someone for an offense. This would also clear up what should be done in such situations.

[PC ADD] Habitual Offender

What should be changed: 1. A person who commits an infraction within 48 hours of being stopped and/or fined for the same infraction may be charged with a misdemeanor, double the original fine, and/or issue a warning on the driver's license.

Why: This gives officers more room to correct continuous offenses, instead of writing the same ticket, or trying to BS their way into a more serious charge, a Habitual enhancement allows them to either arrest, issue double the normal fine, or issue a warning where one is not usually given.

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Re: [Suggestions] 2016 Penal Code Update

Post by David Wolf » Wed Apr 20, 2016 12:55 pm

[PC CHANGE] (9)10. Brandishing A Firearm ↑

What should be changed: A person who is pointing, holding, openly carrying or brandishing a firearm, air or gas operated weapon, or object that appears like a firearm without proper toy and prop identification to attempt to elicit fear or hysteria.

This needs to be changed to be more clear, if someone is open carrying a firearm in a holster on private property in safe manner and with the property owners permission. It could elicit fear or hysteria but that isn't the intentions of the one open carrying, such as a security guard who is required by GC to open carry.

Open carrying a firearm in a holster might elicit fear, but it isn't apurposefully threaten action. There are many uses of open carry, one of those is SECURITY GUARD.

There are many many uses of open carry. One would be to open carry, for example as a security guard, as a deterrent. This would be similar to having a dog with you as a deterrent. Therefore, open carry to deterrent is NOT an attempt to elicit fear or hysteria.

Open Carry with a Guard Card
Armed Red County Security Agency employees are REQUIRED to OPEN CARRY firearms while on duty when working as a security guard. If someone gets scared or gets hysteria because an agency open carrys firearms, it is his or her problem.

Open Carry on Private Property
Citizens have a fundamental right to open carry firearms on private property in which they have permission to do so, such has property they own themselves. This can include hunting on private property.

Open Carry on State Property when Hunting
Citizens can hunt on certain state property which requires the ability to open carry.

With the above statements as true, the follow example actions would be deemed as classified:
  • Handgun in Holster
  • Firearm Strapped to Back
  • Firearm Strapped on Chest


  • Shooting Range
  • Hunting
  • Self-defense
  • Security Guard
  • Firearm Purchases
  • Firearm Testing
  • Firearm Transporting [Short Distances. Such as at a shooting range & firearm store]
  • Holster Fitting
  • Training

  • Firearms Classes
  • Firearm Safety Course
  • Basics of Pistol Shooting Course
  • Defensive Pistol Course
  • Pistol Marksman Simulator Training
  • Basic Muzzleloading Shooting Course
  • Basic Rifle Shooting Course
  • Basic Metallic Cartridge Reloading Course
  • Basic Personal Protection In The Home Course
  • Basics of Person Protection Outside The Home Course
  • Defensive Pistol Course
  • Home Firearm Safety Course

All of these are done on private property, (besides hunting on state property ), require a PF license and require open carry to be able to perform.

  • Open carry is still illegal on state property or city property. Even with changes, it will still be illegal to on said properties because it is part of the PF protocol.

((NOTE: The script actually puts the firearm on your side, back or chest by default as clothing. So when at a shooting range if you scroll it out of your hands, therefore that is considered open carrying. If you hide it, that would be considered conceal carrying.))

[PC CHANGE] (9)12. Drive-By Shooting ↑

What should be changed: This should be allowed for citizens to perform in terms of SELF-DEFENSE or TRAINING (which would be done on a private property such as ROUX Hilltop Farm.

Why: Red Country Security Agency already trains guards on the topic of shooting from vehicles for self-defense. It is silly to outlaw it completely, even when on public property. Live fire training drills with RSA conducted on private property in a safe manner should be legal, and promotes a healthy training for our agents.

We also do SECURICAR aka valuables transports with armoured vehicles, if we need to engage from a vehicle in order to protect our lives from a deadly threat, we should be able to do so. And we should be able to TRAIN to do so.

[PC CHANGE] 7)01. Animal Abuse / Cruelty ↑
A person who intentionally maims, mutilates, tortures, wounds, or kills a living animal.

What about people hunting (killing) animals (like deer) for food?
What about pest control against animals such as rats?
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