Communication (Phones / Radios / Notes)

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Communication (Phones / Radios / Notes)

Post by LS-RP » Fri Dec 27, 2013 10:15 am


Table of contents

1. Phone System
__ 1.1 Commands
2. Note System
__ 2.1 Commands
3. Radio
__ 3.1 Radio Types
__ 3.2 Commands
4. Frequently asked questions
5. Useful Links

1. Phone System

1.1 Commands

  • /phone (/ph)
    Toggles the phone interface, comes with the phone mouse aswell.
  • /phonecursor (/phonemouse, /pc)
    Toggles the phone mouse which allows you to control it, hit ESC to remove it.
  • (/c)all [number]
    Allows you to call another player (/call displays the list of all important governmental numbers, such as LS-EMS, LSPD, etc.).
  • /call h [housenumber]
    Allows you to call the house phone of another player.
  • /sms [number] [text]
    Command to send a SMS message to another player.
  • (/p)ickup
    Command to pick up an incoming call.
  • (/h)angup
    Allows you to hang up and end a conversation.
  • /loudspeaker
    Command to turn your cellphone's loudspeaker on, so all players nearby can listen into the conversation between you and the other player you're having a conversation with (/loudspeaker to disable).
  • /dropcell
    This throws your cellphone completely away and destroy it - you will have to buy a new one at 24/7.
    Note: If you have a custom phone number and use this, your number will be set to default after buying a new phone! This cannot be reverted!
  • /unknowncall [number]
    Use this while standing next to a static, public phone. Your number will be hidden and an OOC mask will apply on your name, so the other party won't recognize you.
    Note: This is useful if you have no phone or you don't want the other party to know who you are / trace you down.
  • /prisoncall [number]
    Starts a call from Los Santos Prison. Bear in mind that the call is ICly recorded - therefore always use /loudspeaker so the guard will know what would be on the record.
  • /showcontacts [playerID]
    Shows your contact list to a player
  • /showcontact [playerID] [Contact name]
    Shows a specific contact to a player
  • /selfie
    Toggles your screen into 'seflie' mode, where you can take a selfie (snap a screenshot with F8) - hit ESC to exit.

2. Note System

2.1 Commands

  • /note
    Lists all commands available with the notes system.
  • /note create
    Used to create a new note.
  • /note show [note ID] [player ID] (If you want to check all notes, leave note ID and player ID blank)
    Used to show to someone/yourself a note you have.
  • /note add [note ID]
    Used to add text to an existing note.
  • /note delete [note ID]
    Deletes a note from your possession.
  • /note give [note ID] [player ID]
    Allows you to give another player a note in your possession.
  • /note leave [note ID]
    Leaves a note under the door of a house you are standing in front of.

3. Radios

3.1 Types of Radio

  • Regular Radio
    Supports ONE (1) radio frequency
  • Advanced Radio
    Supports THREE (3) radio frequencies
  • Super Radio
    Supports FIVE (5) radio frequencies
  • Mega Radio
    Supports EIGHT (8) radio frequencies

3.2 Commands

  • /radiohelp
    Shows a list of all available radio commands in a menu In-game.
  • /r
    Allows you to talk over the radio to the channel you're currently switched to.
  • /r1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8
    Allows you to talk over any radio slot without having to /setslot. For example, /r1 will use radio frequency slot 1, /r5 will use frequency 5 and so on.
  • /rlow
    Same as above, but displays on a lower distance (such as /low). Useful when you're undercover, hiding, or just in a crowded place.
  • /r1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8low
    Same as above, but displays on a lower distance (such as /low). Useful when you're undercover, hiding, or just in a crowded place.
  • /setslot [1-8]
    This changes the slot you're currently talking to. The basic radio has only 1 slot available, but you can buy a radio which supports more.
    Note: Doesn't matter which slot you're currently switched to, you will hear the transmission from each of them. This only switches the slots you're talking to with the default /r.
  • /setchannel [slot ID] [channel #]
    Tunes you into a specified channel under the slot (see /setslot above). Some channels are restricted scriptwise for LAW agencies (channels such as 911).
  • /part
    Leaves the channel you're currently switched to (see /setslot)
  • /auth [password]
    If the channel is encrypted, you will have to insert a password to listen to the transmission.
  • /call 1000
    Allows you to rent a radio station or set a password for it. This will be charged $5000 for each action.
  • /kickoffradio [ID]
    If you're an owner of the channel you're switched to, you can kick a person out of your channel using this command.

4. Frequently asked questions

  • Can I change the look of my phone?
    Yes. At the top of Main Street the Telefonica provides all you with phone skins which you can purchase.
  • How do I work out my own number?
    You are able to see your own phone number by using /stats at any time.
  • How many notes can I have?
    You can hold up to a maximum of 5 notes per character at any one time.
  • Where can I buy a radio?
    You can buy a radio from any 24/7 that is open for business.
  • How do I rent my own radio channel?
    You are able to rent your own radio channel by using /call 1000 & paying $5000.

5. Useful Links

Update credits to Lemon.
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Re: Communication Phones / Radios / Notes

Post by Ribsey » Wed Mar 23, 2016 9:17 pm

ZarinkaR wrote:Is the servers down, I try to search after game, but I never join. When does the fix patch come?

Please direct questions like this to the Questions/Technical Support section, thanks!

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Re: Communication (Phones / Radios / Notes)

Post by Connor_Reed » Thu Apr 14, 2016 12:56 pm

Is the landline feature still in the game? /call h doesn't seem to work for me anymore but /hp does.

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Re: Communication (Phones / Radios / Notes)

Post by Trexore » Sun Jan 28, 2018 5:41 am

Very useful.
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