Common Roleplay Terms

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Common Roleplay Terms

Post by LS-RP » Wed Jul 27, 2016 1:06 pm

Common Roleplay Terms

Table of contents
1. Introduction
2. Common Roleplay Terms
...2.1 Roleplay
...2.2 In Character (IC)
...2.3 Out of Character (OOC)
...2.4 Metagaming (MG)
...2.5 Powergaming (PG)
...2.6 Deathmatching (DM)
...2.7 Non-RP
...2.8 Namechange (NC)
...2.9 Character Kill (CK)
...2.10 Player Kill (PK)
...2.11 Revenge Killing (RK)
...2.12 Scrolling a weapon/Ass-pulling
...2.13 Abuse of SAMP Physics
...2.14 Bunnyhopping (B-Hop)
...2.15 Chicken Running/Zig-zagging
...2.16 Tapping on a bike/Tapping
...2.17 C-Bugging (C-Bug)
...2.18 Ninja-Jacking (NJ)
...2.19 Provoking
...2.20 Car Ramming
...2.21 Car Parking
...2.22 Driveby (DB)
...2.23 Brutally Wounded (BW)
...2.24 Player is Dead / Accepted Death

1. Introduction

This list provides new and old players with a reference to any common terms that are used on the server for a variety of reasons. The guide will be helpful for many who are confused with abbreviated words that they not understand but can come across a lot while on the server.

2. Common Roleplay Terms

2.1 Roleplay
  • The acting out or performance of a regular person ingame (e.g acting like regular civilian, a gangster, hispanic, african american, etc.)
2.2 In Character (IC)
  • In Character is your character's roleplay, this is his/her actions and words being said.
2.3 Out of Character (OOC)
  • Out of Character is when you, as a player are talking or doing actions outside of In Character actions. Examples are talking in /b (OOC chat) about topics that are not related to your In Character roleplay.
2.4 Metagaming (MG)
  • Using information you have gotten from Out of Character ways and using it In Character. e.g Using private messages to tell your friend your character is in trouble at a certain location.
2.5 Powergaming (PG)
  • Roleplaying unrealistic things that wouldn't happen in the real world and not allowing others to react to your roleplay. e.g a five year old carrying around a weapon, fighting a person with your fists when he is armed with a gun, throwing someone out of a car without allowing the other person to react to your actions.
2.6 Deathmatching (DM)
  • This is when a player shoots another player for no valid In Character reasoning. If such problems occur you may make a forum report with valid proof.
2.7 Non-RP
  • Doing things that are considered not sufficient to be considered good standard roleplay depending on the situation at hand. e.g running around a crime scene for no reason, dancing and screaming in a trollish manner in a serious situation, not roleplaying fear appropriately in situations realistically.
2.8 Namechange (NC)
  • When a player wants to roleplay something else, they can change their character's name. This means that they are a completely different person. e.g You can namechange from "John Doe" to "David Nobody". You can namechange characters by buying a namechange for $2 or by purchasing a donator backing.
2.9 Character Kill (CK)
  • This is when a character cannot be played by a player ever again. A character is CK'ed in many ways but the most common are either by the player requesting his character to be CK'ed or if the player has an agreement with a faction that his character can be CK'ed by the faction leaders and permitted faction members. You can namechange the character if you wish to do so.
2.10 Player Kill (PK)
  • This is when a person is fully dead in the Player is Dead/Accepted Death mode, the character is now not able to remember any events or people relevant to the situation that caused your character to be killed.
2.11 Revenge Killing (RK)
  • This is when a player who has fully died (or has been Player Killed) respawns and sets out to kill the person/people who have killed him. This is not allowed because as the player who has died has no recollection/memory of the event happening.
2.12 Scrolling a weapon/Ass-pulling
  • When a player scrolls a large weapon with roleplaying taking it out. e.g Pulling an M4 from your chest without doing a /me indicating that you are now carrying the weapon in your hand.
2.13 Abuse of SAMP Physics
  • Using GTA SA's abilities to do thing that in real life are unrealistic or not do-able (e.g bunny hopping, chicken running, C-bugging, etc.)
2.14 Bunnyhopping (B-Hop)
  • This is when you keep pressing the "jump" button to speed up getting from one place to another, under no circumstances is it allowed here and can result in admin punishment.
2.15 Chicken Running/Zig-zagging
  • Self-explanatory. This is the act of running in a zig-zag manner during a shootout or another form of a confrontation. This is not allowed on the server and will result in admin punishment.
2.16 Tapping on a bike/Tapping
  • Tapping the "W or forward button too make a BMX or a vehicle go faster. This is most common for bikes and motor bikes. This is not allowed on the server and will result in admin punishment.
2.17 C-Bugging (C-Bug)
  • This is when a player aims and then crouch to cancel an animation to shoot a weapon faster than SAMP physics intended. This is not allowed to be done and will result in admin punishment.
2.18 Ninja-Jacking (NJ)
  • When a player throws a driver out of the driver seat without sufficient or no roleplay.
2.19 Provoking
  • Purposely annoying/irritating players to get a reaction from them.
2.20 Car Ramming
  • Using a vehicle to crash into people or vehicles.
2.21 Car Parking
  • Ramming a person with a vehicle and parking the car on top of the player.
2.22 Driveby (DB)
  • Shooting out of a vehicle as a passenger. The driver is not allowed to do so under any circumstances. Desert Eagles are not allowed to be shot in drive bys.
2.23 Brutally Wounded (BW)
  • This is when you character is scriptwise injured after sustaining enough HP loss that your health is at zero. You will be lie on the ground until you are once again injured/shot by someone (forced into /acceptdeath) or revived by paramedics or you yourself want to fully die. (/acceptdeath)
2.24 Player is Dead / Accepted Death:
  • This is the fully dead stage after Brutally Wounded Mode. This occurs by being injured again after being Brutally Wounded or if you decide that you want roleplay dead from your injuries, you cause use /acceptdeath. A small text saying "(( Player is Dead ))" will be on top of the player if he/she is fully dead. You must wait 60 seconds after going into this mode until you may use /respawnme to respawn.
Credits: Garrity

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Re: Common Roleplay Terms

Post by Ribsey » Wed Jul 27, 2016 1:09 pm

Thanks to Garrity for making this guide a while back. If you notice a common term missing, feel free to suggest it here. This is to prevent post clutter on the thread.

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Re: Common Roleplay Terms

Post by MonsteR_X » Wed Jul 26, 2017 4:44 pm


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Re: Common Roleplay Terms

Post by Cantbehudson » Wed Sep 13, 2017 5:16 am

You could add forced MG and emotions other characters cannot sense under Metagaming.

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Re: Common Roleplay Terms

Post by Trexore » Sun Jan 28, 2018 2:36 am

Great guide for new players.

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