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Davis' Dev Blog

Posted: Fri Aug 17, 2018 12:16 am
by Davis
Hello everyone,

As of this notice from 14-AUG-2018 (, I now have access to fully develop for the server and intend to start working on server suggestions, outstanding fixes and requests, and my own projects. I plan to put together a server revision every two weeks, no matter how big or small the revision is. This will keep things moving from a development perspective, and ensure that any needed tweaks, fixes and minor additions only take a maximum of two weeks to be put into the script officially. Any larger updates or feature releases may be given their own individual server revision, but a fortnightly revision is still my intention so we keep a consistent timeline.

After sitting down and talking with Surreal, we decided that a "dev blog" where I keep the community updated as to what I'm working on, and what they should expect in the upcoming fortnightly revision, or other revisions, would be a good way to keep people informed. It also keeps me motivated and accountable, and ensures that the community know what I'm presently working on and what they should look out for.

This topic will serve as my "dev blog" and I'll experiment with that idea here. It's a work-in-progress, but I'll be working with Surreal to see what we can accomplish. If you're interested in keeping an eye on my own projects and revisions, then feel free to bookmark this topic!

Davis' Dev Blog (10.7.0)

Posted: Fri Aug 17, 2018 12:44 am
by Davis
With the first revision (10.7.0), I want to catch up with some outstanding development requests, tweaks and fixes that have been waiting for development. There's a backlog to work through, but I want to try and get through as much as I can in time for this first revision. Please understand that I cannot include everything that everyone wants every two weeks, but with frequent revisions, that task will be much easier.

There are a few key points I'd like to make about this upcoming revision, and I'll lay them out first and try to be concise:

Drug system - this has been neglected since the initial release, and I plan to see what can be done long-term. For now, I'm going to fix the "drug prompts" which are a written prompt provided with each drug so that they can be properly implemented, and also up the "limit" on how many drugs can be on the server. This will allow us to introduce a lot more named drugs and play around with the system instantly in that regard. In the short/mid term: I'd like to finally implement a way for factions and others to self-supply drugs, rather than rely on the drug distribution scheme.

Skins/objects/furniture - there are more player skins being introduced to the server, both for civilians and factions. There are also some more textures and furniture objects to be added to /furniture that are waiting. These will also be included. In the near future, I will explore the usage of custom objects (clothing, furniture, etc) and textures, as per 0.3.DL, and see what can be accomplished with that feature. Long overdue.

Payphone re-work - I have added support for virtual worlds with the payphone system, so that they can be included in the cell blocks at the San Andreas Correctional Facility and work properly for inmates. This has been long overdue, too, and will be included in the revision.

Toll system - there are plenty of frustrations with the "new" toll system over the old one. I am going to re-implement the old toll system which functions just fine whilst I investigate how the current toll system can be improved to avoid frustration. This will be low priority, but it would be nice to nip this in the bud and ensure that the toll system no longer poses any issues or frustrations for players.

Saved particles system - this has been on pause in the property requests board until fixed. This should be fixed in this revision.

Legal faction requests - there are a lot of small requests on the legal faction requests board that I'd like to complete, as below. This will mean we're catching up on various backlogs, and can focus on newer inclusions when we've worked through what's already waiting.

This and everything else will be noted below in short-hand.

  • [+] Ability to control access to /dep and /setdep on a per rank basis via Faction Menu
    [+] /deplow and /r(1-8)low are forced when /autolow is enabled
    [+] LSPD Rodeo HQ Mapping
    [+] LSPD Hooper Heliport Mapping
    [+] LSSD East Los Santos Mapping
    [+] LSSD Docks Mapping
  • [~] Added LSPD Harbor Station to /setp and added a precinct spawn for LSPD Detective Bureau (/setp 3)
    [~] Implemented the old, more simplistic toll system whilst I look into improving the current system
    [~] Increased the limit on the amount of individual drugs so that more can be added to the server
    [~] Increased the length of drug prompts so the role-play prompts can be properly implemented
    [~] Changed the siren position on certain unmarked cars to be on the dashboard instead of the roof
  • [/] Added support for different virtual worlds to the payphone system (allows the payphones to work in SACF cell blocks)
    [/] Reworked the "saved particle system" to fix issues so that they can resume being implemented in the server
    [/] Fixed the issue where you'd lose your custom skin on respawn after death or when using /changeclothes in a house

  • - Addition of player and faction skins that have been waiting for implementation.
    - Addition of new textures and furniture objects for the /furniture system.
    - Change it so the toll management menu forces tolls to open when locked instead of shut.
    - Fix the issue where you have to sit in the checkpoint for ~10s at the tolls for them to open.

To be updated.

Davis' Dev Blog (10.7.0)

Posted: Mon Sep 03, 2018 6:04 pm
by Davis
Here are some continued additions to the first, upcoming revision:

Vehicle explosion system - this is a feature that has been suggested and spoken about for a very long time, but has never actually been trialled or tackled on the server. One of the biggest immersion-breakers that occurs often is vehicles exploding because of how the game's vehicle health mechanic functions. When you're in a pursuit, or simply being shot at or taking damage, your vehicle eventually sets alight and explodes violently. Instead, we'll be trialling a new system where, if your vehicle health drops below a certain value, the engine turns off and cannot be turned back on. It does not explode, and can only be fixed by a /v tow (which charges a small fee and sends it back to spawn, but it can then be /engine'd). From there, you'll need to visit a pay and spray to fix the health so the vehicle is back to normal.

The vehicle explosion re-work is a trial. We don’t know how it’ll work until it’s put into the server under load, so bear with us if it poses any issues that need to be resolved in a hotfix.

Here's the fully updated change log for the upcoming revision:

  • [+] Ability to control access to /dep and /setdep on a per rank basis via Faction Menu
    [+] Ability to control access to /makeimpounder on a per rank basis via Faction Menu for LEO factions
    [+] /deplow and /r(1-8)low are forced when /autolow is enabled
    [+] /towcar (singular vehicle id) for those with permission to tow in their faction to respawn an individual car
    [+] LSPD Rodeo HQ
    [+] LSPD Hooper Heliport
    [+] LSSD East Los Santos
    [+] LSSD Docks
    [+] LSSD Hilltop Heliport
  • [~] Added LSPD Harbor Station to /setp and added a precinct spawn for LSPD Detective Bureau (/setp 3)
    [~] Implemented the old, more simplistic toll system whilst I look into improving the current system
    [~] Increased the limit on the amount of individual drugs so that more can be added to the server
    [~] Increased the length of drug prompts so the role-play prompts can be properly implemented
    [~] Changed the siren position on certain unmarked cars to be on the dashboard instead of the roof
    [~] Vehicles no longer explode when damaged/shot at, they instead, break down and are rendered useless until respawned (/v tow, mechanic or /respawncar in the case of a faction car)
  • [/] Added support for different virtual worlds to the payphone system (allows the payphones to work in SACF cell blocks).
    [/] Reworked the "saved particle system" to fix issues so that they can resume being implemented in the server.
    [/] Fixed the issue where you'd lose your custom skin on respawn after death or when using /changeclothes in a house.
    [/] Fixed an issue where faction members couldn't exchange faction restricted clothing items between each other.
    [/] Fixed an issue where /setcarcolor (faction leader command) would not save on server restart.
  • [-] Queridas's Business Sign
    [-] Murat's Business Sign
    [-] Firmona Boxing Gym's Business Sign
    [-] Misc mapping in Little Tokyo
    [-] Misc mapping on Ganton Boulevard
    [-] Default rockstar skins from /uniform for PD and SD

Re: Davis' Dev Blog

Posted: Mon Oct 01, 2018 12:51 am
by Davis
I can only apologise for the delay in releasing this post, I've been out of the country (and still am at the time of writing this blog) but I committed to releasing it this weekend because it's overdue. I'll use this post as an opportunity touch on what can be expected in the upcoming revision or in the short to mid term.

Burner Phone Script - this has been a frequently requested feature. The tricky part of this sugestion was always approaching how the current phone system is implemented and finding a way to introduce burner phones, so the simple solution that was discussed to achieve burner phones in the short term was to implement the old phone system for burner phones, and have the current phone system for proper contract style phones.

House Robbery Script - this also has been a frequently requested feature, but has to be balanced and approached carefully. It would be good to have a proper house robbery script in the server to compliment role-play so that the experience is more hands-on and tangible, rather than just a string of /me's and a /re to enter a house.

For entering a house: to break in quietly (force the lock, pick the lock, etc), a player would be forced into a crouching animation at a property's door for x minutes. This would be visible to other players, and to Law Enforcement, should the act be witnessed. The alternative is loud entry, which would involve kicking down the door. This would be quicker, but would result in a text pop-up at the door describing what would be seen.

For house alarms: possible, but shouldn't be overpowered. An audible alarm could alert those in a radius around the house that a house alarm is going off in the area, and also alert the criminals committing the house robbery. A silent alarm wouldn't give any notification to anybody in or outside the house. Both types of alarms could automatically be reported to the Police, but with a delay of 5-10 minutes. This would simulate a more appropriate Police response to an active house robbery and give players the time and opportunity to role-play.

For looting a house: the furniture script would intertwine with the robbery script. Electronics, paintings and other valuables would be made possible to steal, and after typing a server command your character would be forced into the /carry option and the object would be visible in their arms/hands. They would then need to visibly carry the item out of the house and type a command to store it in a vehicle. The vehicle should be a pick-up truck or a van, or something similar that could house larger or multiple objects during a house robbery situation. The act of carrying items out of the house could be witnessed by other players and potentially reported.

For concluding a house robbery: this is still being toyed around with. Suggestions are welcome. At the moment, a simple system of delivering the goods to a certain location for a monetary reward is the easiest implementation.

Removal of 54th Police Precinct - this has been a sour experience for illegal roleplayers in the area for a while, and didn't really make sense from a realism point of view to be a location for a police precinct (bang smack in the middle of a gang populated area). So, with the addition of the other precincts for the LSPD (Harbor, Rodeo), the LSPD has given up 54th and it will be removed in this revision. In the meantime, it will be replaced with the original building but the mapping team is actively working on something to spruce up the area and aid gang roleplay.

Day & Night Cycle - the day and night cycle hasn't been adjusted since the time/clocks changed, and with that, it gets dark a little too early and doesn't really follow a real time schedule. I've made adjustments to this to make the time follow a more realistic pattern.

/v location - a frustration that a lot of players have experienced is spawning a car and then finding out that it's on the other side of the map and you have to get to it and park it. A /v location command will be added which will print out the full street address of your car so that you're aware where it is before spawning it. This should avoid those annoying situations where you spawn a car and find out it's nowhere close.

Create Scene - there's been a few concerns flagged with the /createscene system where they would expire too early during traffic operations or other roleplay. The limit has been upped to 2 hours which should last throughout most roleplay scenarios.

This and everything else will be noted below in short-hand.

  • [+] Additional business furniture items
    [+] Additional animations
    [+] Items that you have on you when you die are now printed in the chat with a timestamp
    [+] /v opendoor as an alternative for /opendoor
    [+] /v location to print the location of all of your cars in chat before you spawn them
  • [-] Fixed issue where rentals cars would break down when respawned
    [-] Stop BMX's being affected by the no-explosion script
    [-] Removed spawning with batons from the LSPD
  • [~] Adjusted the day & night cycle to be more realistic
    [~] Increased /createscene duration to 2 hours from 30 minutes
    [~] Mafia faction type able to /givespray (fix for gangs with weapon warehouses unable to do so), and no faction spawns with spray cans
    [~] Increased the length of drug prompts so the role-play prompts can be properly implemented
  • [-] 54th Police Precinct
To be updated.

Re: Davis' Dev Blog

Posted: Thu Oct 04, 2018 10:52 am
by Surreal
Posting to address another development project (alongside the burner phones and house robbery scripts) that we accidentally omitted:

Company System — this is another short term project that we want to push out as soon as possible. I've explained it elsewhere, but I'll re-iterate the idea. This system would be similar to the faction system, but can exist separate to being in a faction. It would allow players to create a "company" with an in-game accessible roster and the ability to invite, rank and kick players. It would allow for players to set vehicles to be company-owned and become static/permanent (dependent on the purpose of the vehicle) and administration will also be able to create certain allowances for companies, like the ability to use roadblocks (cones, barriers, etc), the ability to use /operation, the ability to /givespray, the ability to interact with and own "restricted" vehicles (like construction cars and so on), set a property or business as a company location so all members can lock and unlock, etc. The general idea is that this system facilitates smaller groups and legal companies to flourish without being hindered by the script, or being required to become an official faction to operate properly. For players that have low capital, we intend to create some kind of in-character capital/business loan system to allow players to be able to start companies. With extra access to static vehicles, this also serves as a visual aid and populates company offices with the relevant vehicles they need. Mapping may be a future option, too.

Examples of how this system could be used:

#1 — A group of players inside an official organised crime faction want to create a small construction and/or maintenance company. They create a company, invite some of their friends that are inside and outside of their criminal faction, and are given access to /roadblock so they can put down cones, barriers and other traffic control devices. They are also given a fleet of five Utility vehicles (normally restricted) that spawn at their company office that all members of their organisation can drive and operate at any time. They use their new restricted static vehicles and access to the /roadblock system to role-play maintenance and other in-character projects to compliment their other day-to-day role-play.

#2 — A player wants to start a trucking company, but doesn't have enough money on his own to set others up or risk buying other players vehicles at his own loss. He achieves one of the aforementioned "business loans" after describing his company idea, and is given a fleet of Roadtrains and Burritos at his company depot for members of his trucking company to use and operate once they are invited to his company. He works to pay back his business loan within the allowed deadline, and continues building his trucking company with his invited employees.

#3 — A player wins a sanitation contract and wants to set up his sanitation company. Some of the people involved are already in an official faction. He creates a company and creates numerous company owned Trashmasters at his depot for his employees to use and operate.

#4 — A player wins a private ambulance contract and wants to set up a private ambulance company. The "company" is given access to some of the paramedic skins, is given a fleet of ambulances to match their color scheme and is also given access to /operation. His employees can then operate ambulances, wear a paramedic skin and carry out first responder duties with access to the /operation command.

Re: Davis' Dev Blog

Posted: Sun Oct 28, 2018 3:22 am
by Surreal
We've got a few new things to mention, and I'm writing this as a general update before the next revision hits.

Company System — this has been almost completed by Davis and Kane. As previously described, this is like a "lite" faction system, and will allow us to create and encourage small businesses and companies. These can exist on top of being in a faction, too. I'm definitely excited to see what this brings to the table, and it'll definitely help company/business role-play flourish if utilised appropriately. If you're interested in reading more about this system, just look at the posts above. Since it's a big implementation, it'll have a feature documentation page, too.

Street Signs — this is a new feature developed by Kane. Credits to him. This feature introduces custom objects (street signage) that will be on every street corner in Los Santos and any surrounding areas/towns where there are named streets. It works in line with the /streetname system, so there's no change to street names, but they will be physically there on every street corner for in-character immersion. This is a neat touch that means you no longer have to rely on /streetname, and can physically see street signs across Los Santos and other areas.

Drive-by Fix — this is a fix introduced by Kane. Currently, if you lean out with a gun to perform a drive-by, you can't lean back in or need to use /stopanim, which means you can't lean out again without needing to re-enter the vehicle. With this new fix, you can hit the same key you use to lean out to lean back in, and you can freely lean in and out again without re-entering the car. A nice quality-of-life update.

Faction/Company Businesses — this means that businesses can finally be factionised, or set to a company so that all members of the faction or company can /lock and interact with the business. A business can be both factionised and tied to a company, too.

54th Station Removal & Mapping — this was likely mentioned before, but we're finally going to remove 54th Station and replace it with some more neutral mapping to give the area back to civilians and gangs. Removing Police presence from the middle of the hood will be a great addition and mean that we no longer have to have a Police station stuck in the middle of Jefferson/East Los Santos. There will be more on that, and more on other mapping additions when we approach the new revision. There's a lot of very interesting new mapping in the pipeline.

Re: Davis' Dev Blog

Posted: Thu Nov 22, 2018 3:23 pm
by Davis
In previous posts, Surreal and I have touched on what can be expected in the upcoming revision — this was in the early stages of the revision, and a lot of work has happened since then. I'll use this post to provide the full changelog for the update to give everyone an idea of what to expect when we get to release day.

To touch on another subject, there was a post made in Verified Discussions r.e transparency & the development team, for those of you that can access that, you'll see my reply there but for those who can't, I think it's a good idea that I'm abundantly clear about that here:
With regards to transparency behind the development team, and insight into what projects are currently being worked on and what will be included in the upcoming revisions, this was the intention behind the creation of the dev blog. The dev blog serves to keep the community updated on anything that is currently being worked on, or will be worked on in the near future, by either myself or Kane. The dev blog (despite the unexpected delays) has been something that I've been consistently updating as I work on new items, so that nobody is in the dark about what they can expect in the upcoming revision(s). I know that I said I would like to do bi-weekly revisions in my original blog post, but due to unfortunate circumstances, I have been unexpectedly busy since I announced that. I still have every intention of doing timely revisions for quick fixes and small additions to ensure that no items have to wait too long to be added. With all of that being said, the next revision is significantly bigger than the last revision — with the addition of a well sought out system in the company system, street signs, and many other fixes and improvements. I'll be updating the dev blog today with an update on the status of the upcoming revision (10.9.0) and an updated changelog to give everyone a taste of what can be expected when that is released.

Unfortunately, it's hard to single out individual suggestions that have been waiting a while, there's a lot more than a handful in total — so take the delay in processing approved suggestions with a pinch of salt. If there's anything that players really want to see, or feel is a quick and easy task, feel free to flag it with me directly via private message to bring it to my attention and I'll take a look.
The (complete) 10.9.0 changelog:

  • [+] Added the first version of the Company System (link to feature documentation at release)
    [+] Added the Street Sign System (link to feature documentation at release) [Kane]
    [+] /v opendoor as an alternative to /opendoor
    [+] /v location to print the spawn location of your vehicles prior to you spawning them
    [+] Items that you have on you are now printed in the chat upon entering brutally wounded [Kane]
    [+] Misc animations & furniture items
    [+] Drug storage options can now be customised in game dynamically by lead admins [Kane]
    [+] /ts(hout) to circumvent the phone and other use cases where /t is used for regular text chat.
    [+] The ability to seamlessly lean in/out during a drive by (press H to lean in/out) [Kane]
    [+] Mapping Additions:
    • Gas Station & Crack House at 54th to serve as a replacement for the police station being removed
    • Santa Clara Valley Sheriff's Station
    • La Piscis Grande Interior
    • Bozo's Interior
    • Pawn Store Interior
    • El Lugar de La Abuela Interior
    • Fort Carson Complex Interior
    • eXXXotica Interior
  • [~] Fixed an issue where rentals would remain broken down despite being respawned.
    [~] Stopped Bikes (BMX) being affected by the engine broken down script.
    [~] Changes to the day and night cycle to make it get darker/lighter at a more realistic time.
    [~] /cellphonehelp renamed to /phonehelp and updated to fit the current phone system.
    [~] Updated /househelp to include some commands that have been added since /househelp was updated.
    [~] Increased the duration of /createscene from 30 minutes to 2 hours.
    [~] /setstyle 3 to reset your style back to the default style.
    [~] Drug storage options are now customizable and can be added/edited/removed by Lead Admins in-game. [Kane]
  • [/] Fixed bug with /transferdrug returning the incorrect amount. [Kane]
    [/] Fixed newly added drugs not returning on server restarts. [Kane]
    [/] Fixed several issues with the LSSD ELS station.
    [/] Excused fines (/excusefine) are now deleted from your record completely.
    [/] Fixed an issue where lead admins were unable to customise the trucking script due to a broken dialog.
  • [-] 54th Police Precinct
    [-] The ability to use /r in admin jail.
    [-] Comic Sans from the Graffiti System
    [-] Batons from the LSPD on spawn

Re: Davis' Dev Blog

Posted: Tue Dec 18, 2018 12:06 pm
by Davis

Hey all,

I'm taking this opportunity to post here and confirm the release of 10.9.0, with the full changelog available here.

The Company System is a well sought out system that has been added, and Surreal will be making a post shortly for players that wish to take advantage of the Company System to make an application.

If you received a business interior in this update, you can receive your interior by reporting in-game for a lead admin, they will find your interior and assign it to your property.

Anyway, with 10.9.0 out of the way, it's time for the development team to go back to the drawing board and begin work on 10.10.0. We're starting work on this basically immediately, and I can already confirm that a dynamic clothing system can be expected in the next revision (Kane's project), with the ability to adjust colors, adjustments to clothing inventory and more. We're also going to explore the feasibility of making custom objects more available (with the street sign being the first example of us taking advantage of this).

As always, I'll post a detailed look at 10.10.0 once we're done brainstorming, but just wanted to reply here with a high level overview on what's been going on over the past few weeks.

Happy Holidays!

Re: Davis' Dev Blog

Posted: Tue Jan 01, 2019 8:17 pm
by Davis
Hey all,

Happy New Year!

This blog will focus on talking about what can be expected in 10.10.0, and what else is being worked on in the short to medium term for the development team.

For 10.10.0, I'll be continuing to improve the company system with offline member management, more commands (/heal, /operation, /putinambu) and skin management. The company system is an evolving system, so we'll constantly see improvements to it throughout the upcoming revisions as we setup more companies and functionality is requested, or adjustments need to be made. Kane is actively working on a new clothing system, and this can be expected to debut in 10.10.0 too, with more customisation (ability to name clothing items, change the color for clothing items, and more customisation for lead admins to add objects to clothing stores) and a smoother feel in general. We'll release a feature documentation for this on release day, this is just a high level overview of what to expect.

The rest of 10.10.0 will be (small) quality of changes across the board, with the addition of /swat and /sed at the trunk of vehicles, a fresh lick of paint on /stats, some adjustments to the advertisement system, more mapping and skins to name a few items that come to my head immediately at the time of writing this blog post. To set expectations, we're pretty close to completion with 10.10.0, so it's safe to say that this can be expected in the short-term rather than a long term revision, and we'll provide a full changelog on this topic as I get done with finalising all of the items.

Looking forward, past 10.10.0:

The Drug System is another evolving project — we're constantly brainstorming with Faction Management's Drug Team & Faction Management Public to talk about what's next for the drug system. Prior to 10.9.2 (released a few days ago), the development team wasn't comfortable making any major changes to the drug system while bugs existed that meant drugs would disappear. We're pretty confident after 10.9.2 that a majority of those bugs are fixed, so now we're looking forward at bigger changes to that system. The change that is being worked on immediately is drug decaying, the terms of this are still being discussed, and for those of you reading this that are in FM Public and are yet to give your opinion — please do so here. Once drug decaying is complete, we'll move our sights and work on production facilities for drugs to take the distribution of drugs away from Faction Management, and integrate it into in-game (and in-character) system that makes more sense. We're still brainstorming about this, so nothing much to say on that front just yet.

Kane is primarily working on the drug system now, but I'll be overlooking it in an advisory capacity and working with the community to figure out what improvements are needed. We'll continue to monitor some of the discussion threads in Verified Discussions, but if you have any suggestions about other aspects of the drug system that don't warrant their own discussion, feel free to send me a PM.

Carjacking System — I've been speaking to a few members of Faction Management about this, and there seems to be demand for a better carjacking system that makes sense and ties properly into chop-shops. This system already exists in the server, but it's very archaic and some of the numbers don't make sense for the economy as it stands in 2019. Once 10.10.0 is out of the way, I'll begin work on reworking this system and making sure that it serves a better purpose in 2019 LS:RP. I can't go into any of the specifics yet, as we're yet to delve into fully-fledged brainstorming, but as soon as we do — you can expect another blog post about this.

House Robbery System — we haven't started any work on this yet, but as I've said in previous posts, this is still at the back of our minds and very much a priority for us. There's a lot of questions about how this should work, and how this ties into other pre-existing parts of the script (i.e, the furniture system) but as soon as we iron all of those out and have a clear idea of how we expect the system to work, we'll begin work on that.

Once again, Happy New Year and I wish everyone the best going into 2019!