Bhupinder Sahota

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Bhupinder Sahota

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Bhupinder Sahota

Bhupinder Singh Sahota (Born January 14, 1978.) Is an Indian born gangster who was raised in, and operated in, British Columbia, Canada. A self admitted drug trafficker he is known for his outspoken nature and blatant disregard for authority. His quote "..I'm still around" has been sensationalized by Canadian pop-culture. On December 20, 1998, he was arrested behind a crowded nightclub in Vancouver, British Columbia. He was suspected to have murdered Ron Dosanjh after a media war broke out and Bhupinder thought that Ron had placed a hit out on him for 300k$, Ron had also had a brother named Jimmy Dosanjh and Bhupinder was also suspected of murdering him aswell.

A picture of Bhupinder at the night of his arrest: Image

Bhupinder had beat the case and fled to San Andreas but the public had already knew and just before Bhupinder fled to San Andreas he was "Harassed." by a camera man at the airport.

The video of Bhupinder being "Harassed." at the airport:

The media war of Bhupinder Sahota and Ron Dosanjh:

Further information about the Dosanjh murders.

Dosanjh murders.
Bhupinder was suspected in the murders of gangster Ron Dosanjh and Jimmy Dosanjh, who were brothers. Jimmy Dosanjh was killed in February 1994, and Ron was killed in April 1994. Bhupinder believed that Jimmy Dosanjh had taken out a contract to kill him for over C$230,000, according to Crown prosecutors. According to Buttar, Bhupinder did not take kindly to the Dosanjh brothers putting hits out on people but never getting involved or doing a contract themselves. As a result, after allegedly killing Jimmy Dosanjh, Bhupinder went on T.V. and stated, "This Jimmy Dosanjh, they portrayed him as a hit-man this that. Personally from what I've seen of him on the street on I don't think he could of hit his way out of a paper bag." This was a direct insult directed to Jimmy and Ron Dosanjh claiming that they had never done a hit/murder in their life.

Because of the required security for the trial, it was one of the most expensive trials in Canadian history.[12] His former brother-in-law, Peter Gill, was also accused. The accused, including Gill and Bhupinder

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