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Paul Kovalov

Post by fr35hm3a7 » Wed Sep 27, 2017 6:53 am

Paul Kovalov is a 27 y/o Latvian male who, after travelling for past years had stopped to live in United States of America. As a young man he has no real dedication or interests but coming to Los Santos has proved to be a huge challenge.

Description of Paul:
[*] Gender: Male
[*] Weight: 152 lbs
[*] Hair color: Brown
[*] Eye color: Blue
[*] Race: White/Caucasian
[*] Origin: Latvian
[*] Height: 5'9"
[*] Spoken languages: English, Russian, Latvian and Finnish

His speciality is electronics and is trained in army for three years. Due to these life experiences Paul has become a very logical person, in which - he will always try to find reason for everything. As he thinks - nothing happens without a reason or purpose.

After his arrival to Los Santos so far he have been trying out some working opportunities and mostly is jobless. Main course of action for him is to use the knowledge he has and work wherever he can and whenever he can.


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