[Boxing Instructor] Benjamin Holt [A]

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[Boxing Instructor] Benjamin Holt [A]

Post by Lil Ben » Sun Apr 14, 2019 9:57 pm


  • Character name: Benjamin Holt
    Character age: 26
    Character level: 15

    Character's current faction: Take None, Give None

    Are you applying to be a Kung-Fu Instructor or a Boxing Instructor?: Boxing instructor.

    How will your character's faction affect your role-playing style for the job?: My character is an amateur boxer who is now associated to the Chosen Few MC through their gym, Ganton Boxing. Benjamin, after a continuous interaction with the Chosen Few, is now employed at Ganton Boxing as an instructor and supervisor. The faction is giving me the opportunity to role-play inside one of their premises and take advantage of a business which attracts other players on a daily basis. Just the other night we had around 10 players in the gym, each and every one of them role-playing their training session or sparring. The faction role-plays around the gym a lot, which will help bring even more players together to create a good atmoshpere at the gym.

    Why do you want the fighting instructor job?: I first thought I could do it without the job itself, that people would do it for only role-playing purposes, but that was naive from me. I want the fighting instructor job because we've got people role-playing daily around the gym, paying memberships and putting in work and effort in their training sessions, and a lot of them were disappointed to hear that I didn't have the job. Hence, my application.

    How do you intend to train characters?: I'll do my best to keep it as realistic as possible. Ganton Boxing is in the heart of the hood, which means that a lot of kids coming to the gym are prone to stick to the streets. The faction I'm role-playing at is far from being a gang, in fact, most of our characters disagree with the gang-banging style, for which they will always do their best to have a street kid around the gym rather than on the streets. This means that my character will be interacting with bangers or soon-to-be bangers, which gives everything a little twist. It's a gritty gym, in a gritty area; for which training sessions are going to get gritty. We don't have treadmills nor bicycles in the gym, which means that there's going to be a lot of outside training. Working the bag, shadowboxing, skipping the rope (criss-cross and double-unders), cardio, stance and footwork, speedbag, and a long etcetera of variations that may be applied.

    Do you have any previous experience role-playing as a fighting instructor?: No, this is my first time role-playing an actual fighter & instructor. Nonetheless, I do count with 7 years of OOC experience in fighting. I've done mainly Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu throughout my life, but have also done boxing and kick boxing. Nonetheless, I know how a training session goes and how a boxing instructor will act.

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Re: [Boxing Instructor] Benjamin Holt [A]

Post by Iudex » Sat Apr 20, 2019 7:57 pm

Boxing Instructor Application — ACCEPTED

Dear Lil Ben,

We have reviewed your application for the Boxing Instructor job. Your log will be created and you will have to update it here: Click. In order to receive the job, please /report in-game once for a level 3 administrator to set it and refer them to this application.

Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.


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