[A][Detective Job] Luka Laban

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[A][Detective Job] Luka Laban

Post by Skrbaq » Thu Jun 13, 2019 3:34 am


  • Character name: Luka_Laban
    Character age: 61
    Character level: 22
    List all current and past character names, on every account, and their levels: Luka_Laban 22lvl, Rodney_Laban 1lvl
    Character's current faction: None

    How do you plan to develop your character as a detective?:
    Well, I am planing to develop Luka as a snooper. Snooper is a person who's prying into the private affairs of others, especially by prowling. Maybe 'develop' isn't the right word because Luka is a quite developed character but I am planing to keep moving with him and let's say, make progress with his daily routine. This job wouldn't be something new for him as he was developed as a retired Senior operative in a Secret State Service. Nothing fancy would be included in his daily routine, even though his previous job sounds like a Hollywood movie legend I am planing to keep it simple - Love affairs, missing person, jealous husband asking to stalk his sluty wife, checking for someone what is up with his weird and creepy colleague from work. And list goes on and on. He has a lot of experience in a field of surveillance and gathering up information but as I said, simple and small jobs are plan as he is already an old man, who doesn't wanna get into a big trouble.

    Why do you want the detective job?:
    Main reason is to get something new for a roleplay and as this job fits my character the best - I made a choice to get a detective job. And not only it fits - it gives a lots of opportunity for interaction with other players and I see 'interaction' as the most important part of the roleplay. It would keep me more interested in game as I would have a good reason to login and explore new adventures. I'm currently kinda stuck with only driving taxi as it is his main job since retirement. That's all what I am looking for from a detective job - making new connections, sometimes friends - sometimes enemies, new business partners, new co-workers - so we all together could enjoy our spent time in game.

    How do you intend on using the detective job?:
    As mentioned above, as a snooper I would mainly use a tracker device(to follow my target, get to know their daily route and routine) and my photo camera(to capture a visual look of suspected individuals) to gather all information required. I'm not sure about moles, drones and wires - most likely wont ever use them as I don't see those features practical or realistic for Luka's purposes. My taxi vehicle would be a perfect camouflage as I would be able to roam around the city unnoticeable not bringing attention towards me. Every action that includes commands use(provided by detective job script) will be properly roleplayed. Player which character is targeted will be OOCly informed about the actions so we could avoid any command abuse because that's not a purpose of the existing script. My intentions are clear and pure - I'm in need of more adventure for my lovely and old character and in case my application is accepted I will use this job only for server benefit.

    Do you have any previous experience role-playing as a detective?:
    Yes, I do. I was roleplaying as a detective with Luka_Laban on this server. If I recall I had a job for couple of months but lost it after I made a long brake due to my school obligations. That was quality time spent on a roleplay and I can't wait to start again.

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Re: [Detective Job] Luka Laban

Post by La Bonheur » Thu Jun 13, 2019 10:42 pm

Detective Application — ACCEPTED

Dear Skrbaq,

We have reviewed your application for the detective job. Your log will be created and you will have to update it here: Click. In order to receive the job, please /report in-game once for a level 3 administrator to set it and refer them to this application. You can check features on the link.

Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.


La Bonheur,
Side Job Moderator


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