[Kung Fu Instructor] Elliot_Walters [A]

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[Kung Fu Instructor] Elliot_Walters [A]

Post by Astronomically » Mon Nov 06, 2017 3:32 pm

Which fighting instructor sidejob do you want?: Kung Fu Instructor.

Ingame name: Elliot Walters.

Ingame age: 24.

Character's story(You can use the story from your application):

Elliot is a young male, who graduated college at the age of 24 with a bachelor's degree in photography. As a young boy, he always loved Karate, and Taichi, which he took regularly. He achieved his first black belt at age 15, and went on to become a two-time region champ. He was pretty popular in school, and because of this lead him to be a great role model. He left school, and always love taking pictures. After graduating from college, he moved to LS for job opportunities. His day-to-day activities include, working out, taking professional photographs for people, and even teaching yoga classes. He is very physically fit, and due to his love for KungFu at a young age, is applying for a certificate to become an instructor. He is very fond of young children, and does what he can to brighten the days of those around the city.

Ingame level: 23.

What type of roleplayer are you? (Cop/Gang/Mafia/Gov/Civilian) Civilian.

How do you plan to treat the instructor job(Roleplaying/giving it out/training)?

Elliot is a very sophisticated man, with a love for children. Because of this, his classes would be open to everyone under the age of 18. His lessons would be strung out, having to stop by three times a week. Most likely, will have to rent out a gym until he finds an open place in town to purchase, so they would take place in Ganton, or Verona Mall.
He would start the first day as an introduction, and kindof go through what you would be doing, and meet everyone. Elliot would show examples of things you would learn, throughout the training.
Day two, would consist mostly of fitting and ordering of gear to use in the gym. This includes the uniform, belts, and training pads. He would then get them ready for the third day with some stretches.
Day three, he would begin by showing stances, and proper ways to keep balance whilst in position.
Day four, Defense. He would show you defensive maneuvers, and what not to do. This helps in bully-type-scenarios for when the child is in school, cause you never know what will happen. We will also show you how to react to certain procedures, and how to keep yourself on top.
Day five, Kicks. This course would consists on the different types of kicks. Mostly done on punching bags, and moving onto foam bricks. We would teach the kid how to use their feet correctly.
Day six would be mainly about punching, and what to do in a fight. Head bobbing, and weaving would be administered aswell.
Day seven, ground techniques. This course would show you what to do in a situation where you are taken to the ground.
Day eight, recap and review. You would show the instructor what you had learned, and practice for the next day.
Day nine, testing. You would practice with an instructor, and "teach him" what to do. Possibly even brawl and see if you can take him down, as a practice exercise.
Day ten, graduation. You would leave the gym with knowledge of how to properly protect yourself in various situations.

Every fighting style you give out will give out to a warning to all the admins & testers online so abusing will be caught on the spot. Abusing the side-job will get you punished for however long or much the staff member feels would be necessary. You must /leavejob upon namechanging or if you were removed due to inactivity or other reason. Sign your name if you are competent enough to handle this side-job and will not abuse: Image

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Re: [Kung Fu Instructor] Elliot_Walters.

Post by Cole. » Thu Nov 09, 2017 12:52 am

We're happy to announce your application has been accepted!
  • Congratulations on being accepted, please contact an Admin in-game via /re to obtain the job.
  • Remember to /leavesidejob when you namechange or no longer wish to have the side-job anymore.
  • Please let us know if you CK or NC by posting here or sending a PM
  • Remember you're require to post in this application log every time you give out the fightstyle to the player using the format below.


Player given fightstyle:
Date/Time fightstyle given:
Proof of IC method fightstyle roleplay (screenshots)

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Re: [Kung Fu Instructor] Elliot_Walters [A]

Post by Astronomically » Tue Nov 14, 2017 1:02 am

CK'd, sadly.


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